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My goodness Anne, what a transformation! Sure can tell these are plants used in California....lots are unfamiliar to me.
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Very true Anne, I like having the birds eat the bugs that are bothering my plants. I can't remember the last time I used pesticides.
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Anne, I really like David Austin roses, I can't get enough of the fragrance of an old fashioned rose. The honey color one is really nice.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2009 on EASY TO GROW ROSES at GARDENWRIGHT
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Mulch dresses the gardens so nicely. I always need to do more. With some groundcovers I have issue with when to put the mulch down. It never seems like the right time to do it. Oh well, better to be done than not.
Toggle Commented Mar 29, 2009 on MULCH! at GARDENWRIGHT
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Great things to remember Ann. Thanks. I heard once that if you put a rock in the landscape you should bury 2/3 of it.
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So very clever. I am glad I found these. Great!!
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Very clever! Heading over to read some more posts. Congrats.
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Another beauty. Thanks for sharing.
Absolutely gorgeous!
We have Live Oaks here in Tidewater. They are majestic trees.
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2009 on ~a walk~ at Tales from the Microbial Laboratory
Wow, I like this!! Will have to play around with my paint program and see if I can do some better planning. Thanks! Janet
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I love your Camellias. Have been enjoying reading some of your recent blogs. I want to find out more about the Unryu-tsubaki, very interesting. Janet
We have that one here in Virginia, just as an annual, wish it were a perennial. I love it. One of my friends calls it "Redneck Baby's Breath". Janet
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