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"The Dems had no problem voting for Obama when he was opposed to same sex marriage. No wonder so many people voted for him the first go around." Yep - that's when Paul Emery voted for him. Proud of it, too. Then, when Obama showed his true colors, Paul wouldn't vote for him anymore. Paul's a little reluctant to talk about it now. Paul just can't explain it as he can't explain damn near anything he says. Hard to keep up with the polls and the bumper stickers on Spring Street when you have no intelligence or morals.
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Oh yeah - I almost forgot. Name the 'puppet masters' Bobby. You state they exist as a fact. So who are they?
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"and whether or not you recognize your strings are being pulled by the puppet masters who seek to divide our country for political control.. so far they have been pretty damn successful if Americans have more disdain for each other than Russians." So, Bobby - when Obama derided Romney for saying that Russia was a threat to America - where was your outrage against Obama? And remember Bobby's big time quote -"...if Americans have more disdain for each other..." Gee, wasn't it soooo long ago we had a POS POTUS that said - "They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations." Or maybe Bobby's gal Hillary - "You could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the ‘basket of deplorables.’ [laughter, cheers] They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it.” We can certainly look up many of Bobby's declaration's of disgust of those statements. Right, Bobby? C'mon, Bobby - tell me where I'm wrong. Americans deriding each other started with the Putin/Trump secret compact agreement. What a complete joke.
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Wall Street didn't like Stalin? Well - some of them did. There are crooked people in all forms of govt. In all countries and there always will be. Best to limit their access to public money by reducung the size and scope of govt. Get it, Bobby?
Crossed Up Bobby at 10:25 - Well, the title of the post was "The Liberal Mind Revealed..." I would have said 'left-wing-nut mind'. The classic 'liberal' is nothing like the left these days. I do applaud Bobby revealing just how ignorant and/or dishonest as well as fascistic the American left has become. I'm not name calling, just pointing out the obvious. "And I agree that capitalism has somewhat raised the global standard of living for many, while at he same time greatly rewarding a few." Somewhat? Somewhat? You either have absolutely no idea how the vast majority of people lived just 150, or even 100 years ago or you wouldn't say that with a straight face. As far as "...greatly rewarding a few." Not nearly as much as despots, dictators, kings, and other rulers enriched themselves with at the expense of the masses in older times. The rich these days either get their money with the total approval of the folks handing them the money (Ford, Gates, etal) or with the helpful assistance of the govt gun. Don't blame free market capitalism for that. " I, personally, just think the individualism that capitalism/nationalism champions will have to give way to a more globally oriented outlook to mitigate the potential chaos that looms on the horizon. Instead of competing with other nations/individuals the new model will have to be one of cooperation." Yeah - China is way ahead of you on that one. They take care of that 'chaos' PDQ. Their new 'dear-leader-for-life' has embarked on a new program of destruction and repression for those pesky Christians. And anyone who would cause any 'potential chaos'. The Chinese govt, is of course, 'globally oriented'. They are taking over vast areas of raw material and resources in Africa, Asia and South America. As far as 'co-operation' - well, I'm sure as long as you co-operate with them, they might let you live. I'm wondering why Bobby doesn't just go to China and start peddling his views to them instead of suffering here in the US with all of us free-market capitalist individualists? Bobby really get's it going with this line: "People of the first world will have to accept less so that others can have more in a world of increasing population and decreasing resources." Oh, really? How much less - and who will decide the amounts? Followed by: "After all, humans still slaughter each other with impunity over trivial issues such as differing political and/or religious beliefs and, of, course, wealth like the heathens of the past." You got that part right Skippy. As soon as some one comes around here and starts trying to enforce some kind of 'you'll need to accept less' kind of bull crap, I guarantee they'll be slaughtered with impunity. Because - it's trivial. Right?
"What if people from other cultures/nations feel the same way and don't want Americans promoting our hollow consumer/christian culture on them?" Bobby - how do you manage to not understand so much of the time? George isn't saying anything about trying to convince other countries anything. The 'promotion' is simply declaring our values and that we like them and will defend and yes, promote them. Promote meaning to argue for or advertise. No one else in the world has to do anything. You further confuse your self by reducing our 'culture and interests' to simply crass consumerism and whatever phoney Christians you might find. If that's all you truly believe American culture is, what the hell are you doing here? Other countries, by the way, have the right to, and in fact, do the same. But billions of people from other countries have (or would like to have) voted with their feet and they say you are wrong.
