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Dec 27, 2009
UPDATE: the House approved the bill. David, good point. In fact the executives in government who were most responsible for the incomplete transition were indeed "fired", i.e., voted out. So there. They were so worried about coupon piracy (business risks), they attached the 90-day expiration, and other similar controls. Well, at least that part worked. To Others -- the people who are affected & waiting to get the converter box are in the millions, per the House testimony. While that is not a large percentage of the U.S. population, it is still a lot of people. And these people are likely the most disenfranchised of our society -- the poor, elderly, disabled -- or just not technically proficient. Even if someone is used to being left out by society, why accept it? What will the extra delay cost you or me?
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Hearing loss from recreational activities - i.e. listening to music, play in a band - is insidious. At sound levels from 85-100 dB, damage is being done without the person realizing it. In fact, he/she is enjoying it! There is no immediate sense of danger. It's just like certain other forms of recreation... People tend to believe if there's no *pain*, it must be OK. Unfortunately, that's not true here. The level has to get much, much higher than 85dB before most people sense actual pain. Also: Certain music can be problematic because even if you set it at a comfortable level, there are fast peaks of very high amplitude which we don't think of as loud, or didn't expect, but can really do damage.
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