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Berding's job title may be "head of ticket sales" but if it is anything like Bedinghaus's real job, it will be more of making sure that the tire pressures on Mikey's Lumina are correct for ultimate mpg.
Mike Brown sees things differently in his delusional world. In the real world we see black but in the World of Mikey, he sees white. We see a team that is totally dysfunctional due to an incompetent mentally challenged owner, he sees it as "just the way things go in this league", certainly no fault of his own. There is no hope.
West Tx-Great post! What's pathetic is it probably isn't that far off of how Mikey feels.
Toggle Commented Jan 24, 2011 on Let My Carson Go? at WhoDeyRevolution
This is a belated Christmas present for Mikey. He won't have to pay him now. Also, if Palmer really wanted to play again, he just sealed his fate by going public. No way Mikey will trade him now. Enjoy retirement Carson.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2011 on Letter to Season Ticket Holders at WhoDeyRevolution
Hey Mike/Katie/Troy or whoever you are WhoDeyFans, how about just making even a half-assed effort at fielding a winning football team? Start with your front office. Trying to justify the Bengals money grubbing ways now, with your latest typical PR nightmare only a few days old is "dumb dumb dumb".
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2011 on Seriously. What is Going On? at WhoDeyRevolution
Falling on deaf ears
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2011 on Doc Sums Up Mike Brown's Mess at WhoDeyRevolution
Isn't it obvious by now that Mikey doesn't give a shit about you or me or anybody else that is not in the Brown "family"? The only criteria necessary to retain employment with the Bengals is to be a good LOYAL friend as evidenced by all of the other incompetent ass kissing(Marvin) morons in the organization. Being a good bridge player doesn't hurt either.
I think what is going on here is Cincinnati is being "punked". This has to be a new reality show trying to see how far a city can be fucked over. In light of todays absurd demands by the Bengals, I just can't believe anybody, even Mike Brown could be this big of a delusional asshole.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2011 on Seriously. What is Going On? at WhoDeyRevolution
I've been telling my friends for years that I thought Mike Brown was certifiably insane. On top of that, a delusional asshole. That press conference confirms it.
Marvin Lewis is an awful head coach, period.
"Until Mike Brown dies (or relinquishes control...which will be when he dies), we now definitively know there is no hope." Don't be so sure that even in death, Mikey won't still be in control.
Toggle Commented Dec 14, 2010 on It Doesn't Have To Be This Way at WhoDeyRevolution
Matt C, Katie looked like a complete clueless moron(perfect Bengal executive) on Hard Knocks. It was later proven how stupid she really was when Smith and his agent hoodwinked her into signing Big Andre with a broken foot.
The most depressing thing about the Bengals is the realization that Mikey will NEVER relinquish the on field control of the team to a real GM. Hence we will never get a good head coach to come here. What good head coach would ever come here knowing that a complete idiot would always have final say over everything from toilet paper in the bathrooms at PBS to the first round draft pick?(Actually, I think that the toilet paper picking is Bob Bedinghaus' job but Mike probably does have final say). Even when he dies, there will be strict instructions to Katie in the will on how the team must be run. If those instructions are not followed she and Troy would lose control of the team to Paul Brown Jr and She and Troy may actually have to work for a living.
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2010 on Mike Brown, We Need To Hear It at WhoDeyRevolution
I agree that I would much prefer to watch a football game outside,except in the rain. However, I feel a dome would have been more economically sound for the city. Of course, Mikey probably would have gotten all the profits from any other events held at PBS so I guess it would not have really mattered anyways.
We are all drunk on the new Mike Brown, signing all these players trying to make us believe that he wants to win now. All of Brown's moves were economically smart moves simply to stimulate ticket sales at the CHEAPEST price, not to make the team better. I'll at least give him credit for hiring someone smart enough to open his eyes to this. Another little story I noticed today was that The Big Ten picked Indianapolis for their first championship game. Thank Mikey for never giving Cincinnati a CHANCE at a similar event like this(Super Bowl,Final Four etc) due to his insistance on an "open air" stadium. I think it was because he said something like football needs to be played on grass. I may be wrong but I think that his natural turf was replaced a year or so later with artificial turf which we, the taxpayers payed for, as stipulated in the lease.
Atrell, thank you so much for your "unsolicited advice". I feel so special since you don't "commonly offer" it.(I'm sure you don't). However, I'm doing quite well so no need to worry about me or my future. Thanks again for the concern, One of those people Seriously Artrell, get over yourself.
Mike Brown might be a "nice guy" amongst his friends but really, who cares? He's been a POS to the taxpayers of Hamilton County......way above and beyond than he needs to be. That being said, he's Mikey Boy, we all know him and he will never change so we have to live with this joke. Yeah, we enabled him by allowing that clown Bob Bedinghaus to screw us over but then again, we voted for it so as usual we Cincinnatians will just have to live with our mistakes and accept them. At this point, I would be happy if Mikey just fired Big Bob. Well, I guess he owes him for orhcestrating the hose job aka the lease and we all know how "loyal" Mikey is to his friends(too bad he doesn't consider the fans/taxpayers friends).Also, I heard that nobody puts a shine on Mikey's uh like Bob does so I guess his job is secure.
wch is an "I told you so guy". All of his posts are the same. This type of guy loves to lecture everybody else how smart he is, after the fact but has no solution or anything constructive to say, just how dumb the rest of us are. .............I'm just sayin
Hey Gfox, in the immortal words of John McEnroe,"You cannot be serious!" How old are you?
sorry,require-fingers out-of-sink
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2010 on End of Season Ramblings at WhoDeyRevolution
These all sound great but that would requier Mike Brown to make the right decisions for the benefit of the team, not his bottom line and ego. History proves that it will be the latter. Also, can Ziimmer be franchize tagged?
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2010 on End of Season Ramblings at WhoDeyRevolution
This team will never win as long as Mikey is running the show. Grahm is not going to walk into Mikey's office and quit because he sucks, Marvin is not going to resign because he sucks. Mikey Boy has to be a smart owner, an owner who wants to win. We know he is neither.
Toggle Commented Jan 10, 2010 on The Moon Isn't Going To Save You at WhoDeyRevolution
I think that Mikey Boy is waiting for that clause in the lease to kick in that says if x amount of teams get a newer/better thing, then the county has to buy it for him. I'm sure that Bedinghaus allowed an indoor practice facility on the freebe list.
You said the magic words, If it comes down to money........Come on, this is Mike Brown. Everything comes down to money. Bye Mike Zimmer, thanks for making the Bengals legitimate.............temporarily .
I have heard that Mikey has called a press conference for today to announce that because Katie and Troy have decided not to buy that bigger house that they've had their eye on and in the Christmas spirit will agree to renegotiate the Bengals lease. More good news is that because he did such a good job for the organization in the original lease the Bengals have choosen Bob Bedinghaus to represent them in this one. Bend over Mikey