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Hey, you should send Debbie Schlussel a copy..... sorry, could not resist!!
Congrats!!! I pre-ordered! should be here July 30th... cannot wait!
Pardon my ignorance here.. I need some help from one of you smarties: How do I locate SIOA on Facebook? I did a search and it did not come up for me... Is there a link? thanks so much!
There is no way I can get to NY.. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.. Any advice on how to start a rally in Michigan?.. I want to do SOMETHING
Palin/West/ The perfect ticket.
At what point can the military walk up the steps and kindly ask him to leave? What the heck do we do at this point? The scary thing is that he does this deliberately, he has no political stopping point.
Mackie, you have an absolute right to your opinion (so far, until that goes away too). In the meantime, do some studying up on the subject. Read his book, all the information you need to know is in there. Study the people he has hung with in the past. If that does not assist you, just look at how the administration is starting a fight with Israel. If your not schooled in the Jewish or Christian history, look that up as well. Moses and Jesus, start there. President Obama is not a Democrat, if your ideology is with the Democrat party, god speed to you, and help us weed out the progressive, marxist, anti American individuals that have hijacked it.
He needs to be removed from office now.
what do you mean O instead of X ?Did I miss something
Toggle Commented Mar 18, 2010 on Who Holds a Pen Like that? at Atlas Shrugs
I am absolutely appalled at all of this....As a christian I fully support Israel 100%.. How in the world can anyone have the thought process that the Jews cannot build? what the hell is going on here. Israel should give up nothing more, and this administration needs to be called out for the Jew haters that they are... I am feeling bad this morning because I got into an argument yesterday with a Jewish woman about this subject. It was more of a verbal meltdown on my end. I volunteer at a Jewish independent living center, and keep politics out of it. The daughter of one of the residents yesterday said : " I am so upset about all of this, I had no idea he was like this or thought like this. He reminds me of Jimmy Carter"... I went off, I could not help it. I asked her why she did not investigate this guy more? I asked her why she was not aware of his past, I asked her what she thought reverand wright was... anyway it was not pretty.
I e-mailed Beck, and suggest we all do the same. He must retract immediately. I also sent an e-mail to special report with Bret Baier, the panel discussion made it sound as if Wilders is against Muslims period..
Pam, you should try to contact him and get him to retract. Or be a guest on the show, his comments were incorrect and off base... FOX has been let's say "different lately" I have noticed...
I quit listening to Beck on a regular basis quite a few months back, and only watch once in awhile. I happen to listen today, only because I had read at Hot Air he was going to have Eric Massa on tomorrow and wanted to hear his updates... I did hear the comments on Wilder and was shocked to say the least. Glenn Beck has brought a lot of good information to the forefront and for his efforts I am grateful, but he should stop and learn before he speaks. He also always states "question with boldness", unless of course it happens to be a subject he is not willing to explore. He has become arrogant and his lack of knowledge on certain subjects lead me to stop paying attention to him. They also called Wilders a far righty on the 6:00 news hour...
HaHa Pamela! terrific!!! He does not know who you are? stupid stupid man.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on My woistest wish came true! at Atlas Shrugs
You go Girl!!! I will definitely be watching
Not sure if the national news is following this story about the imam that was killed here in MI by the FBI... starting to get nasty and CAIR is up in arms....
Toggle Commented Feb 1, 2010 on 8 is not Enough at Atlas Shrugs
Chuck Schummer should have been on the list. The anti gunner.
I talked to my family in MA today... They are psyched. My cousin is driving her 42 year old fiance to the polls on Monday to vote for Scott, first time he has ever voted.
I had the same sickening feeling when the news broke. I even had to turn off the news because I was not ready to hear if the situation had taken a turn for the worse. My feelings surprised me a little. It was as if it were a family member.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2010 on Rush Limbaugh Press Conference at Atlas Shrugs
Great pic Pamela! Flaunt it while you still got it honey!! Happy New Year to you and yours, 2010 will be a killer and we are ALL IN.. for the fight. You truly have the best readership at your blog... Some very smart individuals visit here, I for one have learned a bunch from all of them!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2009 on Happy Juicy New Year, baby! at Atlas Shrugs
I live right there.. scary stuff... I wonder if we are a target because the FBI killed the IMan in Dearborn a month or so ago.
Oh My... He IS the "Visitor"...
I also wanted to state that while I had not heard of this story, and living about 15 miles from Northville, I just knew at the headline to the story that it just had to be Michigan....
MAC.... Great post! As a Michigander I can tell you, they are attempting to take over.