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Interests: balance, sanity, common sense
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Autonomous vehicles are but another attack on individualism and freedom by the central planning marxists. I will be keeping the vehicle that I drive & doesn't report to Big Brother...thank you very much.
Given the competitive nature of the auto industry & the amount of spying going on, there is a very high likelihood that other automakers have been doing the same thing as VW, but VW just happened to get caught ---- like doping in professional sports. They better do a review of EVERYONE and not just crucify VW.
Why wouldn't the coal companies simply compete directly with the steel companies by making their own carbon fibers from coal?
@Davemart: Why are you a denier? This is peer reviewed science, performed at a recognized university (GWU) and funded by the National Science Foundation.
gor said "This green market is just fraud organized by international banks to lend more money to goverments all over the world , acquire patents to push price up for all kind of products." It's more like "This green market is just fraud organized by democratic party interests as payoffs for political contributions and to advance the power of the hammer & sickle"
"Host customers enjoy immediate bill savings" ----------------- Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!!!! Yeah right! Seriously? Hahahahahahahaha!!!!!
Whoa, whoa, whoa....were these people bought off by the oil, gas & coal industries? WTF? Ocean currents are the cause of climate change now and not C02?
This sounds scary....the same people that are concerned about GMO's should be VERY concerned about this!
Propylene, isopropanol, methyl-methacrylate and acetic acid produced cheaply? The cosmetic industry will be happy - cheaper ingredients & same retail prices = more profits.
Awwww look at the new cute ute!
"In addition, this technology was applied to a well in South Texas for a refracturing operation, which resulted in double the production with a four-fold increase in flowing pressure." FRACK BABY FRACK!!!!!!
@Cheese: Here is what they said at Car And Driver about it "If the truck in the pictures looks familiar—yes, that’s the new one—it’s because the styling changes are quite minor. The front end gets squintier headlamps, a rearranged front bumper, LED fog lights, and a surprisingly modest new grille with a trio of louvers without any sort of gauche chrome surround. Other changes are limited to new wheels, a redesigned liftgate, and new tailpipes. That’s it."
Meet the new Expedition - same as the old Expedition. They could have at least changed the design to make it look similar to the new F-150 (based on Atlas concept)...BUT Ford will still sell some of these (with heavy incentives / discounts).
A series of these should be built at the Nevada Test Site, with next-generation transmission lines going to new desalination plants in California, to provide freshwater for America & the western states who need it!
I'm scared of the risk of cancer from this - the media must investigate the cancer risks!!!!!!
Americans aren't going to like this....too much hassle for too little product performance.
Why not put this technology on a big block Hemi V-8 truck too? Add an all aluminum body like the new F-150 and there could be some big fuel efficiencies gained without sacrificing engine power.
Hurry! There's still time to give money to Bill McKibben, Organizing for America, the DNC and the Bamster to try to stop the pipeline! Open your wallets now!
Don't worry Obama still has time to drag this out and squeeze more campaign cash out of both sides. Make no mistake, the pipeline will be approved, but there is still too much time left in the Obama Presidency to gin up special interest groups and wring out donor cash to go to both the politicians and the groups involved in the situation.
What is the point of getting a big full size SUV if you can't have a big gas guzzling powerful engine? Nobody will buy this crap from Ford. GM will continue to crush them.
Bio-isobutanol company Gevo, Inc., has received exclusive rights to provide the US Army with its proprietary jet fuel blend. The company has extensive Obama administration connections, and has donated generously to the president's campaign for his second term. Additional "donations" have been made at numerous levels within the Army to ensure the fuel is bought at a minimum of $1000.00 per gallon.