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Hopefully,they have discovered that electric motors are a better decision for low end torque than diesels and will replace the diesels which are more expensive to manufacture and impossible to run without fouling the air with smog.
@Change Sure hope so; but, don't forget most cars last 12 years or longer on the roads before they are scrap. That means the ICEVs sold today will be around a long time and the smog and GHGs that come with them. We can't scrap 'em soon enough for me.
Harvey: The sad news here is not the pipe line so much as it enables the oil companies to continue to pollute all that Canadian land and to wipe out the resources that surround the area. In effect what they do is strip mine the land. Look at this, how would you like to live near by?
The first thing many Harley riders do with a new motorcycle is remove the factory muffler and have an illegal open exhaust installed so they can hear the'rolling thunder'! The police let 'em all skate and pollute.
I look for pollution in the U.S. to increase during the next four years because Trump and the Republicans are hell-bent on undoing the progress made to date and bringing back the pollution created by fossil fuels.
The news here is that transit companies are buying electric buses and not CNG or diesels.
Dumb idea. Clean diesel is like clean such thing. There are always byproducts when you burn carbon fuel in the atmosphere and smog and climate change are real. Electric cars don't burn carbon fuel. So stop wasting money on Internal Explosion Engines.
Like clean coal, there is no such thing as a free market; that is a political term dreamed up by politicians, mostly Republicans I suspect, to counter unwanted regulations and to confuse uninformed people. In our Capitalistic U.S., companies seek to control their markets and dominate them as they strive for wealth and power. The best example is the oil and gas business which has for decades received billions in subsides and favorable legislation from politicians in exchange for campaign contributions and favors. The argument for a free market ignores the reality that people are by nature basically greedy; that's why they must be limited by authority...Laws if you will. The action by Trump and the Republicans against the EPA is nothing more than the fossil fuel industry attempting to regain control of the energy business by dictating direction through the current 'bought administration.' And, the effect will be to continue using fossil fuels longer, polluting the Planet, killing more children through fossil fuel toxins, delaying the innovation of the Sciences and the progress of clean energy and yes, electric cars.
Gary: They can; but, too few people even know what a hybrid is; and, the car companies ain't gonna tell 'em as long as they can still sell the obsolete ICE junk. They make more off Truck and SUV buyers than any other segment.
If GM would put the money into EVs instead of gimmicks, we could have cleaner air and they would be able to sell their Caddies. Cadillac needs something unique to jump start their sales; an EV would be the ticket back to profit.
GM and Honda together hawking hydrogen for the oil companies, Audi building e-Gas cars and an ex-Tesla guy building a battery factory in Europe...quite a confusing World as companies finally start the race for the new energy markets.
The ability for a tire to remain flexible at low temperatures is critical to it maintaining grip on snow and ice. Many tire compounds become harder at lower temperature thus losing grip. Thereis a place for oil and sugar in this World...good cold weather tires; but, not ICE fuels.
A times 3 density gain over present Li batteries and nonflammable would be outstanding...however, it's still in the Lab; so we'll see. Based on the data, that would give a current 3,000 lb Leaf about a 300 miles range.
Got the same problem...burning carbon in the atmosphere pollutes the planet...only methane is worse.
The reason we even have self-drive is because Elon Musk is driving the technology. Look for Trump and The Republicans to slow down self-drive as well as the mileage requirements in the U.S. based on crying from GM, FCA, and Ford.
HD: Create H2 from Surplus electricity and store it for use in H2 hybrid airliners.
This makes no sense unless you add an electric motor; just another poor performance polluting gasser. Nothing new here.
A bio-fuel still runs in an ICE that produces exhaust gasses and GHG...pollution! Electric motors don't.
It appears there is a standard range developing around EVs of about 200 miles. That seems to give most people the flexibility they desire. and the headroom for lost range from aging.
The Ioniq has potential to be second best to Tesla when Hyundai increases their battery capacity. However, one must ask the right questions when it comes to EVs; For example; Since the life of EVs are much longer then gassers; if you intend to buy and keep the car, the question would be what are the maker's plans to install upgraded batteries when the first batteries are depleted? Take a lesson from Nissan who has no plans and don't buy the Leaf. While on the other hand, BMW has designed a standard form factor for its batteries that will fit any of their electric cars and they will offer upgraded batteries(longer range) when the first set is replaced.
Still produces the hydrogen by burning carbon...not a good process. Electrolysis from solar and wind and water is the winner, if you must have hydrogen.
If you think MB is behind in EVs, think again; at this point only the cost of batteries is holding them back; all the rest of EVs tech is well-known; in fact, EV tech is easy and much less complicated than gassers. All car-makers are just trying to time the American market at this point coordinated by their political lobbying group,the AAM. Trump and the Republicans will continue to campaign against EVs and clean energy because they are elected by the fossil fuel industry money. The car companies can't afford to let Tesla get too far ahead...all part of the timing.
CARB is why you have clean air such as it is; it is good you have them working for you or you would be choking in a sea of man-made pollution. Many of us remember L.A. in the sixties before CARB. The fossil fuel and auto industries, Trump and the Republicans could care less about you and yours and people's health.
You have pretty much seen the highest price for oil unless Trump and the Republicans start another war. Predictions are by 2020, most of the World will be embracing clean energy and EVs and even the U.S. will be joining in to rid ourselves of a hundred years of the fossil fuel black plague.
Germany car makers can't put off building EVs much longer since their whole country is moving swiftly to convert to clean energy. With the Republicans and Trump in power, we will still be building obsolete ICVs long after the Germans and Chinese have converted.