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>> "Matusz waiting" ------------------ Matusz is 5x better than Tillman and better than Bergeson... if he is "waiting" then someone needs to get fired.
Apparently Wade has been reading Angelos' book, "How to destroy a franchise." Continually sign below average veterans for above average prices on some "We can win now" pipe dream while completely neglecting the farm system. No Andy Pettite or Roger Clemens riding in on a white horse this time... down the toilet this franchise continues to go.
This can only be viewed as a move to entice the non-savvy Washington baseball fans to the ballpark with name recognition... 'cause Pudge is a waste of a roster spot these days who only cares about himself. If the Nats wanted a catcher they should have targeted the less sexy but more useful Gregg Zaun.
"will likely wait to see how the market takes shape as time progresses." ------- Yeah, how many times have Oriole fans heard this line? Be aggressive you might get an impact player... sit back and you'll get the Aubrey Huff's and Adam Eaton's of the world. Its gonna be a long 2010 in Birdland.
Its typical O's rhetoric and an insult to fans when the front office year after year "expresses interest" in players through the media, but has no intention of pursuing such "interests" with $$$ behind the scenes. I guarantee the O's won't make one credible offer to either of these guys. This act is predictable and old. They did it with Teixiera, they did it with Sano, they'll do it with these two. That's why the O's get ripped.
Delusional Christmas list time already? I have some interest in dating a Victoria Secret model.
This would appear to be a difficult decision, but with a little thought it can easily be solved with one question. "Which is projected to have a lower OBP next year?" And there's your man! P.S. Since when did the Central become "Super Weak?" 3 teams better than the Royals this year.. three teams that will be infinitely better than them next year.
------------------------------ "Rosenthal praises the Royals for extending GM Dayton Moore" ------------------------------ As if it was even needed, but further proof Rosenthal is an idiot.
Don't worry Royal fans... there is always 2015.
And... this is why the Royals are the Royals... yeah.. extend a GM who has no conception of the importance of OBP. Should be fired for the Betancourt acquisition alone. Although, after the trade lots of Royal's fans seemed real excited... so maybe Moore and Royal fans are a perfect match.
Classless move, but considering the Mutts are the recipient all I can do is laugh. LOL!
Their winning percentage had creeped above the .350 mark.. savvy move by the GM to get them back on track for the #1 overall pick.
Sheffield... classy till the end.
Baltimore and Tampa hooking up with another mysterious PTBNL.. what was the last one? A bucket of balls? Good move for Tampa... Orioles lose a very above average backup. Wieters set to play more?
>> "He can dial up 97-98" Correction, he *could* dial up to 97-98 (3 years ago). Ain't nothing left in that arm except 90-92's.
What an absolute clown... if I were the Oriole's I'd release him right here and now... speaking out when you've been s*cking *ss all year is a joke.
>> "[Sherrill] great work ethic" Work ethic when you allow yourself to get that fat in one offseason? Sherrill has been lights out after tweaking his delivery and will be a huge asset to the Dodgers... but not sure work ethic is his strong suit.
Guthrie is having a down year. Homeruns have really hurt him... but he can still hit 96 on the gun and at any given moment can go 7 shutout innings versus any team in the AL... O's just got to hope he rebounds in 2010... if not? Well he isn't costing anything anyways.
O's should steer well clear of Josh Fields... would be a waste of a good trade chip for a soon to be 27 year old "bleh."
>> "Who other than Jim Johnson could be in line for the closing role?" No one really... JJ has seniority in the bullpen as well as the best stuff... Baez is the only other choice and he s*cks.
"As much as I liked Alderson, he was underwhelming... in AA ball, his ERA was 3.44 or so, 76H in 74IP, only 14BB, but only 40Ks..." -------------------------- True... K's seem a little low for a non-groundball pitcher, but.... he is 20 years old at AA with incredible control... not the time to write him off... and if indeed his stock was that high why trade it for some Enron stock? Doesn't make much sense.
Have we officially found a team stupider than the Pirates? Thinking thinking... (Zito... Rowand)... Yep, we may have a winner! Pirates should deal with no one except the Giants from now on.
National's have a Championship caliber team and an elite farm system... they have just been unlucky (for their entire existence). Very smart not to trade any veterans with peak value. But, seriously? Why keep them? Aside from the few die-hards there aren't enough fans that will notice if their gone anyways. Restock the farm and pray.
What about the many teams pursuing Bedard... Oh that's right... (poor Mariners)
Ivan DeJesus... Would Dodger's consider a DeJesus for Sherill swap too much?