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Reva Skie
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My ultimate staycation invovles a spa day at home where the professionals come to me. Mani, pedi, facial and ending with a massage. They can let themselves out while I languish in a post massage stupor.
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I added your feed to my google reader.
I keep a meal plan, it isn't day by day but more of a revolving system. I shop in "meals" and have a few choices in mind for each day. This keeps us from eating out so much and it is easier to cook if you have a definite plan for dinner.
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I tweeted to both @matrixpro @techmama, revaskie.
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Chuck me into the hat as well. I am using an ancient phone.
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I love that citrine bracelet, it reminds me of rock candy.
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Practicality rules my world, thats the package I would like.
Toggle Commented Dec 22, 2008 on Carpe Diem - Sears the Day! at Jaffe Juice
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