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The Mayor has pounded readers about original 1043 BPR police and courthouse back-of-the-envelope estimate of $25.0m and recently added his homemade inflationary calculation increasing the cost to $27.0m. The Mayor campaigned on controlling City's legal fees. Contract,labor,liability legal expenses have increased every year during the Mayor's term.
Several of Richard's Council Waterloo moments! His babbling Dapolite diatribe. Andrew did nothing wrong but report the truth. Filippi's statement calling the proposed City Tree ordinance the Council's most important legislation. Summary -there are many reasons why French never appointed Richard Deputy Mayor.
TEDC: Your twisted pov on local municpal issues proves your adolescent head injuries occured driving Playland's bumper cars is the explantion for your fantasy statements. Did you notice Schubert's $4.0m+ property listing highlight's a tidal pond??
Mr Jovanovich is nothing more Mr French's bubble head doll. I challedge MyRye readers to name (1) piece of legislation the Councilman of 3 years has brought forward. Thanks to Mr Jovanovich Rye's Metro North Parking Commuters were slapped with back door 50% tax increase in depths of the 2009. recession.
TedC I witness your pathetic behavior at RMS NYS Assmebly debate. The episode confirms the comments by your local RHS classmates have said. "Too many rides on Playland's bumper cars." Enjoy the TedC video endorsement of Dougie French.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2012 on Rye PBA Paints Otis Blue at
Councilwoman's Brett comments the BPR Jersey barriers hurting everyone's property values was the best line of the meeting. She just lost credibility points. Tha BPR wall is not even in the top ten infrastructure list. The brick School St. parking lot wall (reinforced with brackets and fencing) surrounding private and public property has a higher liability risk.
The County lost a significant revenue opportunity keeping Playland's beach and pool closed as well other public pools on Tuesday, July 3rd. Last Monday & Tuesday with the heat index close to 100 the County's beaches and pools should've been open.
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2012 on Myers Says "Let Them Have Pools" at
Mayor French and his Indian Village Flood Committee want to spend $200,000 on a water retention feasibility study in Bowman's upper pond. The dredging project is estimated at $20.0m with out contingencies for oil runoff from nearby I-287. Let Indian Village residents pay 50% of the study expense.
Mayor French: I trust Rye's taxpayers will not pay the City Corporation Counsel's invoices for attending the(2) Ethic's Committee meetings? Your private financial transgressions should not be the responsibilites of the taxpayer!
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2012 on Mayor: Tartaglione Complaint is Over at
TEDC The latest screwup by City Hall is Bowman Ave dam. City Manager and Planner failed to check the Dam's environmental impact statement paperwork to verify Harrison's sign-off. Harrison's Field of Dreams elected official is back and will stick it to Rye for the Beaver Brook EPA filings and litigation. Manager should have gotten Harrison sign off prior to Election Day.
Mr Sack should powpow with his exMayor Carey on the wisdom of regulating kids on boards. Mr Carey initiated local legislation to rid street skateboarders in the 1970s.
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2011 on Long Board, Big Problem? at
Mr Mayor: You consistently use the words market rate to justify front door fee increases (e.g. parking, recreation activites) The fee increases are nothing more backend tax increases. Your market rate rationality is an indicator of little common sense or understanding the broader issue.
BZ: why do bother "on another planet" TEDC? TEDC should look at the Avon PILOT instigated by County to save jobs. City and school district is losing significant revenues versus assessed value. Someone should find out the sunset year on this PILOT.
JA: You might want to revisit DF's campaign promise to "cut the loss" and sell CVS. Move the clock forward and DF is extending the lease. Where's your cherished Stop sign and the Rec fence extension? Take back Rye from false gods. Are you still bird dogging at Al Dente?
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2011 on Black Bass - a Rye Repo? at
Legal fees- Maybe Mr T can stick some HI's effluence in your Westy's storage closet you rented with PBA $$.
correction myrye-D'Antoni brought spec house off Apawamis County club not on Apawamis ave.
501(c)3 is type of incorporation that is used to set up a chartible organization. OH was started to house destitute elderly women. In 2010 OH houses the highest concentration of millionaries in Westchester County. A corporation is either 501(C)3 or it is not. It cannot change its function. A law court says OH changed its function. The appellate court summary highlights OH's delibrate financial move not to accept scholarship residents in the '90s and accept only residents willing to hand over all assets. 501(c)3 can borrow tax exempt construction bonds. OH may have new legal expenses for bond counsel.
Osborn funded the $135m project Pathways 2000 project with tax exempt NYSDA bonds. The Home is no longer a 501(c)(3). The next chapter for this historical institution could be Chapter 11. The house residents going forward will eating Dinty Moore instead of angus beef.
City Council caved into Franklin Ave/Sonn Dr. self-entitled Osborn School newbies who complained about the BPR east side pedestrian sidewalk diffential to the road curb. City spent precious capital dollars for one neighborhood with the road diet improvement between Sonn and Oakland Beach and the Franklin /Sonn residents are still breaking the law. The Deputy Mayor should suggest changing the Safe Routes to School Committee to Safe Routes to My Best Friend's School Committee. DM Keith's best friend was one of biggest Sonn Drive complainers.
Matt: What is your description "cutting taxes" since your Council majority failed to "cut taxes". The new majority's "zero tax" promise is a short term high with core municipal service casualites being the Library and infrastructure spending (remember Theall Road). Will the new majority cut funding on a community resource which is 6% of each City tax dollar? Besides, zero property tax proposals are covered up by raises in municipal fees,fines and program costs.
As usual JA spits before he thinks- private club have adapted the restrictions. eg Westchester CC-see sign on Park Drive. You can thank lawyers and insurance companies for squashing another tradition.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on Rye Golf Club to Kids Sledding: Beat It at
TedC: Along with Tim C and Floatie you're on the list of court losers who sued either the city or county and lost. Have you paid all your bills yet? You,Tim and Ray must have the same legal counsel- Dewey,Cheatem and Howe.
Mayor Doug - Ask the BOE with added temporary RHS classrooms (more teachers) why isn't more parking be added to the RHS/RMS campus to improve local street safety? BOE has the parking design plans and costs-but will not pull the trigger. Make sure you ask Chittenden for his traffic safety comments!
Would Candidate French favor creating flood district tax to pay the upstream captial infrastructure costs? Why should the majority of Rye's residential properties pay the burden of protecting commercial and private property owners who decided to purchase in a flood zone? Mr French was co-chair of the Temporary Trails and Traffic Safety Committee he's not involved with Safe Routes to School Committee. Mr French needs to correct his community resume.
Here's a surprise- Back surgery scheduled months ago is one reason for his pull-out. MyRye readers look forward to TC publishing his short list of supporters.