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If they can get 20-40 kW in a reasonable size and price, that'd be a game changer
Is there a market demand for this? I'd like to see NASA award $247.5M for a plane that has leg room.
No need for this in the US anymore, Trump has solved the problem
here's 36kw ranger extender that runs on anything
Brings new emphasis to "Rolling Coal"
Is there something about Opposed-Piston Ignition that facilitates low octane combustion?
Why is autogas not a "Thing" in the US? It's cheaper and readily available in Europe.
Manufacturers are not going to let the ICE die anytime soon
$143,400 versus $200,000 for Tesla Roadster
More Hydrogen hype. It's a Solid Oxide FC that reforms methane to H2. Presumably they're getting the methane from anaerobic digestion of organic wastes
Lame Greenwashing. If they were serious, they'd use a solid-oxide FC.
A waste of green energy. Multiple steps with losses in each.
Been done before
General Motors EV1 was from 1996 to 1999. Of course the electronic was there.
@Juan Valdez All of this could have been done in the late 1990s. No political will to address pollution and global warming.
@Lad even if it runs all the time, it a 1.2-liter running at the optimum setting. this is better than a parallel hybrid.
How many electric chargers can you build with US$1.1 million?