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Trump is such a F'ing tool. Sigh. I just hope they can impeach him and his Russian posse before he does too much damage.
Trump says this is fake news! Everyone knows sniffing exhaust fumes, huffing gas and glue got Trump to be the brilliant individual he is today...and he wants to share that future with all of us.
Interesting. For perspective, that's about the size of a shoe box for kids shoes. They used to be the size of a medium suitcase just a few years ago. Great progress.
Holy useful crap, Batman! The Formula 1 industry should be lined up waiting to give out sexual favors in order to get their hands on one of these bad boys.
@StrangLove, "People have been dying form cancer in every culture...get over it". LOL I love your "logic". You should lick empty pesticide containers to help clean them. It'll make a man out of you!!!
I love seeing technology and the cool new things we can do with it. Gives me hope for a better future. Yes, I'm assuming that moron, Trump, doesn't get us all killed first.
@SJC LOL I had the same thought. But then I remembered that originally there was this critical production of kerosene with this left over "gasoline" they had no good use for about 100 years ago.... Of course, that led to the wonders of climate change today. But the point still stands.
Jeez Harvey, I didn't know you were that damn gullible. I'm embarrassed for you. You live in a worse fantasy world that gorr.
@Strangelove, Who gives a rat's A$$ if CARB is making money. That's California's problem to live with or not. If they want to fix it, they can. CARB serves a more important purpose for the rest of America: They are outside of EPA control so they can force at least some level of green. And the market for California is so large that the automakers can't afford to ignore them especially as they align with Canada and form a de facto auto market that is large enough to force the hand of automakers. If you include the other states that follow CARB standards and add in Canada, you're talking about ~200million people. That is not something that auto makers can ignore. Is CARB corrupt, pushing hydrogen boondoggle and ignoring other factors like shipping? Yes. But that is something that should be addressed by Californians. For the rest of us, it's the only firewall left between that F'ING moron Trump and living in a wasteland in 20 years.
This is awesome! That moron Trump and the GOP can do whatever they want with the EPA, but as long as CARB does this here in the US and the EU keeps putting in more stringent standards, the auto mfr's will have no choice but to keep producing lower emissions cars.
This one could have implications and use in a LOAD of fields. Good research that will pop up somewhere in the real world.
LMAO!!! ^^^ This!!!! Nice one Lad
@Sator, You're howling at the moon. Never gonna happen in this country. with any type of nukes. So your "practical" is completely non-sense in the real world. Battery prices and other storage are coming down and wind & solar complement each other on load a good portion of the time. 20 years from now, they'll be supplying 50% of our grid.
Again: NO WAY! You mean breathing toxic fumes for your entire F'ing life isn't good for you?!? NO WAY!!!! I'd have never guessed that. Next you're going to tell me that smoking is bad for you too!
Sigh. Still no edit function on GCR after all these years. Clearly that was supposed to say "200 mile range".
Yeah, come back and tell me when you have a 20 mile range and then I'm interested in what else you have to say. Next.
If they have the "world's highest energy density lithium ion batteries", they need to sell those to fund their car factory! LOL Sure you do, guys. No pics (samples in this case), no proof.
Harvey, you're pulling those numbers out of your A$$. Give a reference or stop.
E-P, Claiming that batteries are $445/kWh based on one data point (and one that is no longer valid with their new release of the PowerWall) is very dishonest. The second version is already available for ~$390/kWh and that is retail which includes all margins and maintenance costs that Tesla is building in...which has nothing to do with the COST to a manufacturer. That's like Ted Cruz cherry picking the exact 18 year span that lets him say climate change is bunk.
Doc Strange Love, I couldn't care less about CARB as they're a bunch of hydrogen morons. However, they're relevant because they control a huge market for cars in California and other blue states follow their lead. But most importantly, they were established and running their mandates before the EPA so they're grandfathered in. So Trump and his morons can't effect them. THAT is why they're important. The CARB members are as crooked and biased as they come so I'm no fan. They are nothing more than a convenient firewall against Trump.
SJC, You're making a false assumption that we have to choose one over the other. Trump will not be able to slow momentum because automakers still have to deal with CARB and other countries that will not change their standards. So it will take all of these strategies to hit the numbers they need in 5 years on their fleet average.
By 2021, there will be batteries for under $100/kWh at the cell level. These studies are as pathetic as the ones that said it was over $1,000/kWh back in 2011 and would be $450/kWh in 2016. Stupid is stupid is stupid. This is like watching a bunch of people at a Trump rally claim that Trump cares about them even though they're poor. LOL
For years, you've been on here claiming that FCVs were more practical and wanted us to all stop and acknowledge how right you were and your predictions just a few months ago. Now Toyota has even pulled back and put their CEO personally in charge of the new EV division. It must be painful for you now so I can understand your frustrations. Your predictions about the eventual winner were clearly wrong and that must be hard to deal with.
Seriously? You guys are going to fall for yet another study that assumes current technology will determine future costs and limitations? LMMFAO!!! Davemart, you're still hurting that everyone, even Toyota, is finally admitting that HFCVs are a joke. But I expected better from you than to keep taking it out on doom and gloom predictions for BEVs.
Our best, and only, firewall to all of this right now is CARB. They have their special status outside the EPA and can do what they want. The car companies are fooling themselves because they still have to deal with California plus the other states who follow their lead...which includes New York among others. They control a huge part of the market for new cars in America and the auto makers have to deal with them. And other countries have similar standards coming so they have to deal with that. And at the end of the day, there's a good chance that Trump won't make it past 4 years. If a Democrat comes into power in 2020, they'll be screwed royally trying to recover if they change plans now. Of course, these morons have proven time and again that they are stupid. It takes 4-5 years to bring a new car to market. If they design now for a car coming out in 2020 or 2021 that will have to fight CARB/New York regulations AND a new President eager to reverse Trumps disasters....yeah, they'll still try it and be screwed later. Sigh.