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No need, Miles. Rest yourself, glass guy. You need all your energy for looking for a new team this off season (here's hoping).
Inderal, son. inderal. It PREVENTS my migraines.
Thought his career is already finished.
PLEASE Jerry the Owner do us fans a favor and fire Jerry the GM!
So that's it, huh? We've run out of Dallas Cowboys celebrity fans to fire up the team? Matthew McConaughey was too busy?
Who, coincidently was also named "Tashard."
It amazes me to see some of the responses here. It is like people are not watching the same program that I watch. The game is comprised of two parts – 1) Getting to the finale 2) Getting jurors to vote for you. -------------------------- The jury is SUPPOSED to vote on who Outwitted, Outplayed, and Outlasted of the REMAINING players in the game. Not how THEY were beaten by the remaining contestents. You have to admit that Natalie (admittedly) did nothing to further herself in the game other than hang onto Russell's coattail. That's like using someone as a shield in a shootout and gloating about how "we" took down the opponent. She is the least deserving Survivor EVER!!!
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It always irritates me when members of the jury can't get past their hurt feelings and give the prize to the most deserving player (usually the biggest manipulator/liar). The MOTTO of the show is: Outwit, Outlast, Outplay!!! Foau Foau came into the merge 100% outnumbered. Russell kept them alive until all the Galu members were gone. On that side of the fence (jury box) they want to take the moral ground about betraying people. Uh, sorry, that only works if each person can attest that they NEVER talked or asked another person for whom they are voting. So unless you NEVER consulted another person on voting, you have no right to complain. Another phrase for their reactions/behavior is "SORE LOSER."
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So, WHY doesn't Sam turn into a bird and simply fly away to another town? It took Maryanne approximately 20 years to find him last time. Why is Andy, Hoyt, and Lafayette immune to her spell? If she is some kind of "god" why does she even need townsfolk to find Sam? Can't she do it herself? Obviously Sookie and Bill have figured out how to bring crazy people back from spell. Great--only 312 more to go...
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Did you actually watch the show? You have so many inaccuracies in your recap...
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1. First time that I've liked Drama character. 2. Pls. let it be last time we see fingernail-scratching-on-chalkboard Ashley character/actress! 3. Agree that Andrew Klein character is cliche/boring. 4. Show is getting a little tired. Steve Nash? Come on people, you can do better.
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2009 on 'Entourage': All the right moves at Show Tracker
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This was one of the worst episodes of the entire SERIES! It was complete fluff. I disagree 100% about Tambor--he is just awful and if it weren't for the Ari character, I would fast forward. Agree about Turtle's quick change of heart and Drama is consistently bad/annoying. Wahlberg was great--should see him more often. BTW, how annoying it must have been for the crew to have to move that cardboard cutout of Tom Brady around for all those scenes...
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on 'Entourage': This one's for charity at Show Tracker
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