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Can't wait until battery technology develops to the point that hybrids are not needed and the vehicles are all battery powered. If one is in the market for a car and can wait for a BEV, I would because of the compelling benefits and features; chief among which is getting out from under the fuel price fixing by the oil companies. I believe that as EVs come into the market, the demand for oil will in time increase to record amounts; at first the price of fuel will decrease; than as the stations sell less gasoline, the oil companies will raise the prices up and up to increase their margins in order to remain profitable.
It's interesting that direct injection produces high levels of PM emissions in both diesel and gasoline cars; but, port injection doesn't in gasoline cars. The idea behind direct injection is to improve mileage; however, the side effects may be worse than the cure; it certainly increases the costs by having to add a filtering system.
Many believe buses and trucks are leading the way to clean energy...makes sense because they are more efficient and far less polluting than diesels.
Car companies can turn out one of a kind concept cars in a few months; and BS PR in a matter of hours, especially if the concept is seven years ahead of a claimed production date. Because VW has put out so much vapor over the years, I'll believe it's not more vapor when they have their BEV for sale in the dealer's showroom; their estimate is 2020... we'll see! I expect by 2020 Tesla will have announced their Model Y and a Pickup. and will be actively delivering Semis and roadsters. Yes,I think they will finally meet a production date(ha).
This is a fossil fuel biased DOE paying money for design and testing to keep fossil fuels operating as long as possible. The idea of continuing to cleaning up fossil fuel pollution when there are less costly non-polluting alternatives smells of political payoffs.
Question is: Can we do anything about reducing the damage from petrochemicals and fuels? We can switch over to EVs to reduce the vapor emissions from fuels...the others will take more thought; maybe even a change in the way society uses scented products for example.
A good example of how clean energy tech is creating new work and jobs and hopefully for those workers who will be moving over from the fossil fuels industries.
And, the punchline from this study by Perry's DOE is: "... offers the opportunity to improve the affordability and efficiency of future gasoline engines for American families and businesses." Could this be another part of the Republican plan to slow down the transition to EVs?
The positive here is that's 500 less ICE trucks polluting the air. And, this would be even more positive if the hydrogen could be created by electrolysis and not derived from fossil fuels. Ballard's stock jumped 17% on the news.
Too bad Audi is spending all that money and effort on obsolete ICE technology making it even more expensive, complicated and less reliable by adding turbos, 8 speed transmissions, 48 volt batteries, etc.
In November, All 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 33 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate will be contested. Vote out any Republicans...that's your best move to counter what Trump and the Republicans are doing to the country.
PeterXX: What about the NOX and CO2, etc. Exhaust particulates are caused mostly by direct fuel injection in both the gassers and the diesel engines. EVs don't produce particulates. Stuff like this is part of the campaign by entrenched oil and/or car makers to slow up moving to clean energy so they can continue to profit by polluting. 'Buy a diesel and run it to clean up the air'...sure it will...ha...sounds like another definition of stupid. What's with this reluctance to drive a car that's better in every way than a diesel? Addicted to the diesel slow acceleration, the smells, fumes, the noise?; Do you believe the oil companies and/or the ICE salesmen? God help you if you do. And BTW, mining oil and gas has killed lots more people, including children than electric materials mining ever will.
HD: Ford claims this is what people want. I think the people who buy these tanks are pushed by propaganda from Ford dealerships and Ford itself. They push safety and 'carry space;' but, I think the real reason is the high profit margins in this segment of the market...these things are huge and expensive. I worry that Ford is depending on monster SUVs and PUs to stay in business. If the market turns, there goes Ford.
Do you think this study is unbiased when it was created by Chevron? It's not hard to cherry pick data and use assumptions in favor of a targeted conclusion. The assumption that is most blanent here is using the mature costs of gasoline vehicles contrasted against the immature costs of BEVs and their batteries, which are still very much in initial development. BTW, FCEVs would be a great use of hydrogen produced by surplus electricity; but, not by reformed fossil fuel controlled by the oil companies. I'm all in on FCEVs. They are after all electric cars.
It's a start, but barely considering how nasty ships really are: Here is an older link; but, not much has changed since then:
Why a diesel instead of a hybrid?
Very interesting paper for the engineer in us; however, the problems of efficiency and emissions go away completely by changing over to an electric driveline. Additionally, the costs will decrease and a whole lot of complication goes away over time.
The news here is the IMO, a UN organization, is finally, after four years of discussion, shining a light on the worse polluters on Earth, diesel powered shipping. The reduction of sulfur is but a bandaid compared to what must be done to curtail these gross emissions. Switching from bunker oil (almost Tar) to a lighter fuel oil would help and would enable these ships to be equipped with emissions controls. I have included a link I hope you all read the article:
Hard to determine how biased any study by Exxon really is; and, how much you should you believe? Don't forget that Exxon says Climate Change is real based on their own 1980's scientific studies. Unfortunately, The issue is a political football, especially when the POTUS denying it's true and appoints a cabinet of fossil fuel chiefs to run the Government. I for one would like to see the transition to clean energy accelerate to meet the Tony Seba timeline.
"With regulators worldwide seeking further improvements in fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 for this ubiquitous heavy-duty vehicle type, a new solution is needed,..." The electric drivetrain may be the only solution that meets the requirements.
ND: I'm all in on this idea and hope they can solve the problems to split water cheaply; It would be outstanding if surplus electricity could be used to create stored hydrogen instead if being spilled.
Looks like MB pulled out all the stops on these ICEVs. Hope their upcoming EVs are done as well.
500Wh/Kg and a 10 A cell in a 4 inch square for a cell going into production; This is the kind of progress we who have been have hoping for. The first Lithium cells from the 2011 Nissan Leaf are spec'd at 141 Wh/Kg and are good for about a 70 miles range. As discussed above, improving the cycle numbers is desirable; and, I think that will come in time. Not much to hold back EVs at this point except prices. Elon Musk is quoted as saying a density of 400Wh/Kg were necessary for aircraft usage. Perhaps aircraft are next on Tesla's list.
Damn if you do, damned if you don't. Gas engines have been upgraded to meet the ever demanding fuel mileage requirements which in some includes the idea of direct injection, similar to diesel engines. But, direct injection causes an increase in smog which must be suppressed to meet smog standards. This in turn negatively impacts fuel mileage. Some people believe that ICEVs are at the point where they can't meet the mileage standards and still meet the smog standards.