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Excellent idea! I can't wait to see how well this works out! I've got a site and blog about the positive promotion of roleplaying games (including using RPGs for charity) - - and I'll make a post about this over there to help spread the word, and the idea!
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You know what's a really good roleplaying advocacy site with lots of resources for roleplaying with your kids? The Escapist - I dunno, it just seems like the sort of site that'd be cool to share with people who are doing that kind of thing, that's all...
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Will, speaking of RPGs, a little while back, I sent you an email with a link to my roleplaying advocacy site for you to check out. I think you'd really enjoy it - - Let me know what you think!
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2009 on Penny Arcade D&D 4E Podcast News at WWdN: In Exile
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