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Kelly Hrdina
New Jersey
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Very nice. It just needed the "DO NOT WANT" subtitle at the end.
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Thanks for the heads-up! I already have Boy, but now Led Zeppelin I and Birth of the Cool are mine as well.
Toggle Commented Feb 21, 2009 on this friday five kicks ass at WWdN: In Exile
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It's cool to hear you played hockey. I've never played on ice, but back when I was young I played a lot of GK amongst our local street hockey urchins. About 10 years ago I started playing roller hockey, which is a blast. I'm a little too old to play in a league for "guys in their thirties" anymore, unfortunately, although there are guys in their early twenties (or younger) in my league. I play D now rather than goalie, but might consider going back into goal one day when I get too old to skate out. I highly recommend playing roller if you have the time and can find a local rink. It's great fun, and more affordable than ice (both for equipment and rink time). Especially if you follow Topaz's suggestion to try Play it Again Sports (that's what I did when I got started).
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