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Ha Ha Ha We still have CLOWNS posting over here thinking the Bungals will be winners? MFB is a LOSER and he will take that word to his grave. NE just manhandled those CHUMPS that beat us. Dalton is nothing more than another kINTna. Go look at their stats and compare. All this team and organization is.... The same ole CIRCUS with different CLOWNS! lol You want Hue Jackson to become the OC? lol Look at how their O ran in Oakland. CLUELESS BUNGALS FANS they always will be! ENJOY THE CIRCUS for the 23rd year coming up under MFB's realm! BTW, they did not win 10 games, Baltimore did not even play their starters hardly at all. They are winning now and would have given us a butt whoppin again. WAKE UP!
The cost is not 6 figures, Berding is a LIAR just like MFB and his CLAN has done for over 20 years. The $10 cost and say 10K attend will cover the cost for the event. MFB and his CLAN do not want to pay for anything. Get a clue, The Truth! You must be an MFB plant and work for him is my guess.
Are these MFB plants coming to WDR to post? I have not seen hardly any of you clowns on here over the years. How much profit does MFB make off the Tax Payers PBS? He pays no rent! You people do not even know what WDR is all about. Can someone get rid of these spanish hackers?
I said I would be back during FA and guess what....CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP! lol some of you thought MFB would sign someone, anyone? Not even his own. lol Go out and get your season tickets NOW, SHEEP! Enjoy the circus!
oh btw, have fun buying those season tickets SHEEP! Now that is THE TRUTH!
What does John Thornton know about winning? The only thing he knows is raping the Bengals of millions for doing nothing worth to speak about in his career. lol Blog that JT! lol MFB will do nothing in Free Agency, you guys will never learn. I guess it will take another 20 years to realize this. This team has a tougher schedule and many holes to fill and will not fill them through Free Agency and they do not have enough draft picks to cover those holes. Even whomever they draft, they will not play them, the first round picks, yes, the others more than likely not. So please tell me how they are going to improve by just hiring a stupid scout on the west coast when you still have MFB and ML running this CIRCUS. lol See you in a couple of weeks for FA and in a month during the draft.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2012 on WDR Bengals State of the Union at WhoDeyRevolution
Yea, I bet you like MFB too now don't you? If you want a Kool Aid drinking site then you are on the wrong site. It is over at and Have fun over there, and that is THE TRUTH! West Coast Scout? It took how long for this to happen? Plus, this guy knows talent when he sees one, eh, lol, what has UCLA football done since he has been there? That is all you need to know, but you will continue to drink the Kool Aid. See you in a couple of weeks when MFB does nothing worth to note in Free Agency again for the 22nd straight year.
Exactly DNOP! It is the most wonderful time of year around here since this is the only thing Bengals fans can hang their hats on, they cannot hang it on a playoff win, nor a Super Bowl trophy, it is Free Agency where they all know as we do MFB will not go there and the so called great draft picks. This will surely make this team a winner! lol 21 years and counting and these fans who think this way still have not proven their points and never will under the helm of MFB. It is PATHETIC and SAD! These fans are just that.
link did not work, this one should...
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
Tax Payers paying for MFB's play ground, well, part of it so they say. Mike Brown should pay for all of it! but I am sure serious will see it another way and say it was something good being accomplished by MFB. lol You know, even though he had $200M lying around to pay for the remaining shares.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
That's like saying, the Oil Companies are raising their price per barrel due to a threat from Iran saying they will close the strait of Hormuz. Do you believe this too? Um, MFB had a contract with the college, what do you think was in that contract, MFB paid them in monopoly money and used their facility for free? lol You know, in the same manner he uses PBS for FREE! It is called saving money and He is trying to show he is giving back to the community by bringing his circus back to Cincy. lol Even Marv said, this will allow fans who could not go to KY to see their team in action. What he does not understand is the people in the greater surroundings of Cincy do not give a crap about this team. That is why nobody was going to the games. They think this will want fans to come to the games because Camp is at RENT FREE PBS? bbbbbbbbbwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa Nice try MFB! MFB will open concessions, Pro Shop and that is more money in his CLAN's pockets that they will not use to improve this team. Save money and make money that is MFB's motto! You will always be a clueless SHEEP!
