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San Francisco
Interests: alky and stokes.... sticking out of a crowd.
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i love contemporary art structures.... i love this generation besides the renaissance era.
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I agree vic, if you go to other countries besides philippines probably safe. I do it. im too lazy, heck no thats why they got carriers right? the blue edition of goyards are hawt! must pick mos def!!!!
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That would be even more on ur face if walk the streets of Quipo, that comment reminds of Karen Walker in Will N Grace episode for thanksgiving. "let take a picture of our food and luxury and send a postcard to the poor" haha witty much right?! but anyways, I first saw those dior winter boots in 2005 in NYC Soho. I looks like they refined it more on this version. Like BMW's they stay same but just refined a piece of it. but those olive colored ones you got are hawt... the fur just completes it. later hun
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luv hotels that have distinctive artful taste.... mos def feels more special... like staying in an art museum...I just got back from NY this past holidays, i would say The W hotel, Ritz Carton, Four Season, and Wardofs are fab... everything near Central Park i love anyways... later hun
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I think that funny too, but we get lot of our american brands that are made in asia. I laugh wen I buy a Polo brand or Nike made in the Philippines. But about underwears, those american apparel neon briefs are hawt! actually they have pretty good v-neck and how can you ever go wrong with plain tees.. they are classic! more room to accessorize right? the musturd colored skinnies are hawt. but any who my guilty pleasure on briefs are the bench briefs, it fits flips really good. I mos def put that on the mix of my burberrys, D&G, and Diesel ones... almost same level. what can i say wen it looks good wear it betch! later hun!
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i love those Dior kind winter boots... I first saw one of those back in 2005 in NY Soho. 400 bucks shiit. but you got the more refined one on olive color. that's hawwtt.... you just gotta strut with those matching skinny leg of urs... jealous much right? haha luv the furr too. But i gotta stick with my animal rights perogative. haha but keep damn rockin them swaggy fits... happy new years betch!
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