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Interests: im looking for a cheap efficient high technology car
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Goshn himself say in that link that e-power can be a big hit in europe. What are we waiting for ?
Is it these 'CHAPS' that are actually impeding the commercialisation of the efficient and low cost nissan note e-power that do more mpg than the prius for a lower price.
Im awaiting the nissan note e-power to save on fuel and they gonna all adopt this configuration so bye bye pure evs and oil prices will collapse for good.
sorry not green car congress but green car reports because they remove any posts that do not fit their view
LOL, autobloggreen didn't post any article since 2 days and green car congress is a moron website and here almost no blogging happen.
Is isobutene a synthetic gasoline ? I might be interrested to buy if they sell in my area at a better price that actual petroleum gas at 1.15$ a liter.
We constantly read about a cheaper better battery since years, im sick and tire and i will buy for my bext car a nissan e-note instead that do more mpg than the prius for less money on top of that. Keep your dirty empty bottle for ev buyers that will probably switch for the e-note instead because it is already the best seller in japan right now and corrupted medias donÀ't say a word about this.
It's been the 300th time that we are promized synthetic gasoline-diesel and not a drop is put for sale anywhere. Another useless study as usual.
I knew these news articles were useless because 2 months ago the website were presenting the new critical co2 Rankine engine as 40% more efficient and now they changed idea for this costly inneficient ge battery hybrid costly generator. I say to use critical co2 in a centralised power plant where they use sunlight in the day as heat and nat gas at night.
They don't have a working hydrogen car to demonstrate their theory.
These simple forecasts written by peoples earning 200 000$ 0r more per years have no value whatsoever. First consumption can severely decrease by higher mpg engine everywhere and if they start commercialising good battery and also if they start commercialising solar synthetic fuels. I thus told you more datas then this entire article and on top of that it is free. Stop any state sunsidies toward madscientists and crooked journalists. Let the works be done by free bloggers.
By the way things in blogs are getting bad. Autobloggreen closed their blog and green car reports are a gang of climate change nazis.
We don't care the efficiency numbers. Install that in texas and california and start making solar gasoline at 1.50$ a gallon at the pump.
I told you clearly before to wait and not buy any pure battery cars. The nissan e-note is already doing 85 to 95 mpg and the trick is to also capture exhaust pressure and heat with the help of this thermo electric devise and increase mpg over the 104 mpge of the tesla model s. You save a lot of troubles and cost by sticking with gas and you keep the high torque and reliability of electric and your car perform very well in cold canadian winters or high heat maxican summers.
This experiment is so pathetic that it don't deserve an article.
It's because they don't have a good deal on electricity prices so it's on par with petroleum but the ev cost 2 to 3 time as much as a gasoline car. If we remove the gas taxe, we can see that it cost less to drive on gas. Also nissan just released the versa e-note that do more that 80 mpg. This is more that the prius and the versa e-note offer more power and cost less. This is the car i intend to buy.
It's been more than 100 time that im reading here that they can make synthetic fuels but that it cost too much to commercialise.
It's not Donald trump or leftists that decide what technology to commercialise. I want a gasoline serial hybrid where exhaust pressure and heat are recycle and tapped and that will do over 120 mpg for cheap.
I want an affordable ev that i can ride more than 400 miles between fast charge. Im already doing that with my gasser. Do you think that i will downgrade with a costly leaf or bolt or model 3. Also im my hometown gas is pricy but electricity rates are very low so an equal priced long range ev can fulfill my drean car life i.e driving for few cash and no hassles. C'ome on Hyundai, the first one meeting my criteria will sell me a brand new car and i will publicise it here and other blogs.
It is a catastrophy for the energy market. Big oil will increase the price of gasoline because consumers clearly indicated that they are not interested in small high mpg cars
Harvyd is right and rational. Unfortunately he is not president of the united state and thus we have to read between the lines that these researchs give big money to these scientists and they want it like that. We will endlessly wait for a better energy world because it pay these researchers big money to discover nothing. Behind closed doors, they formely impede any solutions to enter the market.
It's what i said many time. Actual cars, especially evs are crap so postpone any car buying till we get these murrays law nanoporous materials for cheap.
I just write that these new semi-synthetic fuels are boulderdash in the blog section of marketwatch under the ticker a br. Go see this for fun.
It's been more than 100 years that they TRY to construct a good battery for a car and they are still in the complete dark, i won't buy anything because of low cycle life and denthrite and lithignation. As for gasoline ice, only the smallest system can offer some mpg because it's ainÀ't performing and efficient so just buy the smallest and cheapest and drive it slow. Actually consumers over spend and don't enjoy their costly cars. It's time to ditch all luxury car and adopt efficiency by choosing a Hyundai accent as the main car and keep it for 20 years.
Im not sure it is a hoax or what? A single cylinder heavy duty engine, in a tractor-trailor truck hauling a 53 feets van full of goods can probably return over 65 mpg. So im interrested to buy a single cylinder engine for my car at 1/4 the cost of my 4 cylinder actual engine.