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The Electric Car has already left the station.....on-board an electric locomotive.
a lot of Sale Brochure hype. this is just GPS Wide Area Augmentation System
And we want to save the oil industry why? because they still have the US and EU by the short&curly
going from a high-density liquid fuel to H2 is assbackward
15 year lifetime! Is that right? My OEM battery usually dies after 3 years.
How does the efficiency compare with a flow-battery? At only 150 kilowatts, this seems like publicity gimmick.
I'm surprised they didn't call it the Mr Fusion® reactor.
In another poll, 4 out of 5 dentists prefer sugarless gum.
how does the efficiency compare with two copper contacts?
"for more than 200 h without degradation" is that a typo? 200 hours amounts to being a lab experiment
The "Hydrogen Economy" has been bullshit since Bush's Freedom Car program.
Russians more than anyone need non-drunk driving technology
This is just a scam. The $653.8-million should be portioned out to ANYONE who want to install a charger.
They want to raise $655 million from their customers. That's $26000 for a level-2 charger! That is BS.
Does 12V start-stop even make sense? 48 volt is where it should be.