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Mr. Pibb
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Actually DJ, I'm from Calgary and can say with a certainty that team promotion ranks last amongst fan concerns. As long he Jay Bouw gets it done on the ice is all that matters in Calgary. Help the team win and he'll be a God, period, mute or not.
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Man, you Panther fans were shanked badly on this one. Jay Bouw for the rights to Jordan Leopold, a player who clearly is now on the AHL borderline. The guy couldn't crack the top 6 D in Colorado last season, that's right, he couldn't play D on one of the absolute worst Western Conference teams last year, and was only brought into Calgary late season as an injury replacement when most of their D was on the shelf. In no way was he in the future plans of Calgary, or likely of any other NHL team... save the Panthers. Those of you looking to sign him are in for a big surprise should it occur.
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