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Interests: im looking for a cheap efficient high technology car
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Dece4ase the price of gas at the pump and commercialise gasoline serial hybrid cars that do over 100 mpg. I wanted to write that in the autobloggreen website but since 3 weeks, the blog section is closed completely without any explanations.
Im more confident in the john goodenough battery.
I tought pruitt and trump will stop epa do mess-up the environment and energy market with all their fraudulent laws and regulations that double the price of energy at the pump and on our tax bills. Im now pretty sure trump and pruitt are liar from the right instead of good managers.
Start a diesel price war and lower sale tax on synthetic diesel to help climate change and pollution and im interested to buy a small diesel car. Do volkswagen offer special on basic diesel car that might satisfied the norms with this high cetane diesel.
I never saw a more moronic green car website as green car report where they remove half of my posts and they plainly say to not challenge in any way the climate change consensus scam. LOL.
Im interrested to buy but they are not selling in my area and i have a gas car and electric home heating.
This system do not just apply to small cars like pure battery vehicle do, it also apply to trucks, machineries, home, boats and probably airplanes. Im interested to buy if the small car cost less than 20 000$. their battery seam to be good too.
I knew that actual ev batteries like bolt and tesla were bad, that's why almost nobody is buying, less than 1% market share. Do like me and wait for a cheap and safe battery with triple the range that can be fast charged safely. Still today a small gas car is the best low cost solution for efficiency and value. By the way doctor clark explain in this video that human co2 are completely irrelevant for the climate.
Hydrogen fuelcell experimentations have been around since more than 20 years, yep no sustainable market have been found. Since then many folks have collected ton of useless subsidies and we still don't know at all how they produce this hydrogen and at what cost, LOL. If we had a cheap hydrogen infrastructure, it will be possible to add hydrogen tanks to gasoline and diesel cars and trucks where the hydrogen boost and clean emissions and improve mileage at low cost but not even a scientific or producer is talking about it, LOL. By the way the comment section of autobloggreen is completely removed since two weeks without any notice, they are so boring.
This won't work good because the problem is there is too much 'PARTNERS' in the entire electric supply line. It will always be a costly battle of who is producing the electricity, who is storing and releasing it, who collect electric bills, who is maintaining the grid, etc. It is already a big mayhem now and it is getting worse. I told you to stop these climate taxation and subsidy schemes where everybody is cashing ton of cash and the consumer and taxpayers is footing the bills. Since they try to enforce green energy, energy prices have triple. It take a main player in each electric grid that decide what is going on and where it apply. One thrid electricity price almost everywhere in usa and europe. let the main grid player decide how he produce his electricity and if he want to use coal, nat gas, solar or wind. Im sure that the best price is a hybrid power plant where energy is produced by coal at night and assisted by solar heat in the day and use the latest heat conversion transfer critical co2 small low cost Rankine engines. the green climate change policies enforced by lobbyists and california goverment are provoking massive deindustrialisation of trump america where trump and pruitt are completely submerged of problems done by these pressure groups lobbyists. It very simple to cut 2/3 of the electric prices.
Do not buy any ev till they get the best battery from john goodenouph. triple the range for a lower price and better longevity and can be operated in winter. I told you before that actual lithium batteries are not good enough for a car and tesla and other ev maker lose big money trying to sell evs. with this new battery the ev market will be money making and consumers will jump on the bandwagon.
I almost not contribute to climate change because i drive a small gas car and i drive it slow doing reasonable mpg and im waiting for the battery of john goodenough or the new nissan e-note gasoline serial hybrid that can possibly double my mpg . Unfortunately on the roads almost everybody is going 15 mph faster than me in big suvs, this is a non sense. when they will use critical co2 Rankine engine in electrical power plants that reduce coal use by 40%. We heard of this 6 months ago but since then not a word have been written. do like me and insist that we cut energy use without be stranded by low efficiencies and suffer from a lack of energy. I always use solutions that put money in my pocket instead of relying on big subsidies and taxation scheme that always lead to poor efficiencies.
