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Interests: im looking for a cheap efficient high technology car
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Why someone here is speading the fake news that politicians are controlled by oil companies while it is plain obvious that the goverment is PUSCHING toward windmills, batteries, hybrid plug-in, ethanol, solar panels, carbon capture, carbon taxes, no pipelines permits. Only trumps and pruitt in the entire world is easying the life of big oil a little bit but he is not Pusching really oil companies. Stop the brainwash. I still need gasoline and motor oil and petroleum made rubber tires for my upcoming Hyundai accent 2014 6 speeds with 1.6 liter gdi engine.
Why not use private capital instead. There is numerous investment banks in the world to pay for these patent researchs with their spare change. If they discover something, will the goverment own the patent and collect fees ?
Even if the process is not perfect, begin NOW TO SELL CHEAPER gasoline for my car made from anything. The trick is to produce at a cheaper price and in more quantity than the entire opec and push them to bankrupcy with a price war. Im ready to return on the 1980 gasoline price chart of 70 cents a gallon.
I said since long to buy a small gas serial hybrid car and sell or put to scrap your big fat f-150 along your big boat and trailer. quite often these folks pass me on the highway at 75 mph while i drive at 50 mph. Stop asking for research grants, the small e-note from nissan is already invented. The thing is to convince peoples to buy it and keep it. Ask leonardo di caprio and al gore and sjc, harvyd to promote it for free like im doing it here.
Please begin to sell this diesel in maga quantities and also sell synthetic gasoline everywhere to start a total fuel price war where i gonna be able to drive for half the price and solely create tousand of jobs and save the planet and the economy by putting this cheap fuel in my upcoming high mpg gas serial hybrid car.
Forget self driving electronics and software and any other electronic devises on cars and lower the prices of cars to a minimum. Stop research and devellopment that put hidden cost in cars. Stop any climate change policies as only incompetants collect these taxes.
Do like sjc said, do not disturb mother nature with bio-fuels and use oil and/or natural gasses. These scientists create fake news by saying that petroleum act as a thermostat on the biosphere and that we have to shell them all our money to lower the thermostat 1.5 celcius degree.
Many bloggers say that petroleum is bad but foods are transported by petroleum. hurry exxon mobil, they have their sense of responsability which greens have not.
If they are waiting for a breakthru in batteries, it prove that actual evs have a sub-performing battery like tesla, bolt and leaf. So instead wait for the upcoming nissan note e-power if you are looking for a good green car deal. Say no to lithignation and degradation. the e-note is good for 18 years without complex maintenance.
This is exactly what i said to do some weeks ago. Learn to do hydrogen cheaply and use it in bi-fuel hydrogen-gas engines
@ SJC , well then, why there is no six cycles engines for sale anywhere? I just verified on YouTube and there is some videos but it look like a hoax.
They study and experiment and receive grants for algae fuels till the last 30 years, yep, no algae fuels for sale anywhere into the world. Since then i had to pay many 10 of tousands of dollar in fuel cost and also indirect fuel cost included in the price of almost everything.
What are they waiting for to start this process where they produce electricity with this liquid fuel and convert it back endlessly from co2 exhaust back to fuel. They can produce endless electricity without pollution
Folk, this is a lie and many electric car have shrinking sales like bmw i3, i8 , imiev, prius and the rest of evs lose a lot of money overall. I hope trump and pruitt stop these carbon taxe schemes, it's killing manufacturers and especially taxpayers. The best selling car in japan is a gasoline serial hybrid beating all prius variant sales, this is only sold in japan but it gonna go mainstream everywhere. We gonna harvest exhaust heat and pressure and go hcci with this setup that can also apply to big tractor-trailer trucks. Don't buy any car, ev or gasoline till it happen.
LOL, im right as usual. Look at this documentary, only 3% of co2 is due to burning fossil fuel.
Come on folks, this is a broad scam. There is 10 time as much co2 emissions that are natural compared to human machineries emissions.
This is normally an energy-car website. Why are you printing scam like that , want to sell garbage products to little brain car nerds.
No surprises, almost nobody at all is reading this website and almost no articles is easy to understand. It is only fake science and after more than a decade of researchs and many billions, there is absolutely no commercial water electrolisis done anywhere. You should tell that in the article, but they prefer lying and collecting billions instead.
Why HarvyD and nick lyons have exactly the same smilly face ?
Millions and millions of customers complaint about the high prices of gasoline-diesel, yep nobody is commenting this article. I said till 6 months to start commercialising a small gasoline serial hybrid car where exhaust pressure and heat is converted to live electricity and feed the primary fuel source by this hydrogen at 1$ per kilo. Sell this car each and everywhere to lower his production cost to 6 000$ and sell it at 9 000$ brand new with 5 years garentee.
Trump is right to leave the paris climate agreement, look at this scientific video. It's been a long time that i knew that...
C' ome on, remove all these new carbon taxes on petroleum and do like trump, exit the paris climate change agreement where they want my money to give it to windmills and to politicians, bankers and harvyd that is a fan of these peoples.
Go Trump go, he wants to ends the climate change policies made by the left and also the right and center, go go go. Everybody is corrupted by tax science.
I said many time to learn how to produce low cost hydrogen and start selling hydrogen-gasoline bi-fuel cars and trucks. These chaps instead continu to cash in big money for further studies paid by taxpayers that will never receive anything for the money they paid. This is the story of green car congress journalists and bloggers.