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Grand Fenwick! They almost conquered America. Close - but I believe she was from Luxembourg. Gran Fenwick is much much smaller than those other countries and nearly impossible to find on a map these days.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
I had never heard of Jordan Peterson until yesterday. I can see why he's become a lightning rod. Firm on principle and unwaveringly logical and calm. Doesn't really matter what the topic of discussion is - he cuts right to the inherent BS and and unreality of the left and the damage it does in society.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Enjoyable YouTube video. A rational intelligent white male against a left wing idiot. There is so much there beyond the topic under discussion. The lefty is not able to process a straight forward conversation and constantly gets the points wrong. The sad part is she represents a large part of what is now the sad state of academia and political thought. The most striking feature of her argument is that she is completely unable to separate his comments about what he sees as reality from his opinion of what he actually advocates.
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Fun and games coming to the Bay Area. Oakland just made another rule change that states that local police are forbidden from keeping public order at an ICE raid. The city of Oakland wants violence at the ICE raids. I hope it doesn't end up in violence, but you have to wonder what kind of govt official passes a rule like that. Those officials, of course, won't be anywhere near the action. Funny about that.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Firing Line 1981: A lot of numbers so lefties might not want to watch.
Well - you have to give some credit to NR for hosting that screed. Trump was the protestant rube that lowered the critical bar for the NR crowd. They detested him even as he elevated their beliefs in a way they had no balls to do so for themselves. I often wonder what Brother Bill would have said about Trump had he been here to see (and hear) for himself.
Well - I certainly identify as a New American! I'm new every day! Born again, you might say. Where are my my rights and my moolah? In the wake of MLK's birthday celebration you can't possibly deny me my rights! To your moolah. I might add.
"...a flat 50% for everyone." Is that after deducting the money sent south of the border? Will they collect the tax in the parking lot of Home Depot?
Had an interesting conversation with a fireman from L.A. He and his wife are going to buy a home near Boise and he will commute to work twice a month. He says the savings in his electric bill alone will pay the difference. (he's not kidding) He'll bail out of their home in SoCal and pay cash for a bigger home here in Idaho. Money, he claims, is not the big reason. Being a fireman, he sees much more of what's wrong in society than most people and what he sees in SoCal makes them want to raise their kids some where else. Not to mention he likes the freedom here. He's not alone by far. He personally knows 2 others that commute in the same way. One to an area south of Reno and the other lives just a couple of miles from where I live. I read a article 20 years ago about LA firemen commuting to St George, Utah in their own aircraft. Keep it up, California, keep it up. When is that free health care for anyone in the world coming to the golden state?
"What;s so good about that Gregory?" It means he is still President Trump and it's driving Paul nuts.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Yep - that was Finland. Norway is mostly on the other side of the peninsula. I had 'em flipped around. Still hard to understand why some one living in that area would think it impolite to not trust the Russians. The Russian bear is always licking its chops for more. Always.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
"For me it is just a way to mess with the Fed." And if the IRS continues their rules per usual, it isn't going to work. It certainly is not a charity, it's a scam. I don't like high taxes either - that's why I moved to Idaho. You stay in CA and you will end up paying increasingly higher taxes, fees, cost of living, etc.
"I am no fan of the Fed and don't want my taxes to go up. Do you?" Do you know for a fact that your over-all state, local and fed tax amount will be going up due to the new fed tax law? Not saying it will or won't but I've talked to people who are afraid it will and then I find out they don't even itemize their taxes. The news media and the Dems are having a field day screeching that the poor and middle class will have to pay more.
Archie - "The Fed is not letting people deduct their state income tax payment any longer" Not true - you will still be able to deduct up to 10,000 smackers.
ArchieBunker is missing something here. You can donate to any charity you want and that will reduce your Fed taxes if you itemize. It will not eliminate your CA state income taxes. You end up having to pay CA state income taxes no matter what. Either the way you normally do or by 'donating' the same exact amount to this new scam called a 'charity'. It's not voluntary, and it's not a charity by normal IRS rules. However, don't count out the IRS changing their rules. They are a law unto themselves and if you don't like it, they'll tell you to go pound sand.
re: the story on Norway's fence - Money quote from a person that is not happy with the fence: "The fence sends a very negative signal, including to Russia because it says that 'we don't trust you'." That would be the country that invaded and took a great deal of land from you, moron. I just love how we are supposed to put good manners above survival.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 14jan18 at Rebane's Ruminations
re: Nevada County Political Vents - note that there is also a 'Nevada County Political Vents UNCENSORED'. Its description is telling: "This group is for the people that are tired of being deleted or banned from the Original Nevada County Vents for having a different opinion than the dictator that runs it, or that have a sense of humor! " My, my, my - just who would that be?
