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AWESOME!!! Potentially > This is the best LAG strikeforce in club history .. .. Kind of beats the days of ALAN GORDON, et al, huh???
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2012 on Buddle returning to Galaxy at Soccer By Ives
NICE JOB AVI! It has been a privilege to watch BECKS from the HDC Pressbox the last 5 seasons - The crossfield switchs ('Hollywood Ball') that sees the ball just die at the feet of a teammate on the other side of the pitch is pure, pure, pure .. .. Besides > What true Englishman would uproot his family to move to FRANCE? C'mon . .. ... He was subpar on Sunday and LANDON & ROBBIE were nursing nagging injuries, so full marks to the Bruce for assembling a side that can win the Cup despite the 3 DPs playing hurt .. .. In other words > THANKS JOSH, TODD, OMAR, A.J., SEAN, MAGEE & JUNINHO!! Best-ever? When you can win the ultimate trophy with your three big guns sputtering, I reckon they just might be .. .. ONE MORE YEAR BECKS!!
INTERESTING, eh?! MARTIN is a nice guy and clearly gets on with Jurgen .. .. I wonder if that's why so may MEX players got called in .. .. And, I'm doing cartwheels that THOMAS is going to be involved - Still my all-time fave MNT & MLS player .. .. Fascinating mix of players .. .. GOOD LUCK KLINSI!!
Just imagine if we had a healthy JJ in South Africa last year?! The knock-out phase set up perfectly (and weakly) for a deep run by the USA and if JJ could have helped out with the Clark/Edu shuffle, we might have been around for the final weekend .. .. Maybe .. .. Either way, it's been worth the wait for JJ and now if we can just finish our chances .. ..
KUDO'S TO COACH BOB on the 4-2-3-1 formation .. .. If the US is ever going to make a shockingly-deep run in Brazil, then we have to get used to this lone striker formation and perfect it .. .. We would stop getting swamped in MF and then get on equal terms with the rest of the world .. ..
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2010 on USA 2, Poland 2: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
WHAT ABOUT FCD'S JASON LOYD?? Even as a LAG-fan, I could tell that no other rookie has helped a defense so much, or put himself into the US MNT picture .. ..
Forward? Repeat after me and continue: JOSEPH GYAU .. .. JOSEPH GYAU .. .. JOSEPH GYAU .. .. This country will never be so fortunate again as to have this kid fall into our laps .. .. One of the ex-ManU Youth coaches said GYAU is as good as any teenager he has ever seen or coached and begged ManU to make a bid for him but then HOFFENHEIM swooped and grabbed him .. .. Not since LANDON will be there be greater interest in a foreign U-19 Academy side as Hoffenheim 2010-11!!
Interesting JSmiley > Forgot all about CLAUDIO .. .. Somebody like him (if he meets all the other criteria), or perhaps .. .. JEFF AGOOS FERNANDO CLAVIJO THOMAS DOOLEY PETE VAGNENAS We can't hold their playing career against them > They made it to the highest level, experienced it and may be a TERRIFIC manager .. .. And, my hero Coach Sigi S., always felt that PETE VAGENAS would be on the National Team Staff one day as he is the most-cerebral player he has ever been around - People close to him just love him!
If there is one thing that the cataclysmic ENGLAND disaster, and to a smaller extent the RUUD GULLIT experiment, shows us is that you MUST have someone familiar with the US Soccer environment at the top, or near it .. .. I do think in 2014 the US MNT players will need to hear a new voice, but it would be criminal to allow Coach Bradley's knowledge, expertise + work ethic go to waste > Make him a very lucrative offer to become a TECHNICAL DIRECTOR, or DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL OPERATIONS .. .. That then allows you to get a younger, vibrant coach with a grasp of the INT scene .. .. Stick an experienced head next to him on the bench (Sarachan?) along with someone like Marco Etcheverry, Cabrera, Sorber or Jones .. .. If we can keep somene like Coach B in a position to oversee the program, then USSF can gamble a wee bit on a young coach .. .. Any suggestions?
WELCOME BACK HERCULEZ! He is the only USA striker who can be considered a poacher - Opportunistic as all get-out, he's the only true two-way forward we have .. .. He'll hustle until he bleeds and can finish as well as anyone .. .. He's not a MF and is misused if he's not on the frontline .. .. We can't afford not to start him .. ..
Doesn't CDC still own John O'Brien's rights?? (SBI-If we want to get technical, they only hold those rights for two years, so no.)