"I lost count of the paranoid pubber conspiracies drummed up to hijack the news cycle." Except that nothing I mentioned was 'drummed up' nor were they 'pubber conspiracies'. "...hijack the news cycle"? If it weren't for Limbaugh and Drudge, the MSN media wouldn't have even mentioned most of it. "Server had some info on it yes" Uh huh - like Al Capone maybe made a little cash on the side. Guess we'll never know how much since the FBI let Hillary clean it up to her taste. Did Manafort get to tell the investigators to go away for a while so he could 'straighten things up a bit'? A whole different set of investigative standards.
",,,George,,,what brand of kool aid are you drinking???" George, George - the narrative - it's the narrative. Trump is a racist, Trump colluded with the Russians... It's been talked about and analysed so much, it MUST be true! All we have to do is click our ruby shoes together 3 times and keep repeating the narrative. Over and over and over... Proof is for old white right-wing nuts.
"Kamala Harris' qualification is that she is a woman of color." Bob - in the lefty world, that's more than enough. As long as she can 'excite' the base and not make any mistakes, she'll do well. She's already Sen from CA - based on what? What did Obama ever do besides give a speech at a convention?
"There was never any evidence that was sufficient to link the Clintons to any of it..." Damn right - the Clintons made sure of that. Folks went to jail because they knew they had better not testify. And the clown that said he would got a little 'visit' and he suddenly remembered he couldn't remember anything. Ms Clinton claimed she didn't know anything even though she was officially listed as the lawyer to contact regarding the land deal. Her billing records? They just vanished in a mysterious puff of smoke and some were later found here and there, including the Clinton White House Library - just lying on a table and the Clintons just didn't have a single clue how any of that could have happened. The basic defense the Clintons used was - 'we's just as dumb as a bag of rocks, yer honor and we's don't knows nuttin'." And by the way - Bill's little 'affair' with Monica was illegal. Besides getting his cigars cleaned on the tax payers' dime, she was a subordinate civil service employee. He was convicted of perjury and had his law licence lifted. He remained in office and neither of them did one day in jail for lying. There was no 'fun' in any of it. The Clintons are the epitome of wealthy powerful people getting away with crimes that I would be in prison for. When were the Clintons ever 'investigated' in the manner of Trump and his associates? Did they roust Ms Clinton out of bed with drawn guns and seize her email server setup? Right. "Oh please, Ms Clinton - maybe if you would, could you just pretty please tidy up your server and then maybe pretty please could we have a peek?" Did they ransack her house for evidence? If there are crimes and folks are found guilty, then fine - but it's clear that Trump is subject to a whole different set of rules than the Clintons. That's the beef. There is not one shred of evidence of the 'crime' that the special counsel has been set up to investigate. At this point, it's just flailing around to get anyone on anything.
from Paul - " I have yet to sense a critical response from you so I assume you support NEW subsidies as long as they are proposed by a Republican administration." Gee, Paul - all sorts of bad stuff has gone on in the last 10 years, including child molestation, rape and many, many, other bad, bad things. Since I have yet to 'sense' a critical response from you, we can all assume you support this sort of thing. Right, Paul? Yes or no, Paul Yes or no, Paul ad infinitum. Maybe Paul can find a bumper sticker out on Spring Street to help him with a reply.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 8aug18 at Rebane's Ruminations
on to the new menace from Trump - from the Boston Globe: 'Pritchard said she hoped the editorials would make an impression on Americans. "I hope it would educate readers to realize that an attack on the First Amendment is unacceptable," she said. "We are a free and independent press, it is one of the most sacred principles enshrined in the Constitution".' Uh - what 'attack'? Was Pritchard visited by the Stasi? Is she able to attack Trump whenever and however she feels fit? Of course she is. Has the govt threatened her or her newspaper? No, of course not. So, who has been muzzled from the popular internet outlets? Anyone on the left? Nope. All on the right. I would suggest Ms Pritchard go to China and pull this childish shit. Then she'll find out about her 1st A rights being abridged. Another whiny cry-baby on the left that believes she has the right to write anything she wants and if some one criticises it - waaaaah!
