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Branden Fonovic Male 25 St Catharines, Ontario, Canada Toronto FC/Juventus/Canada/Croatia/Italy Started reading SBI about 1 year ago.
Trevor Brooks, de Guzman would eat MLS defenses for lunch and then have room for dessert??? Okay? de Guzman wouldn't start on most MLS squads. His brother the Dutch International would, but not him. Posted by: This Guy | March 03, 2009 at 08:39 PM Puh-lease.... you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Julian De Guzman STARTS for a mid-table La Liga (thats Spanish) team (Deportivo De La Coruna) AND on top of that was named their player of the year last year!
The Impact kept ticket prices down a bit, so that they could draw out the fans. See seating chart, taken from Out Of Touch: The difference between Montreal and MLS is that Montreal is taking this competition seriously. They are playing first string guys all the way through, and the fans are buying into it. Hell I'm thinking of making a 6 hour commute to go to the semis if they can hold off Santos in Mexico, and I'm a TFC fan. There was a pretty good breakdown of that MLS attitude here: There has even been some talk lately of moving the TFC/Montreal qualifier to the Big O!
Montreal beating Houston in the semi final... is that too much to hope for? Probably seeing as how Montreal looks to qualify while Houston doesn't.
Just to comment on Julius. People have been saying that he was TFC's best centre D... that was clearly not the case. He had fallen to fourth, behind Marshall, Velez (who was gawdawful this year for us) and Harmse (who is normally a midfielder. Harmse and Marshall played the majority of minutes to close out the season. That being said we still need someone to shore up our centre.