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Lets be real here. D-Wade is wrong. D-Wade is not like Lebron, Amare, Bosh, Nowitski, etc. And why is that? Because this organization has already gotten Wade a ring. The reason we are in this position is because we got that championship and these other teams have not. Wade needs to realize this. He also needs to start thinking and realize that there is no deal we could get done this year that will make us a contender. The only way we can get a star is if we trade Beasley. And unless that player is Lebron, no one else is good enough to make us a contender. Having Wade and another star with the rest of our supporting cast isn't going to beat Boston or Cleveland. However, we wait a year and get Bosh or Amare and we are instant contenders since we will still have that third option in Beasley. If Riley makes trades Beasley this year then we won't be winning a title for a long time. And that is what Wade needs to realize. I know we are wasting one year of his prime but it is what it is. He can work on skills such as his 3 pt shot this year during the season to prepare him for 2010. But bottomline, Wade needs to use his head and realize that making moves now will actually hurt the chances of a championship.
"passing ability, which is also superior to Wade's " ===================== I really don't know about that. He's shown great skills in this area over the years. This season with his mediocre ::Sledge:: supporting cast, he averaged more assists than Bron. Give him reliable three point threats and a Chandler type of center and he could very well dish out 9/10 ast a game. ___________________________ For you to think that Wade is a better passer than Lebron means either 2 things: 1. You don't understand the game of basketball. 2. You are too obsessed with Wade to have rational thoughts. Watch Lebron play and watch Wade's not even close when it comes to them seeing the floor and their passing ability.
It's truly sad how jealous Heat fans are of Lebron. I am a die hard Miami Heat fan, watched every game this year. Love Dwayne Wade and think he will be a top 3 player of the decade. But stop hating on Lebron already. And stop dreaming that Wade is a better player. People say Wade is 1-0 in the finals and Lebron is 0-1 and that is why Wade is better. Doesn't anyone understand the fact that Lebron got to the finals was amazing in itself. The second best player that year was Drew Gooden and he is the 8th best player on a team that was taken out in 5 games this year. Wade would of never beaten Detroit with Lebron's team that year, he would of been lucky to win a game. Lebron sees the court mcuh better than Wade and is a way better passer. Wade can score with Lebron but he is not a better three point shooter and obviously isn't as strong. But the main difference between them is the way Lebron sees the floor and passes and the way Lebron treats his teammates. Wade needs to stop getting on his teammates so much and learn and watch how Lebron handles his. Even when Lebron's team sucked, he did not sit there and pout and roll his eyes at teammates. He helped them and talked to them. I know it sounds like I hate Wade but he is my favorite basketball player. It just disgusts me how intelligent Heat fans are as basketball fans. They know nothing. They live in their own bubble. Life will go on and Wade will still be amazing even with Lebron in the league. Stop the excuses already. And that includes you Ira.