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Hey BryanBoy, a) I absolutly adore you, and you're simply the only person I know that will agree with me that it's perfectly reasonable to spend 3k on a bag. b) I doubt you care about this, but Audrey Hepburn isn't actually singing in this movie. Julie Andrews was cast for the role, but she was busy doing Mary Poppins at the time. However, Marni Nixon is dubbing Audrey Hepburn's voice. She also sang Maria in the movie verson of West Side Story as well as Anna in The King and I. As a vocal performance major, I thought I would let you know that. I've done this show, and I LOVED the Ascot scene. The hats, the clothes-EVERYTHING was so much fun. Well. Have a nice new year filled with Chanel, Lanvin, Marc Jacobs, and Balenciaga.
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