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
Another Memo to WDR, MFB moving Training Camp to rent free PBS this year to make him and his family even more money that they will not use to make this team better. They will not have to pay to have camp in Kentucky for one, concessions will be open, etc.... HELLO???
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
Is this place, dead? HELLO??? like bungal said, where is the article on the bungal criminals once again? Drug Trafficker Simpson! You might as well put this place to rest.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2012 on Fuck You Texasnsns at WhoDeyRevolution
Even Greg Doyel knows who the problem is and it is not the fans... pay attention serious twins....
Toggle Commented Dec 29, 2011 on Bengals BOGO Fever at WhoDeyRevolution
LOL at the serious TWINS, ACTIVATE! Enjoy the circus! Just because they say it is a sell out does not mean people will show up. MFB had to pay out $1M to get this game sold out and shown on tv. First time he has done something for the community in 20 plus years, but guess what, he knows he will make this up in parking fees, concessions, etc... He does not care about winning. This is nothing more than the local companies sending a memo to his office saying they will not reup next year. I am sure this one of the things that happened due to the games not selling out. You SHEEP will always be clueless and they guy who goes by ME, I commend you for what you have stated on here to these SHEEP! Nicely Done!
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2011 on Bengals BOGO Fever at WhoDeyRevolution
and oh btw, the schedule will not be as easy next year, but don't let me say this because the SHEEP will come back and say the Steelers and Ravens had the same schedule, well, they had better records too so what does this say? Plus, they continually win every year while the Bengals have a winning season 3 out 21 years. What I love that nobody is talking about is over the last 8 games the Bengals have 3 wins and 4 losses and if they lose on Sunday it will be 5 losses out of 8, but I am sure this will be overlooked by the SHEEP. Yep, good ole Marv needs to be extended for starting out 6 and 2 and ending up with a losing record over the last 8 games. Can he have his team put on the Big Boy Pads this Sunday is the question.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2011 on Bengals BOGO Fever at WhoDeyRevolution
The SHEEP are lining up for the slaughter again! Mike Brown Style! If anyone does not think for a minute that this move was a direct slap in the face of the public taxpayers than I do not what to tell you. Build him a Rent Free stadium since Jan 2009 and what does he do, give the season ticket holders an option to buy more tickets. This is not to keep the Ravens fans out like many SHEEP are saying it is trying to get back at the fans who do not come to the games. Ok, if they do not win, and do not make it into the playoffs, then what will their motto and excuses be for MFB's 22nd year running this circus. We are only 2 players away, we are young, we can build a winner with what we have, we had injuries, etc.... I bet he even extends Mediocre Marv's contract and the SHEEP will rejoice! lol Ridiculous! and the beat goes on...... PATHETIC!
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2011 on Bengals BOGO Fever at WhoDeyRevolution
That article just shows why fans are not going to the games anymore. MFB will never ever care about winning.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Do not look now, but MFB has $200M lying around to buy almost the remaining shares for the Bengals. He has this type of money, but cannot buy a bubble practice field, afford a FA in JJ, help with the maintenance of PBS, afford more scouts, etc... Sickening to even read this article! MFB is a MONGER! Well, most of all ready knew he had this type of money when he does not have to pay rent at PBS, SHEEP who continue to go to the games as they continue to lose, etc....
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
I am sorry Wyatt, did I hurt your little feelings? Grow a pair dude and get some THICK SKIN! I stated the most important FACTS of all time for you Kool Aid Drinkers! At least you came to your senses and understand this team will not make the playoffs and since you have done this then what in your right mind would make you think this team has turned the corner? You sound like Mediocre Marv and MFB using the ole Injury Excuse. Do you know how many years they have used that Excuse? It is called not having depth so whose fault is this? Try to understand it all starts at the top and rolls down the hill. You will never get it! How many more years of MFB's ways and Leadership will it take for you to understand what you dream of and want will never ever happen? I will be here 10 years from now and I will point out that I am right and you will always be WRONG! I will say you will not be around in 10 years if the losing continues. Just a hunch!
