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I hope that translate into sales
Why is there even a need for load haul trucking in 2020-2030.
How will Chinese driver respond to not being able to run over pedestrians?
Mind boggling stupid! LNG transport already exists. Almost all H2 is made from steam reforming methane. created the H2 where it's needed
Back to the future
would LPG be cheaper alternative that's just a clean?
The Electric Car has already left the station.....on-board an electric locomotive.
a lot of Sale Brochure hype. this is just GPS Wide Area Augmentation System
And we want to save the oil industry why? because they still have the US and EU by the short&curly
going from a high-density liquid fuel to H2 is assbackward
15 year lifetime! Is that right? My OEM battery usually dies after 3 years.
How does the efficiency compare with a flow-battery? At only 150 kilowatts, this seems like publicity gimmick.
I'm surprised they didn't call it the Mr Fusion® reactor.
In another poll, 4 out of 5 dentists prefer sugarless gum.
how does the efficiency compare with two copper contacts?