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As a Sox fan, I don't understand all the bad things with having Pods back. I think the team is better off keeping Jenks and Pods rather than dumping both and signing Figgins. Even if Pods regresses(which I'm sure he will), would paying Figgins 10 mil plus for the next 4 years be a smart move when we can have Pods for less than 5 for the next 2? Also, the thought of Tony Pena in the 8th inning frightens me beyond belief. Re-sign Pods, bring back Jenks, and we should be at the top of the division with the rotation we have.
Longshot here, but Bradley plus some cash for Linebrink? I don't know if he could play in Chicago again though
How about Milton Bradley straight up for Jake Peavy?
Rowand for Thome: FAIL Relying on Colon & Contreras: FAIL Betemit for Swisher: FAIL Thomes been pretty damn good, compared to the other candidates (Freddy Garcia, Daniel Cabrera) Colon has been very serviceable, and with Richard pitching well Contreras has not been needed. The Swisher trade was bad, but there was nowhere for him to play and it was a salary dump