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EP: An old idea brought up to date. And, a good way to store surplus energy produced off peak...Ironic to store energy as ice instead of heat; I like it. I remember before electric A/C we used a fan blowing across a tub of ice; worked quite well.
It's interesting that solar panels, wind generators and batteries have empowered people to become independent of the utility companies and their high charges for electricity. But, few take the chance. In California the utilities have talked the PUC into a convoluted rate structure that at different times of day and days of the week, charges the customer from 15 to 45 cents a kilowatt. The idea is to bamboozle the customer to justify more money. I think that's pretty much the highest in the U.S. unless you live on a U.S. island and use imported diesel.
The movement is underway to create higher density power electronics; this will result in even smaller, light-weigh, more efficient motor controllers, battery chargers and DC-DC inverters. There will be a ready market for these improved products in electric cars, airplanes, hyperloops, etc.
Another car maker wising up; meanwhile, the U.S. makers are crying to Trump and the Republicans about increased EPA mileage standards and trying to extend ICEVs as long as possible. And, The Chinese, like the rest of us, are watching the U.S. car makers and wondering when they will get serious about EVs. Waiting just awards Tesla with an ever increasing market share.
ULSD removed much of the the lubricating ability of diesel oil, so, a projected diesel engine life cycle is not as long as before ULSD was required. Studies like this, based on obsolete technology are of little value in they are beating dying horses. Both gas and diesel internal combustion engines are destined to be replaced by electric motors and that is happening much faster than we realize as drive line engineers design for the future and move to the compelling benefits of electric motors, especially for transporters that require high values of torque at low speeds. Diesel Buses, long haul and short range Trucks, are all in the cross hairs of engineering firms because recent studies, using on the road test vehicles, prove a 6 to 1 better operations cost factor when operating electric instead of diesel or natural gas. What bus/trucking firm wouldn't want those savings.
Want know what we are talking about? ...use this link:
I'm highly suspicious of any projects with Exxon involvement. They tell the Public what they want to hear and do as they please. They call themselves an international company that is based in the U.S. but not subject to U.S. Law. Interesting that the ex-CEO of EXXON is now our Secretary of State and on Trump's about the fox in charge of the Hen House!
Solar panels and wind produce electricity that is intermittent in nature; battery storage and pumped hydro is used to buffer the outputs; but, what do you do when you produce surplus amounts and fill up the batteries? One solution is to produce hydrogen and oxygen and store these. In the far future these gases can be used in controlled combustion devices for transportation...ships, airplanes, hyperloops ships. No fossil fuels needed
This is the clean way to create hydrogen, not the dirty way by reforming fossil fuel.
So, how far along would autonomous driving be without Tesla pushing the envelope? answer: stuck in low! In fact, where would EVs be? answer:??
Looks like Trump and the Republicans are hard at work to move us backwards in technology.
China is the largest car market;they are busy creating a market for EVs; and, eventually their market will be only for EVs. Automakers are using this opportunity to develop their EVs which they can then build for the other countries that are dragging their feet, like the U.S. under Trump and the Republicans.
FCA may very likely become a Chinese controlled company; but, GM and Ford will be protected by the U.S. Government. Interesting to see that U.S. companies will finally understand that outsourcing manufacturing also outsources capital, IP, and sooner or later control.
Harvey: Yes; but, hopefully to make fertilized and not fuel.
gryf: Tnx for the info; I can see NatGas NCCI as a good interim engine until BEVs have cheaper,long-range batteries and are ready for prime time.
Seems to me Honda tried this some long time ago calling it lean burn; but, they couldn't meet emissions so they moved over to a stoichiometric catalytic converter like everyone else.
Harvey: Clemson is a small city in South Carolina(16,000) noted for a University by the same name; their transit system is fare free from State/Federal/University grants and carries mostly students from town to the campus. The Proterra plant is located nearby in Greenville as is Seneca(the all electric bus city with six electric buses)...we are talking small why not buy local and keep the workers working and the air clean?
Produce the fuel from surplus electricity and I'm in; Produce it by reforming fossil fuels and it's a huge jump backwards for the health of the planet. However, not for cars and trucks; hydrogen from electrolysis makes a good fuel for gross polluters like ships and airplanes.
EVs will win when the prices and performance are inline with ICEV prices and performance. What else do you expect from a capitalist society that puts a price on life itself.
Interesting to watch all this research into low smog fuels and ICEs now that the threat of EVs is a real and sudden danger to profits. All these ideas were suppressed otherwise...It's the love of money that really spins the Earth.
Nowadays OEMs can contract with parts suppliers to provide most of the assemblies for autos, not just individual parts. Bosch is just such a OEM is being redefined as where the bodies and individual assemblies are assembled. One wonders how much of a Tesla is Tesla made, same with Mercedes, etc.
Not talking about climate change here; talking about pollution detrimental to your health.
Finally someone is moving to reduce SOX emissions from the worse polluting devices on the Planet, huge diesel powered ships. But, it's not enough and they should address all the pollutants like NOX, CO2, etc., and start now to control the emissions by switching them to CNG and then to hybrid electric propulsion. 15 container ships pollute the air more than all the cars on Earth and there are a 100 plus of these dirty monsters at sea.
This is what oil should be used for; i.e., creating petrochemicals not vehicle fuels to be wasted in inefficient internal combustion engines.