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Goldstone did come near showing that restricting the power to one race car would be an engineering practicality. You might say that “Everything you can imagine is real.” And I would say stick to painting.
I have trouble following fantasy where engineering principles are in abeyance.
Yes, the patent system is imperfect but it serves a need. Private industry pours billions into research. The patent allows them to recoup the development cost so they will continue to create. If software developers and pharmaceutical companies were required to sell CDs or pills with their product at cost ($0.20), they would stop developing new product. It is not obvious that simplistic changes would make things better.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2014 on Tesla opens up all its patents at Green Car Congress
Microwaves aren't going to provide power to an Aston Martin at low intensities.
Of course the question is, do they support biofuels. Apparently they do - and can be made better. But my car is apprehensive of GMOs.
The beamed microwave radiation could provide significant power - AND would also eliminate most of the competition (as well as many of the spectators). Or did you mean to harness the cosmic microwave background radiation? A genuine renewable (well, limitless anyway) power source. But with even lower power density than solar. But hey, let's not bring reality into this.
This is crazy. Efficient solar cells produce about 15 watts per square foot. This makes less sense that thermocouples in the exhaust and makes us wonder about those who support such foolishness.
No Harve .... all the Oil people and repair shops, and the many posters and vehicle manufacturers cannot stop EVs nor perpetuate the ICE any more than YOU are responsible by not making millions of EVs yourself. And where does this screwball idea about patents being a worthless impediment come from? Most mature people know that many rules and laws have pros and cons and some thought to the pros is in order ... Wait, maybe the answer to my question can be found in the first 3 words in the sentance above.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2014 on Tesla opens up all its patents at Green Car Congress
What a hoot. Reminds me of Howard Hughes in his golden years. What's really sobering is that there are some innocents that will swallow this. "At best, the large automakers are producing electric cars with limited range in limited volume. Some produce no zero emission cars at all." I think he realizes there are plenty on the fringe that are willing to believe that only Tesla is in the business to sell what the EVs the public wants; all other 50 plus car manufacturers (including Toyota and Nissan) are in business to kill the electric car and perpetuate the ICE, out of malice, nostalgia (and kindness, I suppose).
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2014 on Tesla opens up all its patents at Green Car Congress
Most EVs do not use LED headlights because, even though they save a few hundred watts, there is insignificant gain in range. It would have less significance in an ICE auto. A rear view mirror requires about 1 hp to push at 65 MPH.
I can see the bumper stickers on F-150s now; “Saving more fuel than a Prius”.
China makes a lot of noise about cleaning up the air quality in big cities, but coal plants and petroleum-burning vehicles there are growing explosively The much promised, but slight, inroads of NG, nuclear power, solar, wind, BEV's, PHEV's etc, is being badly outpaced. So China will soon burn as much coal as the rest of the world combined, and the USA is a leader in CO2 reduction while China is touted as an environmental leader by the types that believe the citizens of China, Cuba and North Korea really do live in utopia and the US is the great Satan (how about some incentive programs to aid their emigration, it would support diversity). The shift from coal fired power plants and the reduction in GH gasses in the US is largely due to the three decades long struggle, mostly by small independent oil drillers, to tap into tight oil and gas. They are responsible for fracking and for our shift from coal and the unprecedented reduction in CO2 in the US.
I am sure 200W would do little for cabin comfort and idling 24 hours a day would use a lot of fuel; but that's only a guess.
Face it, The greedy, inept electric car makers are hell bent on destroying the Planet and they are winning the battle.
China now burns about as much coal as the rest of the world combined and still increasing its use. China WILL set an absolute cap on its CO2 emissions starting in 2016 ? Really? That is not a breakthrough, it’s a joke. A joke that rivals the selling of the Brooklyn Bridge. This is just a promise to make a promise.
"Commercial solar thermal power plants around the world use subcritical steam, operating at similar temperatures but at lower pressure." Seems like a lot of excitement over very little.
This reminds me of the cave man that improved on the square wheel. He made triangular one. One less bump. - Half-assed is right.
30% consumption reduction on a diesel engine is very easy; just do your own an in-depth study, type “30” hit the % key and voila. There is something strange here all right; they are some two years behind, and poised to continue the successes of Scuderi ( But will it really fly in the real world? Ask Junkers.
Correction: - you do not understand the basics of scientific/engineering advances. You should have learned this 10 years ago.
If the greedy oil companies had not been blocking this technology, we would have been using these years ago.
In Norway subsidies help bring the price of the Nissan Leaf down to $42,500 while penalties bring the little 1.3-litre Volkswagen Golf up to $42,000 (in Britain, the same Golf is $24,600). Plus $900 to $1,400 in road tolls. That adds up to $4,000 to $8,200 per car, per year. Plus free parking. Plus driving in the bus lane. And Norwegian Environment Minister Baard Vegar Solhjell drives a 7-seat Ford Galaxy. The state's largesse is fueled by vast sales revenues from oil and gas. Drill baby, drill. The Norwegians ARE clearly smarter than you.
When PHEVs outsell ICEVs, AND the gov is giving my money to the ICEV buyers to entice them to buy ICEVs; I will agree that the idiocy has switched the ICEV side. Knowledgeable people know that if US gas prices match those of Europe, people may start to buy many more PHEVs. But the Europeans are just now starting to buy EVs. Why? Gas has been ~$8+/gal for a long time. Because recently the European taxpayers are being forced to increase their support of PHEV buyers. I have thought that unique cars are exciting; EVs more so. But there are an inordinate number of irrational people that buy EVs and think that all others must buy EVs. It reminds me of my alcoholic uncle. There many Hummer buyers, but few demand that others buy them; and few or none believe that GM killed the Hummer to support Volt sales. But back to my main point - I like EV buyers, they are my favorite charity; but they might try to show a little gratitude, until I spring for one of my own.
Don't worry about NG becoming too expensive. If and when it does, free enterprise (contrary to the delusions of those here wearing tinfoil hats) will morph over to another form of domestic (I hope) energy, and if transportation fuels get expensive enough they (driven by us) will switch to batteries/EVs, hydrogen, flywheels, windmills or whatever makes sense - driven by the same motive as all of us who work for a living. Meanwhile the bureaucrats, driven by whatever motives you care to attribute, spend other peoples money (mine) on new, promising, exciting, developments like EVs; like the Prius, which will likely spawn similar and even better EVs, 3 to 5 years after it's introduction, if they just pay people to buy them.
Gen 3 8 lbs lighter. Aluminum screws. Thin-wall crankcase casting Simple exhause camshaft Exhaust headers integrated into the cylinder head Smaller diameter main bearing Roller bearings for the 2 balancer shafts Crankshaft with 4 counterweights instead of 8. Planned for gen 4 High strength steel screws for durability Separate exhaust headers for reduced cooling load Variable valve timing exhause camshaft Heavier crankcase wall to reduce noise Crankshaft with 8 counterweights vs. 4 for less noise. Hydrodynamic balancer shaft bearings for reduced cost. Increased diameter main bearings for durability. And weighs only 8 pound more
I expected Schiermonnikoog (and maybe Frisco) to buy from China, but not LA.