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I think it's a blessing AND a curse. Part I: When I started my work life, I found a job where they paid me to draw. Even though the work was technical, I really enjoyed the craft of it. Within a year, I heard of plans to computerize my job. I was totally dismayed, having no geek qualifications, nor wanting any, and loving getting paid for my "skill." Now, one person can do in a day what it used to take a bay full of illustrators a week to do. Good for businesses, bad for illustrators. But revisions are much easier -- good for both of us. Part II: Now as a painter, having a website has given me the opportunity to connect with artists and art lovers from all over the world. It's so much easier to share information, show your portfolio, apply to shows, sell work, see other's work! Web 2.0 is even better; my exposure to other artists, ideas and exhibitions is increasing exponentially and is even more invaluable to me! The Downside: the time I spend doing all of the above and maintaining my multiple web presences is time I do NOT spend painting. That's a pretty big downside! But in the end, I think, what it takes away from time spent painting, it more than gives back in opportunities. As always, your mileage may vary.
Lynne, I love your paintings, and I love reading your posts! I agree with the naming inspirations, too. "Untitled No. XXXXXX" just gets so boring, and how can anyone remember which is which?
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