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brooklyn, ny
Interests: reds, bearcats, the stupid bengals.
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"Using data from 1993-2007, the findings: the Bengals had the second least turnover at 89.6%, less than a percentage point behind the Texans." this is my surprised face.
nacho, the last time we had a streak of non-sellout games (a point when MFB was losing money) he put someone other than himself (Marvin Lewis) in charge of personal decisions. its not losing that he is afraid of.
and i'm sure i'm gonna get shit for saying this, but i am actually glad we might suck this year. i would like to see us win, and have fun for a change this season... but then nothing would force MB to change. it would be like 2005 all over again. everyone would forget about the last two decades, and the games would be sold out for another four years. this way, if we are awful this year, especially in a 'recession,' there most certainly will be some changes. MB would lose too much money otherwise. if we make the playoffs this year, and next season is un-capped, we are all fucked... for another two decades.
the main problem as i see it with the Brat is the total lack of adjustments. its like his entire playbook is predetermined, and nothing will make him deviate from that. the total predictability of his play calling is also contributing to my upcoming heart attack, but the fact that he learns nothing as the game develops infuriates me the most. i remember during the late 90's, one of the only reason the Bengals' were watchable was the fact that they were never scared of calling for the big play. it seemed like at LEAST once a drive, Pickens or Scott would get a chance at a ball 50 yards down the field. i remember one game against the Niners where the score was like 240-350, and every scoring drive had one or two bombs. with the weapons we have now, why not Palmer air it out once every other drive? its not like what we were doing Sunday was working.
even though i know he won't sign for as much money as an #6 pick SHOULD get, i hope they get him under contract soon. i hate seeing MFB notch notch another 'win' in his negotiator's belt, but in this case, i think we all could be persuaded to overlook that. i'm gonna guess that this is the reason we drafted Smith over Monroe. with his work ethic/sanity being questioned, MFB probably knew he could get him for cheap. way to put your team ahead of your personal interests Mikey. barf.
smells like some steelers fans are finally making their way over to our boards. i guess there isn't anyone left in vegas to rape.
wyatt, i don't think anyone, anywhere, who knows anything about football, would ever think that MFB has any clue about what he is doing. it is a scientific fact that a wet tube sock full of peanut butter could have done a better job running the Bengals for the last two decades... and you can't argue with science. a harmless old man goes to church and old country buffet and hands out hard candy to all the kids in the neighborhood. he doesn't spend all of his time ruining Sunday afternoon for millions of devoted fans. the sooner we, as fans, realize that WE are the ones who have control of the money in MFB's bank account, the better the team will be. hopefully this exposes the Revolution to all the unenlightened masses. i can't imagine a fan with the long-term interest of our team at heart NOT supporting what WDR does. Viva!
brain explodey. the second paragraph in the section about Vick explains why he didn't sign with us...
wow... just wow. i mean... wow. sometimes i think Brown is just fucking with all of us. that can be the only explanation for some some of the crap he pulls. every local news station needs to headline this on the evening sports. this makes me want to barf.
maybe a combination of this and the amount of money spent on PBS should become a flyer handed out on the streets of Cincy before a home game. Tyler-Durden-airline-safety-guide style.
way to show a total lack of respect for your fan's IQ. i mean, does he really expect anyone to buy any of that? he sticks his head out in public for 10 minutes every year, and this is the best he can come up with? barf.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2009 on Mike Brown Interview: Part Two at WhoDeyRevolution
you laugh, but i'll bet you twenty bucks ol' Craig there is a senior analyst over at ESPN within the month. insightful AND articulate.
nice pic... Riverfront stadium represent.
Bo Knows.