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 8aug18 at Rebane's Ruminations
"The Whitewater investigation began after Vince Foster’s death in 1993 and continued until 1998." Yeah - and it's odd we never got to hear Ms Clinton's testimony before the grand jury. We do know that Hillary lied through her teeth about her role in the whole thing. Her billing records conveniently disappeared and then some turned up in Foster's attic and some turned up in a car in the junk yard and some just magically turned up sitting on a table in the White House library. Most refused to testify and one that was willing got a visit from the Clintons' thugs in jail and then suddenly claimed he couldn't remember anything. People turned up sorta dead. Whitewater involved an actual crime that no one disputed. People were cheated out of their money. This whole deal about Trump winning the election due to Trump collusion with Russia is a fabricated bunch of BS by the Dems because they can't stomach the fact that Trump won. There is still no evidence that Trump won because of anything the Russians did.
Paul at 4:36 - Oh yeah, Paul. Who we vote for has nothing whatsoever to do with any legislation that gets signed into law. Got it. And this is KVMR's 'news guy'?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sandbox - 8aug18 at Rebane's Ruminations
I'm going to have to disagree with the notion that voters coming online will be less intelligent voters due to more and more of them not having to have college or university educations. Rolling out of high school into the working world or military and then the career will be just fine as much as it ever has been. They are, first of all - earning a living and paying taxes. A 22 or 23 year old coming out of a university with little or no actual world experience these days is usually way behind some one who has spent 3 years in the military and is now producing value in the free market as far as understanding how to vote. Yes - there was a time when a proper education from an accredited 4 year school was good indicator of a well rounded and learned person. No longer. Much has been written lately about Sarah Jeong. Let me tell you the racists tweets are nothing compared to the twisted shit she believes. She has repudiated (somewhat) the tweets but stands by the most asinine set of beliefs imaginable. A graduate of UC Berkeley and Harvard Law School, she now sits on the editorial board of the most prestigious (cough, cough) newspaper in this nation. Also run by graduates of the most prestigious schools in the country. She is a complete loon. As one example, she believes that "...we learned that due process is what we get in lieu of justice." Yeah, let's get rid of that 'due process' BS! We wants what we wants! Sound like a reasonable, educated voter to you? It gets worse - way worse. Columbia U is one of the premier universities in the country. I know lots of folks that never went to college that are better educated than these idiots. Look - a good, well rounded 4 year degree is great if you have a plan, don't go into stupid debt and find (somehow) a good college or university as far as being an educated voter is concerned. But the idea that a lack of a college degree these days means that you probably won't be voting intelligently is just nonsense. Most of what you need to know about govt and how to vote you should have been taught by the time you graduated from high school. I learned more about the Constitution in the 8th grade than anything Obama ever learned. A good voter is engaged, well read and applies common sense to the issues. Dirt poor totally uneducated farmers in the 1800s knew more about how to run a govt than most of the people actually running the govt these days.
And if a candidate promises to continue federal money to KVMR is Paul going to recuse his bad self from voting for that candidate? Maybe all poor folk should recuse themselves from voting for any Dem or Socialists candidate promising free goodies for them. Right Paul? And as a tax paying citizen should I recuse myself from voting for some one who promises to lower my tax bill? And as a Constitutionalist, should I recuse myself from voting for a candidate promising to hold the govt accountable for upholding the Constitution? We can play this stupid game all day long. In my view, of course.
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Maybe Paul can comment on this article. He was soooo concerned about separating families. Or maybe Paul digs that kind of scene. ICE has no way to verify the veracity of what some law-breaker accompanying a child or children says. That's just one of the reasons they separate the children from the adult(s). Perhaps Paul can consider the viewpoint of a child being sexually molested. If Paul can even consider any viewpoint different from his.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2018 on Sandbox - 3aug18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Bill at 6:44 - This quote - "saw the attack on the Asian small framed female reporter when she tried to interview members of the Occupy LA or SF when they were huddled together on the street. She was pushed, spat on, called the c word, ho, Chink, Slant Eyed bitch, and had her microphone ripped from her hand had to escape fearing for her life." It just occurred to me that Acosta didn't think that it didn't 'feel like America' when that happened. Only when some one disses the fabulous Acosta does it make Acosta think something is wrong in our country.