Toggle Commented Dec 16, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
@whysoserious, hey SHEEP, are you a troll from go-bengals? or do you have a JOB with MFB? you said you spoke to the Reds fans after they had a winning season and they told you they would suck the next year, um, were they wrong? No they were not! Try to understand something here, SHEEP, MFB has had 2 winning seasons in 20 years! You want fans to be happy because they are 7 and 6 and have played a cupcake schedule? If I had a dime for every time a SHEEP said this team has a core of players to build around and will produce a consistent winner than I would be richer than MFB and be able to buy this team by now. This is all you need to know, the fans who are revolting by not going to the games could care less what you think, they have finally figured MFB out even though it took them 20 years to realize this. MFB will have a hard time getting 30K next year if this team does not make the playoffs and I do not see them making the playoffs. I could be wrong, but I know my Bengals unlike you. You want Cincy fans to enjoy a 7 and 6 season so far? You have low expectations I see, you see, most fans on here do not want 8 and 8 like your Dad, MFB does, just so butts will be in the seats, what we want is a Super Bowl Championship to go along with consistent years of winning. I am sorry to say this, but it is never going to happen under MFB until he changes his ways in a major way or sells the team, so you keep your Kool Aid Drinking Glasses on and enjoy the Circus because that is all this team and organization will ever be. A big fat CIRCUS!
Toggle Commented Dec 15, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
Where is your MESSIAH now? bbbbbbbbbwwwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Mediocre Marv is a LOSER and so is this ORGANIZATION! Time to get back to the real business WhoDeyRevolution! and some of you thought they were turning the corner? Nothing has changed! A easy schedule at the beginning and now you see what they are. They will not even beat the Rams. I just have a feeling they won't! WHO DUH!
Toggle Commented Dec 11, 2011 on Bengals - Texans Open Thread at WhoDeyRevolution
oh, i forgot to add, please tell me your are not related to Jim Lippincott? or are you?
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2011 on Odds & Ends at WhoDeyRevolution
“I named the two young stars of the defense already (Atkins & Dunlap), but they aren’t necessarily household names. Our entire linebacking crew has been just wonderfully solid all year. You probably know Ray Maualuga, but Thomas Howard and Manny Lawson have been great contributors. I’m also told Reggie Nelson, an afterthought the past few seasons, is having a pro-bowl caliber year at safety. But I wouldn’t know since TV coverage prevents you from actually seeing what your secondary is doing until the play has already happened. Those guys can contribute positively. I prefer both our backup runnings backs to starter Chris Benson. So keep in mind the names Bernard Scott and Cedric Peerman. ------------------- you are kidding, right? Our LBs are not that great! They stop nobody behind the LOS and Sacks do not happen with them. Rey Rey runs around with his head cut off. LOL Reggie Nelson is having a Pro Bowl caliber year? LOL Our DBs are horrible. Yea, I would say you have not been watching the games. Not to hammer you dude, but when did we get this Chris Benson player? I am sure you meant Cedric. If you had mentioned Gresham then I would say you have been watching games, but other than him on the O side then I would agree they are just a mediocre team coached by mediocre head coach.
Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2011 on Odds & Ends at WhoDeyRevolution
I do have documented proof. I have even sent some of the articles to the people that run this site years ago. I keep them to make sure nobody will ever forget what a MONGER MFB really is! The reason I keep them is because googling will not work after years go by. This is what MFB wants to happen. He wants everyone to forget. Keep sticking up for that CLOWN, WDF, it just continues to make you look foolish! You may think you are not sticking up for him, but you really are. Thanks Hofbraunow! I did state it was Forbes. I am glad this site is here to keep those old articles too, but I have my own because this site may disappear one day.