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This is truly the car for the average American worker even if he still has a job.
No, I believe the V-2 used methanol not ethanol.
Wait till ISIS finds out about these plans hatched by non believers. Without a doubt heads will roll.
Employees who use corporate wireless charging parking lots will see their federal taxes increase. The FEDs will classify this employee benefit as imputed income on Federal Tax Form 1040.
I can see it now. Sixteen hours plus to recharge the batteries of a battle tank. The sky is falling. People are still working on FC.
Not having to use a platinum catalyst will certainly make the flow fuel cell less expensive.
@ Henrik "Problem is that they are wrong" based on what facts? Or maybe just your say so.
@ electric-car-insider The undisputed leader in North America for H2 infrastructure may be California but it is not the cheapest generator of green electric power. That happens to be Quebec. One reason why it sells clean power credits to the Golden State.
@ electric-car-insider You obviously don't live in Quebec where electric rates are so low most homes are heated in the winter with electric power. The entire province uses Hydro electricity and there are plenty of more sites that are waiting to be developed. Having moved from Montreal to Boston I almost choked when I received my first electric bill.
At a starting price of $89,100 this vehicle is truly an all time bargain.
The waste heat would be of better use for deicing of the wing and empenage. Take my word, flying in the Northeast during winter months without deice is a crap shoot.
Now if only Ford could do the same for the land of the brave and home of the free they would have something.
@ storky Check out the Terrestrial Energy web site and read about their molten salt reactor. It burns most of its nuclear fuel and will leave no long term highly radioactive plutonium waste with half life of hundreds of thousands of years. This technology is also intrinsically safe. Explosions and melt downs due to loss of coolant water are impossible. There is more ways than one to skin a cat.
Same old same old. The Democrats blame the Republicans and the Republicans blame the Democrats for all that's wrong with the world.
Gor lives in Canada where price fixing on gasoline at the retail market is not uncommon. From one gas station to the next the price per liter varies no more than a penny in most cities.
The sky is falling. FCVs may actually become a reality if developers continue to move up on the learning curve. There will be sleepless nights for card carrying members of the BEV Party.
Think your lithium ion batteries will save the environment? Think again.
For all you lithium ion battery fans out there be careful what you wish for it could be worse than the disease. Turns out latest research shows compounds used in your darling lithium-ion batteries are toxic to a type of soil-dwelling bacteria that plays an important environmental role.
@ DaveD Based on your name calling and personal attacks you're the hysterical one on this forum. When the global demand for lithium increases in the future the cost is most likely to increase. This development will lead to a monopolization of the industry. You will be substituting big oil for big lithium. All the yelling on your part will be in vain.
When I hear the name Milton Freedman in any context I get the strong urge to reach for my side arm.
To all EV fans out there how's $13,000 per ton of pure lithium carbonate working for you? Check it out it's the new gasoline at: No the price of lithium batteries will not come down.
The Lithium ion peanut gallery should read this: Maybe they'll think twice about what goes into their favorite cars.
@ Arnold" "we do need to look reality right in the face." Sounds like your reality is to have humanity return to the stone age to live in the dark because even burning bees wax candles will be an environmental crime.
If Donald Trump gets into the White House and follows through on his suggestion to bomb ISIS to hell maybe secure high temperature solar thermal plants can be built in the Sahara so you won't have to go to Australia nor Chile.