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Why not take it to next step of a DC micro-grid
why is this News. all cars are more in India, China than in US.
291 hp, 353 lb-ft WTF? these are not specs for eco-green car.
In Turkey, petroleum prices are higher than Europe while electricity prices are lower. This is a go fit.
Dr. Georg Pachta-Reyhofen seems to be disregarding the second law of thermodynamics PS he does seem to be aware of the first law of Politics
does it cost less than a Tata Nano?
Wouldn't have been easier to run a BIG extension cord from the ship to the peer
Liquid-sodium will burn on contact with air. Think about that for a moment.
It's amazing there's people still grasping at the "hydrogen economy" straw-man.
I'm sure this will result in a HUGE market for home diamond anvil kits
Cows do not create CH4 out of nowhere. They just recycle the carbon that already exist in biosphere.
Apparently the radiation from Fukushima is affecting the designers at Honda
England had autonomous pods many centuries ago.
OMG Fairbanks Morse is still in existence. They go back to 1823.
Maybe NSA can find something.
It's amazing those idiots are still chasing the Hydrogen Highway fantasy.
That is supposed to be impossible to do? you're right. I remember Bob Putz saying that.
"CAFE standards sacrifice lives for oil" Heartland Institute On July 10, 2001, Secretary Mineta sent a letter to Congress asking that the freeze on CAFE standards be lifted immediately so NHTSA could resume its CAFE rulemaking responsibilities. However, the freeze was not lifted until December 2001, when the FY 2002 Appropriations Act for the Department of Transportation,for the first time in six years, did not include a rider freezing CAFE standards. NHTSA immediately resumed its CAFE rulemaking responsibilities and issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for MY 2004 light truck standards on January 24, 2002.
Does James Bond care about his carbon-footprint?