Toggle Commented Jul 14, 2009 on Peter Holt: the Anti-Mike Brown at WhoDeyRevolution
BILL and Retardsrus are exactly the type of fan the Bengals don't need. You are exactly the type of fan that have allowed Mike Brown to do what he has been doing for the past two decades. Way to miss the point you chuckleheads. I don't know what annoys me more... Mikey, or the west side morons who can't stop filling his pockets. Heaven forbid you miss a Bengals' game on Sunday, because then there isn't anything to break up the monotony of beating your wife every week. How's this... If there are any blackouts this season, you can pay me 20 bucks to come over and take a crap on your kitchen floor. That's obviously the sort of thing you would be into, cause you can't stop paying to watch Brown take a big ol' steamer on the 50 yard line season after season.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Bengals Down to 2 Game Packs at WhoDeyRevolution
williamsgevoort, i'm surprised you get ESPN through your aluminum foil helmet.
i'm guessing this a crafty way for Mike Brown to get rid of some tickets and merchandise since overall sales down. i guarantee that the organization gets a share of the profits from these. sneaky.
BengalAnthony13, i don't understand why you post here, if you disagree with everything. i don't know which is sadder, your blind faith in bengals' management or the fact that you spend your time imagining one bengals' fan spooning another bengals' fan. (that's gross.) perhaps you need to frequent more adult male hookup sites and spend less time at the WDR boards. stop wasting our time and GO TO BENGALS.COM. if you don't think anything is wrong with the bengals, then stop reading the posts at WDR. (by the way, great retort. i was put in my place by your blithering assault of facts.) Gambling Fool, you smell, and everything you say makes everyone here dumber. why don't you go back to rooting for whatever team you rooted for before the year 2004. Brian, stop pandering to these buttholes. they are bringing you down. you are far too awesome to waste your time on these trolls. go back to being an awesome and kick-ass dude. you rock and are totally good looking.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2009 on The RB Situation at WhoDeyRevolution
Sly, good post, i dig your style. i think Ced is going to perform better than he did last year, but i don't think he is the final solution the team needs. (even though some of the fans seem to think he is.) the team addressed a need without shelling out too much money, or giving up too high a draft pick... but there is still A LOT of room for improvement. Retardrus and BengalsAnthony13, why don't you two go play outside while the adults talk.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2009 on The RB Situation at WhoDeyRevolution
i would add the O-Line and the RB situation to the list of the bad. The O-Line is one or two injuries away from being thin, and let's face it, almost no one we have tapped to become starters has enough experience to make me comfortable. we should have spent more effort and money here in the off season, since it was the most pressing need. and for RB, we have a guy who has a laundry list of close-but-no cigar seasons, and has never lived up to his potential. plus, between Scott and Benson, there is a history of both on and off field problems. there is potential in the O-Line and at RB, but its going to require some commitment from the players and inspiration from the coaching staff. *shiver* this team is like a science experiment. it will work perfectly in a vacuum, but with so many "what if's" i think it could easily fall apart. hope they prove me wrong.
um... isn't the point of this website to criticize the Bengals' organization and call for a change in policy? i mean, the team has been crappy for so long that it can buy cigarettes. so why is it that the trolls are now saying that this site is too negative? wasn't that the point of it in the first place? if you want read about how bright the future of this organization is, then post on the boards with the rest of the suckers. or you could get your own website. i've actually already registered it for you, to save a little time. all i'll charge you to buy it from me is a case of high life and the promise that you won't waste anymore of us grown up's time.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2009 on Bengals Offseason Thoughts... at WhoDeyRevolution
lets be honest, the only reason we had a "great draft" was because we got lucky and some good players fell down to us. its not like we were trading around and wheeling and dealing. if i walk down the street, and find 20 bucks laying there, i don't pick it up and say: "i am the smartest motherfucker alive!" we didn't do shit in the draft other than pick up some good players that other teams didn't take a chance on. i think this post nailed it. optimistic with a healthy dose of skepticism. they did make some pretty decent signings... but they also passed up some even better opportunities. they made some changes, but there is still a lot more that we want to see. Viva.
Toggle Commented May 18, 2009 on Bengals Offseason Thoughts... at WhoDeyRevolution
votasi, you need some friends. all you do is bitch about this site... if you have such a problem with it, then stop reading it, and get a life. get your own blog so other whiney little kids can complain about how an amateur blog has a lack of journalistic integrity. how's this... you can tell me everything that WDR is doing wrong, and what you would do to make it better... and i'll tell you what a vagina feels like. your shit's weak.
Toggle Commented May 8, 2009 on More on UC vs the Bengals at WhoDeyRevolution