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Agreed! I am so tired of the excuses...this player is hurt, not available, etc. Every other team has to deal with the same issues and somehow they continue to still produce! How many times did the announcers say that McCarty/Balloucy pairing in the midfield has been disastrous...and what does Hans do? Enough already! Get rid of this guy, he is clueless and bring in someone who understands how MLS teams play. How many more international coaches must we endure that just don't get it. Just because they are from Europe does not mean that they are any good.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2011 on RSL trounces reeling Red Bulls at Soccer By Ives
I am also tired of the comments about JCO getting us to the final last year. He got lucky (plain and simple). If that is the only reason he continues to get breaks from the front office then it is obvious that they are as clueless as he is! I don't think its a coincidence that good players under his direction seem to get worse. He is overpaid and over-rated! I'm sure someone like Richie Williams would be thrilled to get a shot at the job for less pay and would probably promote better team chemistry.
Toggle Commented May 26, 2009 on Fire 1, Red Bulls 0: A look back at Soccer By Ives