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K. Phelps
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With UC beating Pitt thats 3-0 of the City of Cincinnati raping Pittsburgh, and 2-0 AT HEINZ FIELD!!! CITY SWEEP
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2009 on Today, Pittsburgh Burns at WhoDeyRevolution
I don't think tiger j@w realizes that it was C Trant's job to watch and discuss Bengals games for a while. However it IS rediculous that ANYONE would rank bob very high at all
Just a heads up on another Baghdad Hob spin that almost knocked me out of my chair. Lets specifically pay attention to this paragraph "...As much as the Bengals liked Eric Ghiaciuc's athleticism and felt his strength and power were underrated, they were never really enamored at his ability to communicate to the rest of the line. On Tuesday, no one downgraded Ghiaciuc, a player good enough to continue to start in the NFL and will in Kansas City."
Toggle Commented May 21, 2009 on Bengals Season Ticket Update at WhoDeyRevolution
If Ndukwe can stay healthy and we can rotate Williams and Crocker in and out our Safety position will be really good this year... please... don't let Marvin White play.