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Pissing away money for Greenwashing
no surprise. the Ampera (Chevy Volt) was a PR stunt meant for the US
@mahonj transmission line is better but no one want to see them
how do you get a plasma before the spark ?
could have easily been done 10 years ago
Livestock do NOT release methane that was sequestered underground for 1000s of years Livestock recycle the methane and Co2 that already exists in the biosphere
So there's a big market for a 400hp SUV in Sweden ?
I wonder if it will works in reverse, create heat from electricity? Could soak up excess electricity from windpower.
great, you get to replace battery range anxiety with hydrogen anxiety
$50,000/49 = $1020, for a block heater! WTF
Why not take it to next step of a DC micro-grid
why is this News. all cars are more in India, China than in US.
291 hp, 353 lb-ft WTF? these are not specs for eco-green car.
In Turkey, petroleum prices are higher than Europe while electricity prices are lower. This is a go fit.
Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen seems to be disregarding the second law of thermodynamics PS he does seem to be aware of the first law of Politics
does it cost less than a Tata Nano?
Wouldn't have been easier to run a BIG extension cord from the ship to the peer
Liquid-sodium will burn on contact with air. Think about that for a moment.