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SJC: Agree. +1, The problem is we would all have more if those who profit the most, paid their fair share. But, they don't because the Republican fix is in for the so called elite ruling class, the 1%...and they are so entrenched, it may take a revolution for the people to bring back Democracy.
Sometimes industry needs a push down the right path by Government. The Republican/Trump Central Government is a tangled mess of 'everyone for themselves,' so it's up to the states and locals to do the work. As above, please comment to the ARB...make your ideas and comments heard.
My, My!, such strong attacks and in force assaults against a company leading you to a cleaner and less polluted future; I could understand the rants if you were a shorty on the stock; but, what other agenda would drive you to so much misinformation? The problem turns out to be a software bug that will be fixed at the next update.
Looks like LFP is a good pick for lower range buses and local trucks. And, the higher level chemistry could be used in long range battery buses and trucks. No reason to use on-board complicated liquid or gas fueled electric generating devices, if simple battery packs will do the job, as Tesla says they will. I like the idea of hydrogen fuel cells being used in electric airplanes b/c they are much cleaner than fossil fuel turbines.
So you build a hybrid not a complicated, clunky V8; choose the smallest engine you need for cruising and add an electric motor for acceleration and low-end torque. Junk the design and go full electric when batteries are available in mass.
With Trump and the Republicans running the Government, look for the transition to clean energy and EVs to be delayed as long as they can make it happen and as long as the fossil fuel corporation can bribe them to act in their interests and not the people's best interest.
Goes to show V8s are now mostly PR, when you can get better performance out of a 4 cylinder and blown air; and, with improved mileage and less emissions.
Let's take a leap and really do something about pollution; hybrids have ICEs that are polluters. How about we jump to BEVs so we can save the children. You have to quit building ICEs, period.
Unless climate change and carbon pollution is taken seriously by politicians and the people, this Planet will not be able to sustain life. That means not using fossil fuels for heat and energy generation and getting rid of internal combustion engines. Many fear it is too late, as do I.
It will be interesting to watch the competition between low flight self-flying electric aircraft and HyperLoops for the future market of short to medium distance transportation. There are plans to construct a HyperLoop from LA to San Francisco and another along the east coast: This begs the question: Why are the citizens of California not supporting a HyperLoop system instead of building a way too expensive high speed train that will in all likely probability never be completed?
Looks like buses will lead the way to clean energy in mass transit.
If they can make it work, ,we can start using the mountains of sulfur produced as a byproduct of refining oil into fossil fuel.
Battery storage has proven to be more effective and less expensive than gas in fast ramp up modes and frequency correction functions. This saves the rate payers a lot of money. And, even when it is used in concert with wind and solar to feather and stabilize current output. Additionally, one must realize that the overriding advantage is solar and wind with storage, have locally available fuel that doesn't require all the other expensive middleman processes needed to mine, transport, and distribute the fuel and the clean up processes to mitigate the created pollution and health damages after it is burned.
5 years ago the U.S. DOE funded a project at Argonne Labs named JCESR. The goal was 5 years to create a battery with 5 times more density for 1/5 the cost. The best I know is they never brought anything to production; however, I think the researchers did get funded for another 5 years. I hope the Japanese have better luck.
By denying climate change and creating policies slanted toward fossil fuels, the Republican Congress and President Trump have cleared the path for gas and coal to dominate the power generation market. These politicians will extend the use of dirty polluting fossil fuels by decades.
Hydrogen is a good fuel for airplanes and would help clean up upper atmospheric pollution; If Tesla's Semi meets specs, don't see where a hydrogen semi is needed in mass quantities.
Hats off to Boulder for deciding to accelerate their goal to 100% electric buses using the idea of retrofitting.
Prior to the '50s, many U.S. cities were served by electric trolleys, trains and buses, using overhead wires; Driven by fossil fuel special interests, internal combustion engine(ICE) transportation replaced these devices. Now, experience has proven ICE vehicles were the wrong path to take and continue. Electric mass transit is now roaring back; only this time it's here to stay, especially with the flexibility BEVs provide.
Brian P: Disagree; I don't think any of the truck makers or part suppliers would bother releasing electric drive related data or announce any EV type products unless they are pushed to do it. Business as usual and continuing the status quo is too much to an legacy truck industry incumbent's advantage. Tesla's semi is a clear and present threat to truck industry profits.
HD: Agree. We need politicians in the U.S. who is not owned by the fossil fuel industry in order to stop burning hydrocarbons in the air.
Reducing emissions is not good enough. We must stop burning hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, period; the process pollutes the air, water,land and peoples health.
A ground up design is preferred; but, if retrofitting accelerates the transition to electric drive, it's a good move. The less fossil fuels burned in the air, the better.
Would be interesting if Tesla would run the same stunt using their semi for a comparison...want to sell the trucking industry on electric vehicles, if it does well, that would do it. And, you don't need the solar panels.
The truth is VW will keep seling obsolete, polluting gassers as long as the suckers will buy them.