Remove all these stupid regulations put there by Obama and the world bank and revive the free market where we can buy gasoline without carbon taxes. Efficiencies are there by the free market that's why there is almost no hybrid and evs on the roads, peoples rejected these lemons.
The entire car market is upside down, nobody talk anymore about the nissan e-note serial hybrid. Autoblog is offline and the comment section of autobloggreen is removed since a week and they didn't say anything about it. It prove that the green market is not taking off and everybody is giving up except a big bunch of madscientists is still cashing up big fat subsidies for useless studies
We still don't know if these future autonomous cars will need a monthly fee and what will happen if there is a strike or lock out in the company.
I completely read this article to know if this truck was a serial hybrid or a parallel hybrid and they didn't say a word on it. The future is serial hybrid for trucks and cars. The prius and other parallel hybrid are obsolete, so don't buy one and the volt is a pluguable serial hybrid but don't buy it as it is too costly and the battery is polluting heavy. 6 months ago nissan presented their versa e-note gasoline serial hybrid but since then high financial banking system and worldwide medias are fighting behind closed doors to impede the commercialisation. Anyway almost nobody know what is the difference between a serial hybrid and a parallel hybrid.
The comment section of autobloggreen is down since a week and a half. this is my comment for this autobloggreen article. Autobloggreen readers are invited to blog here after reading an autobloggreen article. When a technology is BETTER it is also always cheaper to manufacture buy can't be enforced by the law. So actual goverment agencies and almost all manufacturers are crap.
Gm will lose money with this useless gimmick and they will also lose money with the bolt . Another 80 billions bailout from trump in a couple of years is coming folks. I hope trump and pruitt cut all subsidies toward everything in cARS, electronic and environment. free market oppressed heroes will take the place of incompetants and raise car efficiencies for a lower price.
I forget to put the link, here it is.
Breaking news: There is an article in marketwatch that say that pruitt, the head of epa, doesm't believe that co2 is causing global warming. I hope he stop all these subsidies and regulation for this money pit that are environmental protection laws.
Excellent news today. Crude petroleum just shrink from 54$ to 49$ since last week and with this new promising synthetic method to produce gasoline, Price at the pumps for fuel might collapse. Im enjoying more driving when gas prices are very low.
There is too much partners is this costly project and they won't find anything because the resulting patents ownership will lead to a financial fighting between all these partners. By the way anybody know what is happening at autobloggreen, the website doesn't work anymore since a week.
Im so eager to buy lower priced conventional or synthetic gasoline to put in my car. If they start to sell synthetic gasoline the price will collapse at the pump, especially if they put lower taxes for synthetic fuels and bev sales might shrink to the bottom. hurry-up, produce and sell synthetic gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, etc. Unfortunately i can't postpone or cansel any gasoline buying like i do for cars. I decided to keep my old car forever because it ain't any good model anywhere but for gas i can't stop buying some but i choosed a small high mpg car that i drive slowly, LOL.
Many time i've said to increase ice mpg efficiency to over 100 mpg. It is doable if we go serie hybrid with exhaust heat and pressure capture instead of just crankshaft horsepower like it is the case with the volt, the bmw i3 rex and the upcoming nissan e-note. Im sick and tire of the high cost of gasoline, we need to drastically lower consumption to provoke a complete collapse of petroleum price and we gonna decrease 4x our gas bills and dramatically decrease air pollution. Here in this blog each blogger should take his responsability and stop all car buying till they release an over 100 mpg gasoline car at the same price than actual gas car. manufacturers and goverments and bank entities will never release an over 100 mpg cheap car except if we make a buying strike where we keep our car almost forever except if they decide to offer a really better car. they tried to hack us with costly battery cars and costly hybrid and the market didn't buy in great quantity because it end-up costing more. Say no to mediocrity and ask for an over 100 mpg car or keep your old car forever.
Breaking News: it's so dull at autobloggreen since their comment section do not work at all since almost a week.