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And this ignores the fact that the fans booed Scal when the C's were in the dumps and he was asked to do too much on the court and we all thought he made too much money. We only started to love him after he became "the human victory cigar". When he had to play 20 minutes a night, people hated him.
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they won't play this year but this is not the last year of the NBA, however it could be the last year of KG and West will be 32 next year. Moore is fine to trade, but JaJuan seems like he could be legit. I'd rather trade Avery than him. This isn't the same situation as Chris Paul, who still has a year left. West is unrestricted right now, either they get nothing or they get some expiring contracts to flip. I don't think we should have to include both rookies to appease Stern in this case.
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I'm not thrilled with the prospect of JaJuan being in the West trade
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Al Pacino's character is Cuban in Scarface
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I hate BABIP. It's useful after the year is over to explain why someone who never did well before suddenly had a good year (or the opposite, someone consistently good having a bad year) but I would never use it as an in-season tool to target pitchers. It's not a stat that can be controlled by anyone, pitcher or hitter. Even though there's a league average, there is nothing that says a particular player's BABIP has to trend to that average in a given year. For me, it is basically useless as an in-season stat. That's just me though, I know a lot of people like it.