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Number one; this is the API's figures which is the lobbying organization for Big oil, so there is doubt about these numbers, especially considering how emerged the API is in Washington politics. I wouldn't make any money decisions based on these may want to still dump your oil stocks like the stock banks are doing.
Interest that various materials are now being investigated for use in electric cells, i.e., silicon, sulfur, sodium, iron, etc. And, batteries are finally being recognized as one of the important keys to our energy future. Now, if we could just get Trump and the Republicans to stop supporting fossil fuels for money, the country could move forward into the future.
In the future when batteries have been perfected, this makes sense...right now, as said above, use used products.
DaveD: This is a patent holder looking for investment money. If they really had something viable all they need do is dial "1-800 Tesla" and if it can passes scrutiny,...Hello! Yacht Club!
The real news in the airline industry is Airbus' continuing development of electric and hybrid powered aircraft. Small aircraft right now; but, their plans for the future include point to point passenger aircraft. The down side is Airbus predicts they will require batteries with at least 400 Wh/Kg density. We all would love to have that and many are looking at Lithium metal batteries as opposed to lithium ion batteries as the solution.
The basic problem here is the loss of efficiency when you convert energy from one form to another. For example; converting CNG to hydrogen then running a Fuel Cell to convert to electricity to finally run an electric motor to turn a screw is costly and complicating. Seems to me running a Genset on LNG, with proper emissions control, to power the electric motor would be the correct interim measure to reduce pollution until the right clean technology is developed and can be use to replace the genset. Hopefully this can be accomplished ASAP because burning bunker oil in huge 3 story high shipboard diesel engines is killing off the Planet rapidly.
No need to run dirty diesel engines when an electric motor will give you all the great low end torque you need and the CNG will keep you running and keep the battery charged. Diesel is like coal; there is no such thing as clean diesel.
All the while MB has been holding back from the market watching it develop. Wonder what else is in the back room?
Ever ask yourself what is the purpose of a car? Or better, what is the purpose of this car?
Nice idea; but, what about the gross ship emissions problem as a higher priority?
300Wh/Kg is double the density of my 2011 Leaf battery and if true is a great promise for the future, especially since it has been endorsed by Prof. Goodenough. But, I always wonder what are the down sides and why Tesla, the battery giant, doesn't have it?
JMartin: Agree; however, their track record shows their approach to business is not to compete but to capture control of markets by any methodology that works. Exxon has killed many people along the way trying to satisfy their greed for profits. And, never forget Exxon's heritage and culture dates back to the Standard Oil Company and the era of Rockefeller. And, their most recent CEO was Rex Tillerson who funded anti-clean energy campaigns. What's that about a leopard changing spots? Exxon in the clean energy sector is frightening.
I'm always leary of anything involving Exxon because of their pollution track record and campaign to fight against climate change when their own studies proved it a real problem. I always wonder "what are they up too now."
sd: Excellent question and always the first question when dealing with Fuel Cell solutions: Where is the methanol coming from? And, I'll bet you one of my Aunt Bessie's pies, there's a fossil fuel burning in the atmosphere somewhere in the mix. In this case I suspect the methanol comes from natural gas or coal.
Alain: Agree; also, many believe burning gross amounts of alcohol instead of fossil fuel will produce smog of a different gas makeup but just as damaging to air, land, water and human health.
It's a serial hybrid with not much of a buffer battery I suspect the engine runs pretty much all the time to keep the car moving. Look for the engineers to increase the battery capacity as the car matures and drivers start enjoying the quiet motor.
HD: Trump and the Republicans are working for the benefit of the fossil fuel industries and actually condone polluting. It's up to the States and the citizens to work against these bought out politicians. Also, don't forget the DOE is run by a fossil fuel appointee who approves everything issued by DOE; that would be Rick Perry, the ex-governor of the fossil fuel state of Texas. I see everything out of DOE as designed to garner Trump's favor and biased for the benefit of fossil fuels. Many now realize electing Donald Trump was the biggest mistake in U.S. history. The citizens still have two powers left to change things for their benefit: who you vote for and how you spend your money; Vote for the candidates who support the change off fossil fuels and spend your money on clean energy products,i.e., electric cars and solarpower, etc.
The causes of cancer death are a real grey area and in many cases statistical data is about all we have as an indicator. That leaves the door open for legal doubt. It took a long time for the courts to move past the cigarette industry's legal blockade and it will be the same with the blockade against the American people's desire to stop pollution and premature death by the fossil fuel industry. The blockade this time has been erected by Trump, his fossil fuel cabinet and the current paid off Congressional Republicans. Their game plan is to hold up the transition to a clean Planet as long as possible in order to maximize profits in coal, oil and gas industry...and,... the auto industry.
Peter: Hope it's more like VW has to make money to satisfy their investors while Tesla get a by because they are in growth mode. Once Tesla makes a good profit, they too will need to continue making a profit just like VW.
VW isn't ready for EVs so their hope is to slow down the transition as long as possible and continue to sell ICEVs. 48 volt batteries is just another complicating factor to bamboozle the unknowing. Hopefully Tesla will solve their production problems so potential buyers don't buy an ICEV...Every ICE Audi sold is one more obsolete dirty polluter on the roadways for another 10-20 years..
The problem is hydrogen for FCs is currently created by reforming(refining) oil and gas, which in effect gives the oil and gas industry control of the energy supply, just as they have now. On the other hand, battery driven vehicles charged by the Sun directly using roof-top solar empowers the individual and make the populous less dependent on polluting fossil fuels and predatory fossil fuel companies. BTW, there is interest and some progress in developing hybrid electric aircraft. Currently ICEs are used to generate power and drive an electric motor/prop; seems to me a FC powered by hydrogen, that only produces H2O in the upper atmosphere.could be used in place of the ICE to greater benefit.
HD: Agree. BTW, I'm all in on Hydrogen if they can produce it with sun power and not burn fossil fuels.
Please explain why you need the complexity and added expense of an on-board hydrogen powered fuel cell to generate electricity for an electric motor driven short haul truck, when a battery could be used instead and charged once a day. Additionally, the hydrogen is still created by reformed fossil fuel...hydrogen is an expensive fuel and mostly because mining fossil fuel, transporting it to a reformer, changing fossil fuel to hydrogen and then transporting it is a presently a very inefficient grossly polluting process...that's a giant step backwards. Installing solar panels and charging from the Sun is non-polluting and about as efficient as it gets...and, it's available right now; it's not just a foolish promise.
WS: Excellent idea; and, from what I have read would not be that difficult to implement. I think it's a matter of someone who can be trusted, as you say like Elon Musk, to introduce the idea. Send him a tweet and see what he says.