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The sled is a fun time! Not quite the same as I remember from my childhood. It was colder then... Fun none the less.
Hey! Did anyone else witness the Crossfit Historic Event on Television last night? The replay of the 2011 Reebok Crossfit Games on ESPN2 was really well done. Even some of the commercials were crossfit filled & of course, Reebok too. My husband even watched the whole thing and he thinks I am absolutely nuts for doing Crossfit. The first 2 episodes for the men & women showed the first day of competition. The coverage continues on Wed. Sept 21 8-10pm and Wed Sept. 28 8-10pm. I can't believe how much Crossfit has grown in a few short years. I can't wait until I can be there to witness the event first hand as an athlete! This is also a great way to show your friends and family just how hard you work and what Crossfit is all about. The commercials are great invitations to try Crossfit. Check this out if you can! It was truly amazing to watch my small sport on television for the first time.
I witnessed some great work this morning @ 6am. Ring rows are deceivingly difficult. Great Job Everyone!
I was very impressed with how many Rare athletes challenged themselves upside down in handstands tonight. Because I have spent so many years of my life upside down as a gymnast, I sometimes forget how unnatural that movement is for those who have not had that same experience. I was impressed none the less with the desire to learn and get more comfortable in an inverted position. The good news is that it does get easier with practice and patience while you get stronger. Hooray for Handstands! Great work everyone!
Mel... you did a great job tonight! I love that you are so motivated to improve. I can't wait till my calf gets better so I can play with the sled too!
Dave Lipson is a big dude!
Funny that I like weighted pullups... 3@ 20#/ 3@ 25#/ 3@ 27.5#/ 2@ 30#/ 1@ 35#
Did this WOD at home today and used 95#. I did not record a time. Unbroken sets.
Tabata... 95# Cleans: 6 Reps / Jerks: 2 reps (The jerks were actually 0 reps, because I missed one round, but 2 reps were my least besides that round...max was 4 reps and that was the last one.) I decided not to do a second WOD today and allow my body to rest one more day... I'm still sore from Beef a King fit.
6 Rounds... I struggled...everything felt heavy, even me. Beef a king Fit was full of firsts for me. I finally completed a double under WOD in competition. Last year, I had 3 DNF's on DU WOD's. It was great to finish and not finish last. I also made it into the final WOD for the first time in competition. I am so excited for what this year has in store for me! Kaja... I am so proud of you! I will miss you too! Have a great time studying abroad!
27:38 Struggled to speed up my toes to bar. Eventually...
The endurance WOD was one of the most difficult and unpleasant WODs I have ever done. The KB thrusters were new & seriously challenging. When rounds were taking 7-8 minutes and there were 5 to complete, I knew it would be long. 36:50 RX'd Josh... I can't believe you could hold the bar with those hands! I'm cringing just thinking about it.
Endurance WOD today... 7:00 w/ 95# I have never done ring rows in a WOD before. I found them to be quite difficult. Great job Everyone!
Modified Fight Gone Bad @ Crossfit Blacksburg... Fight Gone Bad elements 3 rounds for time: 10 Wallballs @ 20# 10 SDHP @ 75# 10 Box Jumps @ 24" 10 Push Press @ 75# 10 Calorie Row @ Damper #1 Score was total time less the rest...9:49 The Men's weight was 115#/ 20#WB/ 24" BJ
Endurance WOD... 11:21
I'm excited about the BBC... I've got a whole bunch of new recipes to share to keep everyone on track, but allow some snacking. These new recipes keep away some of those cravings for the things you may be giving up. Helen tonight...11:10 Some day I will be able to do pullups well enough to get this under 10 min. I probably could run faster too!
I was so impressed with all the great work tonight! Great job everyone. We had such a great turnout for the wod. I did the endurance wod tonight with 185# deadlifts. 5:15 I didn't realize how much max deadhang pullups could challenge my deadlift so much. I need to work to speed up my repping movement with heavy lifts.
Some days are good and some days are bad... Double under carnage today. Some days I just am unable to jump at 5am. Worked on my row technique, so it wasn't all bad. 5 Rounds
I felt good today even at 5am. Deadlift: 170, 195, 220 (I did 5-3-1 reps and an AMRAP on the last set & did 8 total reps) 6:41... Steady pace the whole way with unbroken sets. Great Job Todd... thanks for making me work so hard to keep up with you. I know it makes me better!
20:47 95# for clean & jerk... suffered through the ring dips RX'd. The run went really well and I was surprised! Great Job morning guys!
13:00 for OHS & Pullups... a strength and a weakness combined in a WOD... FUN! 11:57 (I think) for Burpees, Front Squats @115,and Back extentions. The Front squats were tough. Just so everyone knows... Adam's burpees are FAST! Awesome turnout tonight! Great Job everyone. Mel... it was great to see you do your pullups without a band! You are so strong.
Liked the rowing work today! Thanks Jimmy for having me join you for the endurance WOD... 21:21
WOD @ East Coast Crossfit... 21,15,9 of: Tire Flips (W=150/ M= 300) Wall Balls (14#/20#) 24in Box Jumps 15:30 with the Men's Tire. Although I struggled to get through this WOD with the big tire, I amazed myself with what I am capable of accomplishing with a little belief. That tire was HEAVY, but I survived and I didn't finish last, even with 24in box jumps. I had 6 people at my handstand clinic and I feel like the box benefited from my gymnastics coaching background. Two of the coaches came so they could help teach the clients that could not attend the clinic. The owners also gave me some swag from the box and are going to help me promote my website too! I am so glad I spent the week at this box. The boys finished their second round today with better scores than yesterday... they didn't move up much, but they are ready for round 3 to see where they end up.
Still crossfitting in NC... Two rounds for total reps: 40 sec of work/ 20 sec of rest... Power cleans (65/95 touch & go) Back squat (65/95) Ab Mat sit ups Knees to elbows My total 156 Reps (20 & 18 PCL / 20 & 18 BS/ 25 & 26 Ab Mat/ 15 & 14 KTE) Fun WOD, but we all felt like it should have been at least 3 rounds and maybe even 4. Grayson entered the putting contest today against about 100 kids 5-7 years old and placed 2nd. He has a big trophy to show for it! He went through about 20 rounds of putting only to lose the last 2 putts by a super short margin. This happened after he had played his full round of golf in 100 degree heat. He was such a trooper. Both boys are looking to improve their placement tomorrow. They are both sitting in the middle of the pack right now after 1 of 3 rounds.
Working out in NC... when I walked into the box today and saw the WOD, I thought it had been programmmed by the devil... so dreadful in the heat! For Time: Run 1 mile Row 800m Run 800m Row 600m Run 400m Row 400m Run 400m Surpisingly, I survived and completed the task in 32:52, slow but not the slowest by far. I think if the rowing was the longer telement then I would have been better off. I lost ground on the run and moved forward on the rows. I have been asked by this box (East Coast Crossfit) to do a Handstand Clinic so this is happening either tomorrow or Friday. I'm excited and honored to be asked to help out. The box is under new management and they are doing everything they can to make themselves better. I think that's cool! The boys start their 1st competitive round for World Golf Championships tomorrow... we shall see! Cupcake Shop (with Paleo Cupcakes) was closed today... bummer... we are going Friday instead. I would have loved to do the Rare WOD today... I feel the need to pick up some weight after all that running and rowing...