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Anna Kristina
Interests: music, dancing, reading, writing, photography, god, ian, especially with ian
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You're not alone! I didn't know about the California Taxis v. Uber lawsuit, but I know it's a discussion here in Boston too. And it fits so well with that quote from Maker's Summit!! What drives me nuts is that taxi companies are just complaining and trying to stop Uber/Lyft. I wish they would look at why people are making that decision and then innovate their own businesses to compete. When I take a cab, I'm often hassled for not paying in cash, and I've been lied to in an effort to get me to pay more. We asked one Uber driver if he liked his job, and he said he used to drive a cab, but with Uber he's working less for more money and was able to start pursuing his education. I know Uber and Lyft aren't perfect, but taxis could learn a lesson that would benefit customers and maybe also drivers, if they'd focus on improving their own businesses instead of trying to stop someone else's.
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That blanket is beautiful! I've been reading for years... I can't remember when/how I found it, so it feels like I've know about your blog about as long as I've been reading blogs! I don't think I can pick a favorite 2014 post, because I'm always happy to see your posts show up in my Feedly. BUT, your Chemex post, where you mentioned weighing the beans, made me a hero when I bought a kitchen scale as a birthday present for my coffee-fanatic husband!
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Pretty! I'd wear it to work!
I love the waffle turtleneck!
My favorite cause is the partnership my church has with a pastor and his family in the Dominican Republic. He serves in a trash dump squatter community just outside of Santiago. Every year, we go for a week and put on a medical clinic/help as they need, and throughout the year we support them financially and relationally. Second to that I'm passionate about clean water and World Vision!
How often are you watering? Once they started budding leaves, I started watering just a little every few days, making sure the soil is dry between waterings, and mine are growing well (still tiny though). Timing could depend on the variety, but maybe try watering a couple test cuttings, to see if that makes a difference?
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I'm not a coffee drinker, but my hubby is! His routine sounds a lot like yours (even the warming!), but since he's the only one drinking it, he uses the Hario Woodneck Coffee Drip Pot which comes with fabric filters. It is a lot like the Chemex but smaller. And he hand grinds with the Hario hand crank burr grinder. He's also a huge fan of his Tonx subscription (, since it's thoughtfully sourced and the beans arrive within days of roasting. The only thing he doesn't do is weigh the beans. Maybe I'll get him a scale for his birthday. :)
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I'm currently propagating succulents too. I saw your pin of that tutorial, so I'm on basically the same timeline as you. Mine have definitely started sprouting tiny leaf buds in addition to their roots. I'm so excited to see them turn into tiny plants!
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I discovered Follain in the South End in Boston, and Tara, the owner, is amazing. They carry only super-green (and often local) products. When I shop there, I don't worry about if the product is safe. Thanks to Follain, I discovered Soapwalla deodorant, which is amazing, and the Shamanuti skin care line (charcoal cleanser, seaweed toner, and face oil). Depending on what you're used to, it isn't cheap, but lasts a really long time. I also use (and the app) when I'm shopping. They rate several different things (health = ingredients, environment = company policies, society = company policies), so sometimes I look at the specific rating (ex: health) instead of the average. They also have details behind the ratings, which is super helpful.
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I second the Soapwalla deodorant cream. I tried several natural deodorants and smelled worse (!) than when I used nothing. I found Soapwalla and will never go back. In the winter, I've been applying jojoba oil before deodorant cream, so my skin doesn't get too try. (Probably won't do that in the summer though.)
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I missed it as well (by just two hours). After adjusting to my initial disappointment, I got really excited that make29 is going so well for you. That said, if you ever decide to do another run of the ampersands, I'd be happy to be a part of that run selling out. :)
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I love the caryall duo, and the power trip set!
That is such a bummer. Why do people so often assume that if something is digital, it doesn't belong to anyone? Go get 'em and good luck! (And thank you, because fighting it helps all artists!)
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Optic triad in ivory/clay and/or the optic diamond in indigo/forest. The light would look awesome on our sofa, and the bright would be great in our white chairs. I love snuggling under the blankets, watching a movie or reading a book, and drinking a nice warm beverage, while periodically looking out the windows at the snow.
I'd send a note to my favorite high school teacher. He made such an impact. I ran across a couple notes from him the other day, which I have saved since high school, because they still make me feel so encouraged when I read them.
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I love the wooden calendar, but would also love the Instagram book!
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I'd go all white for the desk in the bedroom!
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Thanks anyway! I figured it was at least worth asking!
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We actually just got this exact same cart at IKEA, and noticed it was off balance once we put it together (the bottom isn't quite level). Did you have that problem? Any tips?
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At the moment, I'd have to pick the duck bag in cactus!
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2013 on a get-carried-away {giveaway}... at Oh Joy!
Super cute! I'd go with the weekender bag in stripe, and/or the passport holder, because my hubby and I are going to Paris in May!
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I've been working on making yoga a daily habit this year (with WiiFit because home on my time works best for me too!). I'm looking into upgrading my mat (which currently is a really old thin foam one not specifically for yoga) because it doesn't feel great on a hardwood floor. Are you happy with your new mat so far?
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I'll second (or third... whatever it's up to now) the High Line. I'm married to a landscape architect and according to him it's one of the best.
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I was thinking about Paul's deployment when I read the announcement - glad to hear there's a good chance he'll be there for the birth! And this might be too personal of a question, but I thought I remember you mentioning a while ago that you were waiting until after this deployment to start trying (oh, how blogs make you sound like a stalker!), and I was just wondering what changed? With more of my friends (and bloggers I follow!) expecting or recent moms, figuring out the right time has been on my mind as of late (and I don't mean perfect time, because they always say, it never is, you just do it!).
Toggle Commented Dec 5, 2012 on oh, baby. at enJOY it by Elise Blaha Cripe
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Congratulations! I'm so happy for you both, and I'm looking forward to all your updates!
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