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wow..Beasley is doing pretty good on the offensive threat in Durant..yet Haslem can not defend well on a guy that averages 15 points a game...When Beasley left the game, the Thunder goes on a run..More reason to trade haslem
Eric Dampier's unguaranteed contract along with Josh Howard for Jermaine O'neal.. Mark gets a Center that can play better than Dampier offensively and We get a center that rebounds which we need. We also get a scoring threat in Howard, a good option for Wade.. PG:Chalmers SG:wade SF:Howard PF:Beasley C:Dampier bench:Lucas?, Cook, James Jones,Haslem, and Joel
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WOW, SO... When our starters go out, the Spurs come back yet.. when we have 1 minute left, SPo is not going to change the lineup.. I know its preseason, but we should get a win to boost the team's confidence. We R probably the winless team in the league
Jermaine O'neal, chalmers, and 1st for Baron Davis and Chris kaman.. Clippers get a huge expiring, allow time for Deandre to become their future Center and get young.. they will have a future with telfair, Chalmers, Gordon, Thornton, Griffin, and Jordan..We can quickly contend with those guys and trade haslem and wright for Gerald Wallace
Jermaine O'Neal nad a pick for Corey Maggette and Monta Ellis.. This can finally provide us some decent offense and I think this will give teams to much if a problrm since we can have 4 scoring threats in Beasley, wade, Monta, and Maggette.. Magloire can be our Center while we can sign a center for a minium PG:MOnta/Chalmers SG:wade/Cook SF:Corey/James Jones/Q. rich PF: Beasley/haslem C:Magloire/Joel
So...We got 3 good contracts to expend: Haslem , O'Neal, and Wright.. WHo do we think we can get with them? haslem, wright, and a pick for Gerald Wallace and O'Neal for Baron Davis and Chris kaman
Outlaw and blake for haslem and yakhouba
LOL..Its like de javu...Same articles for the past month? I think Pat Riley is waiting until the 2010 trading deadline.. Thats the time period when the lottery teams gets eliminated from playoff contention and they will start unload big contracts..Like maybe the Clippers...I seriously think the Clippers should start rebuilding and not mix in old veterans and young players..They have a nice core of Eric Gordon, Thornton, Griffin, and Jordan..Build on that core. Riley should start giving Wade help before he leaves the HEAT. We need help at the 1 and the 5. I think the 2010 free agency is a pretty overrated for us beside resigning wade.. Lebron won't come, and Amare and Bosh plays the 4, which Beasley plays.i don't think Beasley can handle the 3.. so Beasley is our 4. We can trade O'Neal, Quinn, and 1 st round for Baron Davis and Chris Kaman..There stocks are pretty low cause of last season, but i think they will be healthy for next season. The Clippers were moving BD and Kaman when they almost reached a deal with the Rockets when the almost traded T-Mac. With the addition of Wade, we can aim for 2nd seed in the EAST and it looks betetr than the 2003 team we had..In 2010, all we should care about is resigning Wade, adding some bench players and a quality 3.
I think we should not wait for 2010 cause Its mainly Bosh, amare, and Lebron..we r not getting Lebron and i doubt beasley can play the 3,so we r not gonna get bosh or amare..Better to win now befor wade leaves..O'Neal+ 2 1st rounders for Baron Davis, Kaman, and al thornton...Clippers get a massive relief and we can contend
Look...When denver had Iverson, they were a 50 win team and made it to the playoffs in the competitive west....They had Anthony carter and iverson as guards where we have chalmers and wade HUGE upgrade ,An iverson and wade backcourt will crush carter and iverson..then there is beasley and melo..Whhen given the minutes, Beasley can play at the same level as Melo can back in 2008. Denver's PF was Martin which beats us at the 4 where we have haslem since martin is betetr than haslem in offensive..If O'Neal is healthy, then he can play better than 2008 Camby..So i say we can be a 50 win team that makes the 4th seeded and gets knocked out in 2nd round
Shavlik can get some minutes at the center spot.. talented and productive player when given the minutes..if we sign him, trade haslem for blake and outlaw...Outlaw is clutch and a good shooter unlike scrub quetin who shoots under 40%.
haslem and quinn for Travis Outlaw and Blake...Portland gets a veteran leader Haslem where they need a backup PF..And Blake would be a good PG. This would give minutes to Bayles also, their future PG..Whille we get a legit SF and a good backup PG.. and the SF scrubs(Yak, Q rich, and Wright) can be our new cheerleaders and beezer can finally play his natural position
Haslem and Wright for Blake and Outlaw
Q-Rich and a 1st for Gerald Wallace..Report that to Riley, since Bobcats are shedding salary planning to move the team
If it were not for the damn ricky davis trade, we would not worry about the pG sicne we could have drafted Ty Lawson..a steal in the draft by the nuggets.. he is the reincanation of andre miller, who the philly skipped him for overrated Jrue Holiday
quentin is a 39% Fg shooter and 36% on 3s.. This trade was pointless..Lets hope riley trade him maybe for G. Wallace since Bobcats R shedding salary just like what they did to Emeka, their franchise player for a offesnive limited injury pprone player....Or we can send quentin and haslem for boozer
reason why with the lost of charlie v, the bucks are looking to get warrick and bucks already have luke ridnour and jennings.. btw, idc what riley says about b-easy..Many great PFs in this league are crappy in D.. look at Zach(20/10,dirk,amare,bosh,west,boozer,rashard lewis and charlie v..They are great Pfs yet they are soft and bad in D..So beezer better start this upcoming season, throw haslem and yak for gerald wallace.. they are shedding salary
Now that we can use our MLE again, use the same deal for odom and use it on ramon sessions.. dude can ball. 12.4 points and 5.7 assists in 27.4 minutes while Chalmers only ahd 4.9 assists in 33 minutes..After that we trade haslem for travis outlaw or gerald wallace
Since the Bobcats are shedding slaaries, I think G. Wallace will be on the market..Trade haslem and Wright for Wallace, with emeka missing and the lack of offensive game Tyson have, a power rotation of diaw, tyson, and haslem would make the cats efficent.. Then they have a guard rotation of henderson, augustin, and bell...getting rid of walalce would give more minutes to henderson..then wirght can get garbage minutes along with radmonvic backing up diaw at the 3
If we dont get lO, we should give up our MLE for ramon sessions..SInce Bobcats are cutting cost when Hornets hustled the cats and dont forget MJ is the GM of the bobcats, we can steal Wallace.. Like Wright, Jones, and 1st pick for Wallace's 8.5 mill a year..Aquiring Wallace would be similar to Mo to wallace has an all around game kind of like pippen
Ha!, Amare is going to resign with PHX suns too..if U have not read his articles, he says he wants to resign, so that really leaves Joe Johnson
i mean sign and trade ramon for b-easy
nah...If we get Odom and Boozer, i see sign and trade Beasley for ramon sessions
Haslem, wirght, and trade exception for boozer...the Jazz saves money
The HEAT should do 3 things this offseason: 1. Haslem for Travis Outlaw-we get a good SF that can score while Portland get a veteran with championship experiences. 2. Sign Session NOW before any other team gets to him...The dude averaged 12 points and 5.3 assists in 27 minutes..He can be our future PG sign him for 6 million per year. 3. Trade chalmers for Deandre Jordan. The Clippers need a young PG. BD is washed up. PG:Session/Beverley SG:Wade/Cook SF:Outlaw/James Jones PF:B-easy/O'Neal C:Deandre/O'Neal
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