Scenes - 8:30 - absolutely. I have been advocating for Kali to throw open the borders and give free health care to every one in the world. According to Paul Krugman it will pay for itself. Probably several times over. Think of all of the PHDs from all over the world flocking to the Golden State to mow lawns or brew coffee or whatever those PHDs do to enliven and enrichen our lives! Why not ban all carbon-spewing vehicles next year? They emit poison. C'mon Kali - you can do it!
"...people are starting to get fed up with the climate denial,..." Oh good sir - on the contrary. It was 43 today. Fahrenheit. Last year it was somewhere in the single digits. I declare now before God and all present that I will NEVER deny the climate! "...everything they say and do flies in the face of moral decency and rational intellectual capacity." Would that include African-Americans having a better economic standing under Trump than under Obama? And a record tax haul from the IRS? Hmmmm? Since when has the left had a concern about 'moral decency'? Were Bill and Hillary in charge? Or was it one of those lefty Hollywood couch rapists that fund the left and the Democrats?
"Her punchline is that “… the top 0.1 percent will now get a tax cut of $179,000." Yeah - the top .1 percent of earners will all get exactly 179K. Just maybe that's an average? With some getting perhaps a few hundred dollars and some getting a lot more? Does this woman have any concept how much income tax some Americans pay every year? I seriously doubt it. Why don't we multiply 179K times the number of folks getting this average reduction. What percentage of the total annual IRS tax haul would that be?
Scenes 7:24 - Yeah, I know. You wrestle with a pig and you just get as dirty as the pig and the pig likes it. It would be nice to have some leftys post here with cogent arguments about first principles concerning immigration. Which brings us back to Trump's question. The left doesn't want to answer the question because it would entail some soul searching about why we have immigration, what should be the criteria and what numbers of folks do we let in? George posted some good points to ponder, but the left just runs off with their hair on fire.
"So Scott is now resorting to personal attacks which is a sure sign his argument is out of gas. " Facts? Quotes? Well - I tried reason and proof. I did ask you, Paul to provide quotes to back up your personal attacks against me. Where are they? Oh - that's right - if you ask Paul for proof, he considers it a 'personal attack'. Trump asks why this country should be flooded with poor illiterate welfare cases, and the left just continues to cry 'racism'. I'm not sure we can have an intelligent conversation any more on the topic.
Yeah - Nigerians are in the news every day. What is the annual total of legal Nigerian immigration to this country? And why are they fleeing their non-SHC to come to a NAZI controlled white racist nation?
from Paul's link - "That education translates into higher household income. Nigerian-Americans, for instance, have a median household income well above the American average, and above the average of many white and Asian groups, such as those of Dutch or Korean descent." Uh - aren't Nigerians kinda - you know - 'dark'? I thought this country kept that kind down? And what was the cost in US dollars for the education of those Nigerians? Looks like Paul's narrative about white racist America and the cost of education and the reason for poor test scores for non-whites just ate the dust. And maybe Paul can 'splain why these educated Nigerians split their diverse, loving, hard working and multi-culti Nigeria to come to this NAZI white ruled country? And how many Nigerians legally immigrate here and how many Mexicans just sorta show up?
"First of all it will take years before they gain citizenship especially because they are dumb and stupid according to your analysis." Paul - I asked you to please provide evidence of what you accused me of. Nothing. Now you start a new line of accusations. Pretty pathetic. Paul Emery is the 'news director' of KVMR and he admits he doesn't even know what it is that Trump was asking when Trump made headlines around the world. Paul Emery can't even back up his own opinions. Really pathetic. Get some rest, Paul and try to stay off the dope. Paul is typical of the left. They cried out that the sky would fall if Trump was POTUS and now America and ALL of it's citizens are better off due to Trump's policies. Black Americans are better off under Trump than Obama and the left is shitting bricks. They can not let this continue. They will try to take down Trump any way they can. George - you are wasting your time asking the left to provide logical truth to back up their bull shit. Prime example - Paul Emery.