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Hard to determine which side of the fence Canada is on; they are buying electric buses and then they turn around and cancel incentives on Teslas.
HD: I think this is a first step kind of thing to demonstrate the benefits of ETs (electric trucks) as a clean alternative; if there are compelling benefits, the operators may buy into the technology. If the operators don't act, the state may need to step in with tougher regulations. And BTW, stopping isn't a problem for ETs.
Start with LNG hybrids and grow the technology to include hydrogen fuel more diesel.
Herman: The details are nasty and expensive; but, as you say it's for the good of the children. It's been all too long they have had to breathe toxic fumes.
Would rather see them buy an electric; but, anything's better than a diesel.
Europe and China will lead the way to clean energy; the U.S. will continue to champion fossil fuels until the fossil fuel companies can no longer pay off the present central government politicians.
Instead of reforming natural gas to create H2, this process uses natural gas and air to create ammonia then converts that to hydrogen...yet another way of converting fossil fuels to hydrogen. But, hydrogen from fossil fuel might make environmental sense for some applications... it is better to burn hydrogen from fossil fuel than jet fuel directly in the upper atmosphere.
The bottom line is simple: "QUIT BURNING FOSSIL FUEL IN THE ATMOSPHERE." In the U.S., remove all subsidies, including oil an EV subsidies and let the technologies compete across the board. Without question the ICEV drivers couldn't afford the cost of unsubsidized fuel.
Burning any chemicals in the air cretes their side-issues. A current problem in Brazil, which offers alternative fuels almost at every station, ..."specific to ethanol-fuel is the aldehydes or other carcinogenic components in exhaust. Peak formaldehyde concentration"...higher than in any other location. There just isn't any alternative for creating clean electricity and using it to power electric vehicles.
SJC has it right; heat up the battery pack by plugging it into an AC line and supply active heating for the battery; when underway, perhaps from the motor/motor controller, cabin heater and dedicted battery heating.. The down side is less range.
It's interesting how some states get the idea of moving to clean energy and support the idea with action while other states are satisfied maintaining the status quo and remain mute. Can't help but wonder why.
The end game for a health environment is to replace fossil fuels with clean energy. Ideally, I would like to see that accomplished with solar panels, wind turbines, hydro plants, battery storage and battery electric vehicles, etc., all clean energy generators. But, unfortunately that is wishful thinking in this current Republican political climate. Perhaps intermium measures will assist in actually getting to a clean planet faster. These include hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen fuel made from reformed fossil gases.
Anything that takes diesel trucks off the road is moving in the right direction.
We may be at the point where diesel engine manufacturers can no longer meet emissions and ever increasing efficiency requirements using diesel technology. Hybrids using gasoline and electricity may be the better choice.
Our current Government is the biggest roadblock to clean energy; we need to replace the Republicans in Congress because they don't get it. it's still too much about greed and self-serving for them to be effective in stopping pollution.
If HyperLoops are perfected, high speed domestic air travel will be redundant and air travel will be mostly use over the oceans, provided by hybrid aircraft launched to cruise altitude by booster turbines and maintained at cruise speed by hydrogen fuel cells and ducted electric fans. It's interesting to read where more and more clean power providers have surplus electricity that they must dump or sell at a loss. One such provider is considering pumped water storage behind Hoover dam. Seems to me that creating hydrogen in storage would be a good use of this surplus.
Just one of the international oil giants buying positions in West Texas where fracturing is as commonplace as is oil pollution. Were the water companies suggest you drink bottled water.
Interesting how many parts manufacturers can offer car makers sub-assembly solutions to many of their engineering requirements, i.e., Bosch offering electrical drive trains and LG Chem offering complete battery systems. The carmaker is becoming more of an integrator/assembler than a developer.
Good management move by Daimler; by separating their mobility(futures) segment, they have good control over moving their resources from the existing ICE segment as the futures demand grows and the ICE segment demand slows, while giving the futures segment management the freedom to develop their technology and products without interference from other segment management.
Let's hope there's some air left. By the time this product is ready, we may be buying air in a bottle to breathe instead of running batteries.
The news is they are actually building production motors for the VW group and not just talking about building them in the future...very encouraging.
Good interim step to replacing diesels with non-polluting electric power.
Add a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and reduce the battery weigh...then you would have a practical airplane.
SJC: People in some cities are using small stand up electric scooters to get around locally. San Francisco recently decided to control them:
Every electric truck that displaces a diesel truck is a win, especially if it's a class 8 (the biggest) truck. I believe trucks and buses will lead the way to transitioning to clean energy because they show such a high cost savings.