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Can't find any Hull feeds that actually work. Some day we will have most of the games on ESPN every week....someday....
Stream please!!!
How are you watching/listening? Do you have a live feed going? If so, could you please post it. Thank you
I will be in September. Thank you though.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2009 on DeMerit closes in on comeback at Soccer By Ives
From the Davies, report it stated that his injuries including a head injury that resulted in bleeding on the brain. You can think of blood on the brain as essentially acid, once blood touches blood tissue (through a subarachnoid hemorrhage or subdural hematoma) it essentially kills the neurons of the brain that it touches. That is a very crude explanation of how it works, one thing is for certain is that his brain will never be the same. From the moment of the injury, his brain flew forward and backward at an alarming rate of speed, depending upon if there was twisting and turning of his neck and spine, with the position of his body in relation to the impact site of the crash will determine exactly how his brain was injured. I am not his doctor, I have not seen his neuroimaging scans and I do not know the extent of his injuries. However, I can comment on the force of the impact that he received, it was tremendous. His brain swelled and is still continuing to recover from the impact. For any injury of this kind, he will likely regain any functioning that he will regain in the coming year. Although small gains can be made after that time, they are not typical. I wish the best for Mr. Davies. I am a big proponent of him and the USMNT. I am hopeful and optimistic that he makes a full recovery.
Toggle Commented Dec 4, 2009 on DeMerit closes in on comeback at Soccer By Ives
C'mon Jozy!!! I am a Fulham fan but not a selfish one, I want him to see the field against top level competition on a routine basis. I think that Hull or Everton would give him the best chance to do that, I love Fulham and would want him to play with Clint Dempsey to gain valuable experience before the WC. I hope he plays every week, wherever he goes. Very exciting news!!
I hope Mexico loses tonight. Did Davies really tweet and say he's still with Hammarby?
Great game fellas. Despite the loss, the played strong and made us proud. Cheers to the USMNT!!
Bedford, MA. Big screen theater in my new apartment. Lets go get e'm boys!!
Suburb of Boston- Bedford, MA. Just moved here and the cable isn't setup yet. Luckily, the big screen/theater downstairs has my name on it for the rest of the afternoon. Places I've seen a U.S.match at: Fox and Hound Omaha,NE (Hometown) Globe Pub Chicago, IL Fado Chicago, IL Gingers Alehouse Chicago, IL
Players outside the usual suspects I wanted to see in this match at some point: 1. Benny Feilhaber 2. Jose Francisco Torres 3. Freddy Adu Players I do not want to see: 1. Demarcus Beasley 2. Sasha Kljestan
Are we definitely getting Jones? People are talking about him like he is a MNT player, may I remind everyone that he is NOT as of this time. I didn't think this was absolutely certain at this point in time. As Ives stated, we won't get him until October at the earliest, that is, IF we get him.
Maybe its the man crush I admittedly have for Benny Feilhaber, I'm not sure what it is exactly but I am excited to see Benny back with the full squad. He has had a rough go the last couple years, some of which was his fault, some of it not at all. He could really turn out to be a diamond in the rough of our midfield. He is a attack minded CM with skill, not a physical player like Mastroeni, but the kind of player that when placed within the right system 4-4-2 can thrive. Go get e'm Benny!!