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Looking forward to the Yankees and Red Sox matching up this year. The Red Sox certainly improved their pitching with the addition of Lackey, but did they improve their offense enough with the addition of Scutaro and Cameron. Did the Yankees recoup the offense of Damon and Matsui with the acquisitions of Granderson and Johnson? The trade for Vazquez helped them to improve their pitching a lot. Both teams seem to have a slightly weaker bullpen. These are questions that will be answered when the season starts. For now all we can do is debate the durability of Johnson, whether Scutaro can play at the high level he did last year and who has the better starting pitching.
Jeff Chane, If the Red Sox wanted to sign Damon they would have before signing Cameron. The Red Sox have decided to put a premium on defense and Damon doesn't fit that.
Its not the best deal, but it doesn't seem like they overpaid him too much. One year of Bay/Holliday would have cost $15M, but they get Byrd for that amount and 3 years. His power is sure to go down away from Arlington Ballpark, but considering the other options on the market he can't be much worse than Podsednik or Winn.
The only question is how much will the Cubs overpay Byrd.
Does this eliminate Johnny Damon as an OF option?
LaSenoritaMet!, At least if the Mets sign few white people it makes up for the fact that the Red Sox have a predominantly white team. Maybe their are racial preferences among these team, but I don't know. The problem MLB faces is attracting more black youth to the sport.
Escobar is a start for the Mets to add pieces around their core. At the least he can be a solid reliever at best he is another option for the rotation.
Agreed on Dye. He is no good for defense anymore. The Yankees seem to be leaning toward a cheap outfielder with good defense or a defensive platoon.
I can't wait for spring training when Mariano Rivera is throwing to Mike Rivera.
If the Red Sox can't get Beltre or Gonzalez then Carlos Pena is available to play 1B in 2011.
And they were freeing up space on their roster.
I don't think they had any chance at Gonzalez unless it was Bucholtz, Ellsbury, Bard and Kelly which is way too much for one guy. The big question is what does the surgery mean for Lowell? How long is the recovery? Did the Red Sox already know about the issue?
Damon is definitely better offensively than Cabrera or Gardner are right now. If I had to pick one to get rid of it would be Cabrera, he frees up a little more salary and maybe enough to afford Damon. Gardner's speed is nice for the Yankees to retain. If the Yankees traded either guy they would probably want pitching in return.
There's no way Holliday can turn this down. I can't see him getting a better deal out there anywhere. Most GM's probably wouldn't offer more than 5 years. He has to sign this week.
Matsui is a bargain compared to Guerrero who made $15M. If the Yankees want to keep Matsui they better jump in with a counter offer. I never expected Matsui to take $6.5M, half of his salary of $13M last year.
The way the team is currently constructed Melky Cabrera or Brett Gardner are playing CF or LF while Granderson patrols one of the two spots. Gardner and Cabrera have questionable offensive output. Cabrera was the worst hitter on the team and Gardner has yet to play a full season or at a full time basis. It would be nice to see what Gardner could do on a regular basis, but he doesn't have much power. The Yankees are also currently without a DH. I agree Holliday is extravagant unless his price and years come down which is doubtful. I couldn't see the Yankees sign both Damon and Matsui. Damon would be the obvious choice since he can still play the field. Mike Cameron is an option for CF, but he is another aging guy who shouldn't get more than a year. If the Yankees are operating under a budget of $200M could they realistically sign a pitcher and a DH/OF if their salary is already at $180M? It just seems like the extra pitching is a luxury.
Outfield and DH need to take priority for the Yankees over pitching right now. They should focus on resigning Damon, Hideki Matsui, and there were rumors they had interest in Matt Holliday. They could probably get by with a rotation of Sabathia, Burnett, Pettitte, Chamberlin, Hughes, Aceves, and Gaudin if they tender him a contract.
Joe, Nady is a free agent. Which is unfortunate for him after having his second Tommy John surgery this past season.
This is great news for the Yankees to get it done so fast. Good to see Pettitte didn't want to break the bank. Now they can move onto other needs.
Thats way too much for the Yankees to give up for Granderson.
I kind of hoped he would stick around and make a comeback. Wonder what the Yankees got back. It couldn't have been too much.
Looking forward to the news MLBTR. Can someone please explain why the meeting are in Indianapolis? Its not even a baseball town.
Deanezag, You can't factor in the postseason too much. Its a small sample size. Also there are other factors to consider. It was the end of the season and he was facing very good pitching from the Red Sox and Yankees.
If this signing is made official I say Figgins bats lead off since Ichiro has more power.
Well if he would have commanded seven figures he must be promising enough. The Yankees have had some success with international signings in the past. The international signing process seems to be an area where teams can be much more selective and only sign players they think have a strong chance to succeed.