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Is this a waste of money or political payoffs...take your pick.
Q: Do you think the legacy diesel truck makers would be manufacturing BEVs if Tesla had not announced their semi?
Here is an interesting take on hydrogen; a bit over the top; but, raises some points worth considering:
That I.D. van is a winner out of the box; and, if they ever decide to get it to market, They will sell a million...2021 ain't soon enough.
Well, if you've been waiting for an affordable EV, you ain't gonna find it from Audi. Makes you wonder if they are really serious about EVs or are they driving buyers to their ICEVs with inflated pricing?
This group has had 5 years to meet their goals...they didn't; what they did was prove their original goals were not attainable and have spent the taxpayers money to prove what wouldn't work. So, now they receive funding for another 5 years to: "lay a foundation for batteries"??? How does one board this never ending gravy train?
What a shame. Every obsolete diesel they sell will be around still polluting for 8 to 15 years.
The history of electronic devices show they get smaller,more reliable and more powerful as development continues; I expect this will be the case with the electrical components in EVs also. I think chargers, inverters, motor controls and motors will follow this trend and free up even more usable space. However, traction batteries haven't followed the trend so far and have been relatively slow to progress. We can use what we current have; but, we are still waiting for the breakthroughs that will push the technology into more common use.
Greenwashing; jets blasting out carbon complexes ain't clean, period. If they were burning hydrogen, that would be something to crow about.
I would like to see a positive approach to replacing diesels with Trump offering incentives to trucking companies going all electric or hydrogen...Ha! Fat Chance! But, if we were led by a more progressive group of politicians, that would be a possibility.
LJ: The factor always left out of the equations by the fossil fuel advocates, when ICEVs are compared to EVs, is the ongoing huge amounts of pollution caused by mining, flaring, transporting, refining and distributing, etc., fossil fuels compared to generating electrons at fossil fueled power stations. Supplying fossil fuels to gas stations for use in ICEs is hugely more destructive to the environment.
E-P: Agree. If the hydrogen is the result of burning FF. They are bamboozling people into thinking it's green energy.
An immediate switch to LNG turbines from diesel ICEs for sea-going ships is needed to even make a dent in the current huge amount of maritime pollution. Hopefully other cleaner technology will replace the turbines in a short time, i.e., hydrogen hybrids.
I'm surprised transmissions waited so long to be introduced; they give electric drivetrains the flexibility to improve efficiency and to operate at the best power levels for the load.
This is a school of red herrings. The only way to clean up trucks is to get rid of the diesel engines.
China needs to to shut down their coal plants ASAP.
Wonder what the price will be? The current ICE SUVs are$34k to $124k.
The cure is mass transit, i.e., local HyperLoops; and, people who will use them. Studies show the current system of single car drivers and building ever-wider freeways is not sustainable.
Take the leap to all electric; Any fossil fuel you use was created by grossly polluting the land, air and water through mining, refining, reforming, flaring, fracking and spillage. Diesel is obsolete and dead-ended. Spend your money on the future, not the past.
The important part of this is that it's now policy with a date certain and that takes away much uncertainty. Now businesses and buyers can use this information in their planning.
This is a move to cleaner transportation by taking small steps. Any ICE powered by fossil fuels will still be around polluting for decades until replaced by a zero emissions vehicle. Going directly to battery electric is a leap and is preferred. Having said that, any thing that replaces gasoline/diesel is preferred,
HD: Nope; just keep trying to educate whoever will listen about moving to vote for clean energy candidates, i.e., against the fossil fuel Republicans and encourage them to spend their money on clean energy products, i.e., electric cars, solar power, all electric heating, etc.
Couldn't figure out how the U.S. voters elected Trump as President ; perhaps this explains it.
Still burning and polluting...just a little less: Biodiesel or renewable diesel?: