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Annalee Flower Horne
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I now require a "Hit robots, make fall down?" LJ icon. Also, is there an online option for those who don't have TVs? If so, any chance cartoon writers work under a different deal than the live-action WGA writers? Because if it's online in a way that actually compensates the writers and artists, I am so there (if not, I'll have to wait for the DVD).
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Off-topic, but congratulations on winning the weblog award for best celebrity blogger. You totally deserved it.
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When people say **** like that about you around me, I've taken to responding with "Right. And Magneto was in Lord of the Rings." I seem to recall seeing an interview with the actor who played Joxor on Xena where he was talking about how he'd gotten death threats because people hated the character so much. I just can't fathom having that big a reality problem.
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2009 on unintended consequences at WWdN: In Exile
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Speaking of the fark comment thread, and of apparel, I'm really surprised no one has cosplayed that sweater yet. If my knitting skills were up to the task, I would totally show up to a con wearing one of those things. It'd be almost as cool as the baconcat costume.
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