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What these studies never say is there are new jobs created in the RE sector to offset the fossil jobs. For example; many of the Texas oil field workers who lost their jobs because of the oil glut are now working in wind energy, in Texas.
This is one of the mixes Argonne Labs, under contract to DOE, was suppose to have already tried as a possible candidate and nothing moved them to continue to develop the LiS battery....something smells here because if Argonne can't do it with the test equipment they have, no one can...I think this is a political payoff to GM and MB through their lobbyist,the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. Do not expect anything out of this except money in GM's and MB's pocket to counter their election year donations to the political parties. This is the way it works: GM donates campaign money then receives Federal contracts in return. DOE has been paying the American auto companies for years through the USABC program...and they have yet to produce a viable product. Taxpayer money used for political gain, legal; but not ethical.
Other results from similar projects prove the electric bus to be much less expense to operate over the road. Don't know if they included the cost of replacement batteries in the overall cost figures. As you know the live of the batteries is a important factor and needs to be included for a fair comparison. Unless they last the live of the chassis which is unlikely.
Bio-fuels burned in internal combustion engines still pollutes. To reduce the GHG and smog problems, you need to switch to renewables and electric transportation.
Can't catch up as long as Trump and the Republicans keep fighting against clean energy.
If I read this right carbon is also present in hydrogen made from reforming fossil fuels and poisons the system and produces CO2 as part of the output. What else are they not telling us about H2. It's called lying by omission.
In effect a hydrogen car is the same as burning hydrocarbons in the air because hydrogen is created by reforming fossil fuels. Hydrogen from water is a dream and has proven to be impractical in the real world. The only application that makes sense is using it in airplanes to reduce jet engine caused pollution of the atmosphere. Hydrogen is pushed by the oil companies so they can continue to sell fossil fuels (the status quo) and continue to control the U.S. politicians, thus the country.
An interesting project; however, at this stage, one should make spending decisions based on the future. And the future is not in ICEs, no matter the claimed efficiency levels. Electric drive is the future, not ICEs with high hydrogen content. I'm amazed at the extent companies will go to continue the status quo as long as possible for the benefit of the oil interests.
It's interesting that California and China are forming joint ventures based on clean energy while President Trump and the Republicans are all in with Russia to continue their dependency on fossil fuels. The entire Russia economy is built on fossil fuels and if Trump and the Republicans have their way, the U.S. economy would digress back to a fossil fuel economy...In fact Trump has that in mind based on his appointments to the critical clean energy departments. EPA, DOE and Interior are headed by fossil fuel people.
Compared to a battery electric drive line, fossil gas is far more costly to operate. Switching to batteries produces a bus that will operate long into the future; whereas the gas bus is already obsolete.
The Trump White House is completely disconnected from the people and forces the states to do the bidding of the American people. Jerry Brown is doing the work Trump should be doing for the people; but, his only concern is the welfare of the rich people in the U.S., not the declining middle-class.
This is a back room deal, using tax money, under DOE head,Rick Perry, Mr. Fossil Fuel Guy, to mine more coal. You must realize that Rare Earth is a name given to a group of minerals that are really not all that rare. In fact they are quite abundant and found everywhere.
Cadillac would do well to produce an all electric car ASAP to save the brand; this kind of far out V2V PR does little to help the brand recover from years of poor decisions by GM. Cadillac should be tasked with leading GM into the future with a great BEV. BTW, if GM and the other American makers don't start offering BEVs soon, it may be too late. Toyota finally saw the light and has started the transition. Even the back-marker Ford has started working in a serious way toward EVs. The internal combustion engine is obsolete so why continue to offer them in automobiles and trucks?
This is still an obsolete internal combustion engine burning carbon in the air. Nothing really new here except added complexity.
The news here is the two 48v batteries; at 12 kW, each has a capacity of 125 amps. If adopted, low-cost, high-capacity, 48 volt batteries make electric bicycles, atvs, garden tractors, etc., viable.
The more obsolete ICEVs you get off the roads, the better, Canada is late to the party suffering from the same problem we have in the U.S...bought off politicians. Trump and the fossil fuel Republicans are showing us how stupid it can get when decisions about innovation are made by corrupt politicians who disregard scientific analysis from the knowledgeable. What is sad is you read the parroting of their lies in the comments of good publications like this one, it's crazy!
The plain fact is ICEs are inefficient, costly, complicated polluting and obsolete. We have a clean form-factor that, why are we allowing the car companies to keep on, keeping on? If Trump and the Republicans were worth their salt, they would be assisting the car makers to transition to EVs and assisting the oil companies to re-invest in renewable energy...but alas, instead they encourage the companies to continue with fossil fuels and their nasty side effects...why, when the answer is there waiting to be implemented...makes no sense and makes them look like what they are...greedy dasters.
The EU smog checks for diesel were less limiting than in the U.S. But, you are rightmost of the damage was in Europe and still is as there are still old diesels running the roads there. Some Governments are trying to buy the old ones for the crusher.
This forecast only addresses fuel saving achieved by efficiency increases of ICE cars. It doesn't address the displacement of gasoline by electricity. Many believe these figures are of little consequence when 90% plus of all vehicles are driven by electric motors by 2040.
The important decision for a legacy car maker since Tesla came on the scene is when to stop building compliance cars and to seriously start manufacturing EVs. Fields, was an all-in fossil fuel guy and I think he has delayed this EV decision too long. Ford may not catch up. The production of the Model 3 and the Germany EVs, will now put even more pressure on the American makers to produce EVs.
Toggle Commented May 22, 2017 on Ford Motor replaces CEO Fields at Green Car Congress
When you figure the 2011 Leaf has an energy density of 140 Wh/Kg and weighs 600 pounds this battery with a density of 740 Wh/kg would have a range 5 times longer, from a range of 70 miles to a range of 350 miles. And,it should never short out.
Don't need liquid fuels or O2 to clean power plants...that's obsolete thinking in today's world. Try to think about wind, solar, hydro, thermal and not about burning carbon fuels. Think about burning H2 and combining O2 and H2 gently to produce energy and water.
Battery Tech Research is really heating up as the transportation sector sees the need to move away from fossil fuels and the electric utilities have found that battery storage can solve their duck curve problems more economically than using natural gas peaker plants..
Drop the diesel and use the electric motor for torque requirements instead then sub in a fuel cell or a small gas burner to maintain cruising speed; Oops, I forgot your guys only make diesels.