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State of Unconciousness
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Wil - Best of annual celebrations to you! Ummm... you do realize in that depiction you're down 6 of the usual digits, yes? To celebrate, since I'm an Indy native, how about I treat you to the only all-vegetarian buffet in town (it's Indian) when you're at GenCon next weekend? Surely at some point you'll need fresh air and sunlight...?
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on It's my birthday! at WWdN: In Exile
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For the love of the the Unicorn Pegasus Kitten! Wil Wheaton AT GENCON! Seeing as I had to pass on W00tstock Chicago due to a family member graduating (how DARE he?), I'm a-gonna have to convince dear spouse to watch dear munchkins for an extended period of time so I can make it to see you in my own hometown! Awesome news! PSA: Be careful ordering vegetarian meals out here - most places mean "no big chunks of meat", but still cook it all in a meat broth... especially soup and starch dishes. FYI. Let me know if you want insider knowledge... I know people who know stuff...
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I found out about Ficlets on this site (thank you, by the way, it was a great way to let loose some ideas that have been rattling around for a long time); the community was really nice and a good mix of ages. My favorite part, though, was the character limit. A story really has to be good when it's short, or else it really.... stinks. But the short limit means you didn't waste much time reading it if it did stink. And although I moved with a lot of Ficleteers to Protagonize, I can already tell I'm gonna miss the character limit most.
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