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A lot of people in the 1400's believed the world was flat, and it did not make a bit of difference for them. But the reality following Columbus's voyage changed the world for their descendants. Same here. People my age can hold to the belief there is no global warming, and it won't make a bit of difference. But my children will view the reality, whatever that is. They better the deniers are right, but be prepared if they are not.
"NRC has targeted completing the certification process within 40 months" I get the need for time to review 12,000 pages thoroughly. But, it is frustrating to know how long the lead time is. Solar, Wind, and Wave/Tide may obviate the need for nuclear before it goes into place. I know those are all produce very small proportions of our electricity now, but who knows what will develop in 4.5 years.
Tesla may be hugely successful as a company, or they may be a footnote in history 30 years from now. But either way, they have already had a huge impact on the auto industry. Look at the competitors entering the market, and the battery developments since Tesla introduced its first vehicle.
Rest stops and restaurants on the Interstate highways.
Lurking Jerk, Your main point is correct, except you attribute the loss of jobs to regulation (a clear political bias with no foundation). The reality is that jobs will be los, or at least displaced to technology regardless of whether it is forced by regulation or bubbles up from entrepreneurs. Coal miners are not losing their jobs due to regulation. They are losing them due to competition, much of it from natural gas which is abundant due to technology developed by entrepreneurs (or maybe big oil?).
Trump's appointment to the EPA thinks environmental issues should be at the state level. I am looking forward to seeing the Cuyahoga river burning again. Bring back the good old days.
So, as long as people are staking out predictions, here is mine. Due to lack of oil exploration, the price of oil will spike in the next few years. When it does buyers will either buy BEVs and Plugin Hybrids or quit driving and use Self-driving vehicles (Henrik's paradigm). However, as cars are made up of commodity electronics with maybe 3D printed bodies, there will be lots of producers, including small startups with no deep pockets.
I met a fellow recently who was driving a Tesla. He said his only complaint is that the software is updated every two or three days, so every time he drives the experience is just a little different -- better maybe, but different.
Colorado Department of Transportation this winter is starting some testing using volunteers with cell phones to monitor traffic to the mountains. This in anticipation of driverless cars. And of course it was in Colorado that Anheuser Busch tested a self-driving truck. I think Colorado and maybe other states may be working toward autonomous vehicles faster than you think.
Use all the money to retrofit school buses with Lightning Hybrid or Artemis Hybrid systems.
Calling people mass murderers won't work any better than calling Trump a misogynist. Many people have a religious belief that global warming cannot be man's fault. What is needed is carbon sequestering -- negative addition to the atmosphere, not zero addition. We could put carbon back in the soil, and/or produce composite materials from recyclables. But those will have to be economically competitive. Which probably means a carbon tax. I don't see that coming in time to save us.
Kelly, Nothing. The train has left the station and is gaining speed, just like clean energy. Markets with trump Trump in these areas.
Henry, would CHP using SOFC?
Most don't even have much experience driving and are probably not very good at it. Come to think of it, I would not be either with the amount of traffic they have.
Henrik, I agree it will be interesting to see what happens, but my guess is that a few will buy or wait to buy fully self-driving cars, but most people will do what they are used to doing and a few will be frightfully afraid of self-driving cars. Meanwhile, cities and mass transit authorities will quickly adopt self driving buses in limited use areas (airports, or maybe education/corporate campuses) and people will gradually adapt. I give it a ten year transition, not immediate.
EP: Solar and Wind are still subsidized, but as a result prices are now competitive with fossil fuels. And government money helps subsidize drug development. Is that all bad, or only the technologies you don't like?
Stupid according to your engineering mind. The market will decide, and the market does lots of things people once thought stupid (and may have been right).
Send this plan to Hillary. She can do clean energy and address healthcare together. And she might even get some republicans to buy into a clean energy plan (as long as she does not use the term "global warming."
If cities adopt these, the hydrogen infrastructure build-out will get a huge shot in the arm.
Gor: All government cars are paid for by taxpayers. So, why not clean ones?
Not every auto manufacturer wants to get into the fuel production/distribution business.
@HarveyD: It will not happen overnight, but faster than you think. Once EV's and HEV's take hold, gas stations will start converting to Starbucks with plugs. Gas will be harder to find, just as hydrogen is now. In addition, a lot of those gassers are owned by low income individuals who may quickly shift when they find they can save $1000/yr on insurance, $1000 on gas, and ~$2000 in repairs for the old vehicle they drive. However, truck owners, many of whom are outdoor enthusiasts or craftsmen, will have to have hybrids for a long time.
Alain, my prediction is that the price of gas will go up because the oil companies can't afford to explore for oil or refine it. Also, gas stations on every corner will turn into Starbucks so people will have the same difficulty getting gas that so many on this site say it say is the problem with fuel cells. Just my prognostication.