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5W's and 1H ?? are reporters still taught about that? - does the city or the department pay the cost of this publication space, required to meet supreme court declared constitutional requirement or is this space a gift for the higher good? What is the predetermined cost associated to this entire operation and I want a breakdown of all involved - how many individuals are "earning" overtime? what are their names? how much fuel is consumed? If the police are donating their time I want to know about it. I can understand anonymity surrounding murderers and drug dealers but drunk drivers? how does the department receive funds from the federal government? And how much? From the transportation department? Perhaps it's the epa, why are these facts not evident - is the department beyond reproach? I too have great expectations of our society and I am positive that the criminals and police are cut from the same cloth - I am also positive that the star has gone dim as they must only have one person there trying to juggle everything and why would they think anyone would want to pay for a subscription? Just so they could look at propaganda from the "national coalition for safer roads" huh if you want safer intersections extend the time of caution lights - but then that doesn’t generate much revenue does it. The dui checkpoints are funded by federal grants, two or three of the participants are filling their normal shift and the others are on overtime, allowing earnings without direct cost to local municipalities. Of course they actually will also enhance the revenue stream of the court and the associated state licensed professionals. The Federal debt of over 14 trillion? , who really knows the true amount? , will ruin all of us sooner than the impaired operator. I am against the absurd behavior of impaired operators and I think the solution to this problem is technology. All vehicles having been equipped with interlock detection systems will eliminate impaired operation. Most people will resist this because they don't want to lose freedoms and are opposed to being told they have to do something or comply without ever having broken current laws. Do these same people question the need to apply the brake before shifting from park or engaging the clutch before starting the engine? Toyota motor has designed an alcohol detection system that is unobtrusive and virtually unnoticeable by the operator. The effectiveness of this system could even evolve to include biometrics which could also prevent theft. Congress had to once hold hearings on the effectiveness of airbags in automobiles as the manufacturers opposed the cost of the product. Now they all brag about how safe they are! Alcohol detection interlock devices will be standard equipment in the near future and then this drinking and driving issue will no longer exist. No more cost of police, attorneys, judges, courts, jailers, probation and parole, insurance, medical, the associative cost that we all currently pay will then become the absurd behavior. ....
Toggle Commented Mar 26, 2011 on KCPD announces DUI checkpoint at Crime Scene KC