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here. in my head.
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great title. neil gaiman, right? i had a "stress dream" the other night where i was working at a circus, but not as a performer, and was i found myself in the center ring with a lion, no idea what to do or say or how to use the props or how to keep the lion from eating me. the lion, for his part, just kept eyeing me contemptuously and dragged his own stand over to where it was supposed to be with his teeth and performed his act without any help from me. i had the distinct impression he would eat me later, but i woke up. in real life i'm a paralegal and i don't even have a cat!
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Just stumbled across this site and thought you might appreciate... :)
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I loved Wesley on TNG! My whole family did - so it's not (only) the Teen Idol thing ;) Think about how much you've done since/despite all the haters - be proud! The world is full of stupid people and for some reason they never have any problems with confidence or verbal vomiting...such as guess who's on tv right now? :) "i'm one of those undead fellows and i was wondering if i couldn't quite possibly feast upon your brains?"
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2009 on unintended consequences at WWdN: In Exile
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happy new year wil! i bought the audio download of "just a geek" and it took a few days for my paypal account to clear - i was terrified i had accidentally erased it or something. but it appeared in my inbox today...i'm still downloading...what a great way to start 2009...can't wait to listen! thank you so much for all you do :)
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