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Im saying Damon could still wind up with Yanks..I didnt have a particular scenario or capacity in mind. Never said anything more or less into that. Damon really wanted to stay with the Yanks. Did Swisher really carry the team last year ? In my humble opinion Damon is still a better player than Swisher at this point. Financially Damon costs more & his agent really blew it for him to return because the costs were too high which is why they got Nick DL (ahem) Johnson. If Nick can stay off the DL which is a strong possibility since he will DH - they wont miss Damon. I tend to think the Yanks will sign a pitcher coming off the DL like a Sheets or Justin D (from the As) & take a chance. I did like Damon as a yankee & he was a contributor over the years. We do have Granderson and Johnson now .. We'll see :)
I think Damon could still wind up a Yankee and then the Yanks can trade Swisher or Gardner for a late inning reliever or starter (Lowe) its a long shot but it was an idea that hit me when was thinking about this Damon on Monday Night RAW this Monday - what a hoot.
Sanchez is a LHP and knowing Sabean he will trade Sanchez, Zito , Sandoval & Posey for Uggla because hes the worst dealer in MLB Remember AJ ?
I bet Wang winds up with the Dodgers where he had success under Torre or an AL team so he doesnt have to run the bases
Bay only cares about the money since he had said he loves playing in Boston I guess money means more than where you play (im sure he is not the only one but hes pretty blatant) I dont know where Bay will wind up but I hope he chokes on all that money or winds up on the 60 DL come Spring Youre not that good Bay, sorry
@ Phillip Bannon - It wouldnt be just Swisher for Halladay, young pitchers,prospects including the Nats # 1 pick which they traded Bruney for that the Yanks are reportedly shopping.. Gardner is a late inning base stealing/defensive replacement type of player Damon & Matsui still have it in the tank..maybe they cant play 162 games but they can play & helped the Yanks win in 6 with their key hitting I would not want Matt Holliday since he was a bust in the Al I would either go for Bay or Nady actually. Nady is a very good player when healthy...and healthy is a main concern with him Bay I think will sign on a West Coast team or Boston if they offer the most money
Id prefer Damon but Swisher is great for the clubhouse...Id really like the team to say intact but obviously the team wants to improve with younger players with fresh arms who can hit Damons best days in the OF are long gone, Cabrera has a great upside, Matsui was the MVP in the WS - the Yanks cant just go 'oh well' with that ( I would think) Cmon guys think about who go you to the dance before you dump them to the curve or leave them open to another team. Granderson in the OF was a great idea but now it makes me wonder whats next Maybe a trade including Swisher or Cabrera with Hughes or Joba with prospects to the Jays for Halladay ???
And there goes another one off Looper over the ivy and past the left field bleachers ..good luck with that Looper
The Yanks will sign Pettite for 12-13M + an option Id guess Even if they do sign him the Yanks should still go after Lackey or Halladay. For those that think the Yanks dont need any starting pitching, when does any team not need starting pitching As for the list of other starters like Harden, Sheets, well I can think of is Pavano who was often injured and the Yanks dont need anymore often injury prone starters..
If the Yanks get Halladay thru a trade and sign Lackey only the DL would spell doom for the Yanks.. I like Joba in the pen Hughes 7th, Joba 8th Rivera 9th Both Halladay and Lackey can go deep into the game too.. We'll see...I know the Yanks are going to improve their pitching..well see how
the Giants need a starting catcher if they lose Molina...Ausmus would be good...Posey should not play all year..let him develop more..
imqgine if the Mariners sign both Lackey & about a swipe.. The Ms will look better but I know the Angels will counter with something...I know the Ms want to compete next year ..maybe they should take back JJ Putz since he was great with them ..
I bet Penny will come back for less. He could want up a Padre actually..Uribe I dont know.He was a good Giant when he played everyday.the Giants need a slugger or 2 in their lineup or 2010 will be like 2009..losing close games, unable to score when needed.. I like Sanchez and Sandoval since they can hit but they need someone to hit the long ball...I wish theyd look into Bay or Holliday
The Yanks dont sign everyone and arent signing Zuan my gut feeling says the Rays because hes been in the AL east forever & is comfortable there
If they sign Lyon I still think they will go for Lackey or Halliday.. I think Joba was more effective in the pen anyway
love the Jeter rings comment, that was funny and true It didnt work out for Johnson, Sheffield and Giambi because they werent at that caliber of playing WS ball ...all 3 choked when it counted... if they hadnt they still might be wearing pinstripes today.. We all know Sheffield to be an older version of Milton Bradley and his mouth gets him in trouble all the time too
Halladay isnt going anywhere in my opinion...the cost is too high and my guess would be he'll be a free agent in 2010 - where he will sign a $$$ deal with a team that can afford him If he is traded to the Yanks, or Red Sox, the team that doesnt get him will most certainly counter by signing John Lackey My own opinion is Lackey signs with the Yanks and Halladay will stay in Toronto unless Boston gives them all the prospects, Clay Buchholz and just get gutted I think the Angels will try for Halladay if they lose most of their free agents which I think will be the case..I see Chone , Vlad and Lackey elsewhere in 2010
They wont get anyone...if they do it would be Delgado. I can see them getting a closer Wont help - this division is all about the Yanks and Red Sox.. All those free agents will sign with constant contenders as opposed to a team that hasnt gone anywhere Sad but thats MLB these days.. Every year we can expect the Yanks, Sox in the East, The LA Angels in the West... The Rays had a fluke year in 2008 and Toronto will always give teams trouble but arent going anywhere... Orioles unless they can really sign a slew of talent arent going anywhere either
The Giants lineup will not be scary until they sign a real slugger...somehow 2nd Tier isnt going to get them in the post season Come on Sabean just sign a bat Nady if he is healthy would be good but that lineup otherwise is as bad as last year...the Giants have some good young players but nothing like the LA Dodgers...
Pettite will resign with the NYY Wang will pitch in LA : 7 innings 8 hits 4 runs oops he hurt himself running around the bases again.. Yanks will trade for Halliday or sign Lackey.. Joba to me is an 8th inning guy... the 5th starter could be Hughes, Mitre, Aceves , Kennedy I expect a lot of offseason stuff from the Yanks ..a tweek here a tweek there
I think that if they sign them both , they put Marte, Hughes and Joba on the trade market for Halliday I dont see it happening.. If the Yanks sign Lackey they wont need Halliday.. or vice versa
id rather see Joba and Hughes in the pen if anyone goes to the rotation its Hughes..Joba was more effective as a reliever than a 5 inning starter getting hit hard... I think the Yanks will sign Lackey who will become the # 2 starter CC Lackey AJ Pettite Hughes or Mitre If Hughes or Joba winds up in the rotation they will need a late inning reliever..which is easier to find, a good starter or a set up man this year ?
Penny pitched well as a Giant - so why not Penny as a 5th starter..Bay or Holliday would be great for the Giants..a real # 4 hitter
Penny was/is (?) good in the NL & think a yr deal would be fine for him. Uribe played well & would like to see him back... once again the Giants need a big slugger if they can sign a slugger they can let Bengie go and have Posey bat 8th or something...the Giants have lots of options..
Im guessing they retain all 3 on 1 year deals and sign Lackey