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BS GreenWashing. There's at least half dozen electric drayage trucks out there.
"limitations of the diurnal availability of sunlight" wtf? they store electrons during the day and make h2 at night! what's the value of that?
This is Portland, why is it not a unicycle!
I wonder if they'll have a refilling station in Lakehurst NJ
LOL, still going to Hell, but can we can feel better about it.
How does a four-cylinder 9.0-liter not shake itself apart?
The end of oil is in sight
Hydrogen doesn't makes any sense
but Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide looks like it's accelerating LINK
soon afterwards, they'll be attacked by Somalian robots
The progress will be yuge! we'll have the BEST progress.
The answer to the first question is they're compensating for their genitals
"If nuclear power had the same incentives as the unreliable wind and PV" the only reason nuclear exist is because Admiral Rickover and the Federal government had incentivized it for 50 years. and yet we still don't have electricity that's "too cheap to meter"
"CAFE standards don't affect consumer behavior post-sale" because gas is under $2 where I live.
3.5 kW is a lame joke
I'm averaging 43mpg on my 2014 Ford Focus, I don't see the big deal here
An electric driven compressor/turbo addresses the problem in simpler way.