100 to 1, 20 to 1, 5 to one, 1000 to 1 - The lopsidedness is what's key. Here's the important part - "He is totally blind to the literally hundreds of incitements from the political left and leftwing public confrontations..." The left refuses to acknowledge facts that do not inform their 'narrative' of the world. Proven. Ask a lefty what actually happened at Benghazi or Charlottesville or what happened to Travon Martin. And yes, I have my biases but I try to keep up with reality no matter how it plays for or against my opinions. History and reality are in flux constantly as information comes to light. Sometimes it takes months or decades to find out important facts about events. Sometimes the nightly news has it correct and sometimes they are just tools for some one in power. But an open mind and a nose for what makes sense works pretty well. You can make fun of us 'old' guys, but we remember a lot of history and what actually happened when some of the youngins' were in diapers. And - as always - Occam's razor comes in mighty handy.
scenes 6:48 - The smashed car windows were the natural result of honest, hard working 'murican citizens taking their Constitutional Rights to heart in the face of ultra, ultra, far, far, far, far righty-rightists threatening them with being present in the same city and THINKING bad, right-wing-nut thoughts! The fact that the city left the cars out in the open serves the tax payers right for leaving such tasty, tantalizing objects of bourgeois capitalistic excess out in plain view of the brutalized down-trodden starving people of Berkeley.
No, no, Bill - anything to the right of Mother Jones or DK is highly suspect! Even NPR is gettin' a little over towards the 'middle'! You have to post from ultra, far, far, far left web sites or anything is just to be ignored by our leftista amigos on the 'other side'. Of course, since I posted something from KQED that impugned the left, now KQED is highly suspect. Maybe the Koch Bros have infiltrated that formally staid old ship of the left and now the Trumpists have taken over! OK, SARC/off
"When it takes more energy to produce ethanol than (the energy) ethanol can produce, it is a loser." The sad part is that fact was recognised decades ago. Why do you think the tractors used to cultivate the corn burn diesel? They want to reduce the value of the so-called 'gasoline' for cars to where folks just give up and buy an electric car. Alcohol is crap as a fuel. Fine for vintage (20s and 30s) racing vehicles and wonderful for virtue-signalling NASCAR where cost and MPG have no value, but disaster for the motoring public.
Bill at 3:17 - Sorry, you linked to the wrong web site. (known NAZI and KKK web site, I'm pretty sure) So the event never happened. All fake news. Didn't vote for them. Nobody cares. I, however found this on the KQED web site - so you leftista better pay attention. Headline: "Berkeley Tallies Cost for Latest Right-Wing Protest and Counterprotest". In the actual story we learn: "In the end, only about a dozen right-wing activists showed up." They were peaceful and caused no injuries or damage. The left? Well. "20 people taken into custody, mostly on charges of possession of banned weapons -- the city published a long list of what it wouldn't allow people to carry into the area around the planned protest gatherings. Other charges included "working with others to commit a crime," vandalism and battery. Police said "an extremist element" in the counterprotest was responsible for damaging 21 city vehicles in a public parking lot on Berkeley Way. The vehicles were described as "smashed," with tires slashed. One vehicle in the lot, immediately across the street from a fire station, was set on fire, police said." Darrell B. and Crossed-up Bobby have some 'splainin' to do. And an apology. But George and I aren't holding our breath.
Black Lives Matter celebrates Obama's birthday in Chi-Town! 63 shot, 10 dead.;-at-least-30-shot-in-chicago-sunday/3886976/ Must be all those 3-D printed guns, huh?
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Then there's the big riot in Portland. No - wait, actually the police did their job and it was just the left, per usual, that caused harm. And yes - a newsman was injured - by the left. Berkheimer and Cross can apologize now.