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Kansas City
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Wait- how'd you know tat happened to me last Tuesday at Books-a-Million. They had the Star Trek Magna with your story in it, but no Just a Geek. This machine sounds like the coolest ever. There are books I need new copies of, books I want copies of that are hard to find classics, and newer books that just are not stocked, even by some very big name writers because they came out more than a year ago. Example local KC author Jim Butcher, upon finding out that he lives in the area I decided I needed to support the local fantasy writer and went to the aboved mentioned Books-a-Million after seeing an ad for a release party for his latest Dresden Files novel. They didn't have the new one(out the week before), only last years now out in paper back and the lastest for his The Codex Alera. The guy's a local best selling author, and the biggest bookstore in KCKS has next to nothing. It'd be much easier to go over to a machine than drive all over town to find stuff. I could order online- but I'm in KS in the spring, I like my books dry, and I have neighbors who might walk off with a package.
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Great interview. That wasn't being geeky uber geeky- no that was developing your acting skills- at least thats as good a reason any. You did you own costume design, did some improv work, started developing charater voices. No I never did the same thing with my Wonder Woman costume, erm, nope never dressed my pesky little sister up in it either. OK, made my great- aunt sew me new WW costume when I out grew the one from the store.
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Wil- You'd don't tweet as much as the effing spambots, and you don't tweet things that should be DMs. You grew up like the rest of us, act like a normal human- geek or not. We cuss, get caught in the Wayback Machine, and have fun being ourselves. The suddden explosion of followers- blame YouTube- as we all told our friends "You gotta see this..." and they all go "Hey, Wil's cool..." of course 53,000 is a little overwhelming- look at it like Karmic pay back. Wil- the accessable, intelligent, cool guy- who happened to have had a cool job 20 years ago- is finally being seen as just that.
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If you want to send gripes to the right folks here the link to calender publishers good old Andrews McMeel, who already 2010 on the site with no Far Side - if you really want to mess with them Andrews McMeel Publishing 1130 Walnut Street Kansas City, MO 64106-2109 E-mail: Web: Tel: 1-800-223-2336 for product ordering/customer service
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Ok, I know a certain actor who portrayed a teenage doctor in the same time frame as Wil appeared on TNG. Said other actor has recently appeared in a couple of commericals where the joke is that he's a doctor, again it's 20 year old joke. Personally, I found the teenage doctor far more annoying than Wesley Crusher- I will also admit my bias as some of the other ladies here that I had a huge crush on the actor playing him- I was 13 and I knew the difference. Wil Wheaton posters were all over my bedroom walls not Wesley posters. Wil you have been very open about the trauma you went through because Wes was so hated; for this guy to write an article which was clearly poorly researched shows just how unprofessional he is. I read a part of the article(I stopped when my brain hit the WTF wall) and found it not only insulting to Wil, but to anyone able to read it. Trekkies and Batmaniacs alike, I know there is some overlap- I'm guilty, know their stuff. Wil you were perfectly right to vent your frustion in the way all pop culture loving geeks do- with a HUMOUROUS quote posted online to your fellow pop culture loving geeks. Wil you're one of a very few actors to have found success in childhood and managed to grow up into a normal, healthy well- adjusted guy. You're even besting the "TREK Curse" having been cast in some very strong guest parts that are against type. You've accopmlished so much, don't let those who refuse to see the man you've become bother you too much. It's their loss. On a personal note- I'm off work due to an accident at the first of the month, which capped off six really bad months. I stumbled onto this site, and read your TNG reviews and had a good laugh for the first time in six months. You took my mind off my problems, even if it was just for a few minutes, and I can't thank you enough for that.
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