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old pro
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Its time for Nick to sit back and stop fooling people into thinking he cares enough about playing to play with a hangnail! Retire already and stop the mind games!
Diva runs this team and is going to screw this franchise up! Wait till someone waves enough Benji's at him and he is gone and we will be stuck with his mess! Riley has to get us a coach and it is NOT Wade!
Juan, you can think for yourself, You don't have to like what the management team can afford! St Claire is cheap, end of story! Thats the only reason they want him! He sucks! We do not need their rejects!
The Hang-Nail Heat needs to get tough! This is one Wussy team! Embarrassing!!!
The Hang-Nail Heat needs to get tough! This is one Wussy team! Embarrassing!!!
The Hang-Nail-Heat still have more wa-wa's than players! Bring back people who want to play!
The "Hang Nail Heat" are really a bunch of WUSSEYS! "Oh, I got kicked on the foot", Let me rest for a week! "Hey I jammed my wittle thumb, Can I west a while too"? These guys are Highly Paid pretenders! Mommy needs to tell them to "Butch Up"!
Oh God! I just noticed a couple of plastic bags in my place! I am calling the IRA patrol to find out who is on Weed or maybe even some of that white stuff IRA! Call out the press and I will give you my employers, name so you can start an Investigation! This is the biggest bunch of BS I have seen! Damn IRA, when you don't like someone, you are brutal!
Ira is not smart enough to pull a Beasley! Maybe thats why he dislikes him so much!
I would much rather have Beasley than Kaman! 10/8 is Haslem like numbers! Get us a coach first then start thinking about filling the gaps!
I wish Ira would get something to report! He is making me sick tryng to get Riley to trade Beasley. Come on Ira I know you can do better! Maybe you should move over to football, they onjly have about 100 guys over there fanning the trade fires! Noone in this years draft crop could hold Beasleys' Jock!
Wait till the Refs get their meeting with the NBA, You will see that they want LaGod to win at all cost! The apologies can come after the game to cover the poor officiating but thats after the Magic gets put in their place (Behind LaGod). Game 3 was bad but game 4 will be TOO obvious!
The NBA wants "GOD" to win so badly, they will have a long talk with the refs before game4! It already looked bad in game 3 but LaGod lost anyway!
Arthur Rhodes is a good canidate for a trade! We could make a package deal of Maybin and FREDI!