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More on the topic from Jim Goad He brings up some interesting points about how certain kinds of data are excluded as being a little too hot to deal with. If our inquiries into a field of knowledge are constrained by taboos and no-go areas, how can we trust the findings?
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Tozer at 7:46 - It cracks me up when when folks talk about Trump 'starting' a trade war with China. Trump is simply starting to fire back at a country that has been at war with us for decades. Tricky Dicky thought that 'free' trade with China would bring them around to our way of thinking re govt and society. It simply gave China entre' to our mass markets and our corrupt politicians. Remember Wen Ho Lee? Clinton got Chinese money and Lee walked. The Chinese abuse their own citizens far worse than what the lefties accuse the Trump admin of doing to illegals. But the lefties love the Chi-Coms. They're GREEN, because they promised at the Paris Climate Talks to increase their carbon footprint. Go figure.
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You poor Californians. Your next governor - Gavin Newsom. from the Sac Bee - "Newsom, who confronted the issue (homelessness) over his two terms as mayor of San Francisco, has during the course of his campaign outlined a list of ideas that calls for new state grants for cities and counties to both build and acquire permanent housing for homeless people." Of course, during those 2 terms the problem increased, but hey, he 'confronted' the issue. You guys are screwed.
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I'll take a stab at this issue. My wife and I are right smack dab in the middle of the baby boom gen. Our first was born in 1975. The boomers were the first gen to be raised on TV viewing. But our parents were not. I spent quite a few hours in front of the tube, but that time was heavily regulated by my parents and time spent reading books out paced the tube time. We had newspapers and magazines at our house as well as a lot of different kinds of books. We raised our kids the same way. Needless to say - the local library was known to us as kids as well as our kids. Reading is quite a different activity inside the brain from watching TV. Even listening to radio dramas or comedies plays out differently in the brain than watching TV. This has been heavily documented and commented on for decades. The boomers were very comfortable with TV and the various studies showing the number of hours watched in the 'average' home by the '70s was staggering. I'm sure there is a connection with this type of life style in regards to this topic. Charles Murray has also looked at this topic in his book 'The Bell Curve' and 'Coming Apart'. There are many other books on this topic and more come out on a regular basis. I'm also thinking about how much of life these days can be navigated with very little fore-thought, effort or attention to detail. As an example - not that long ago small injuries could mean certain death or debilitating life long incapacitation. Up until the 1920s there was very little slack time for teenagers. Often times, a 12 or 13 year old entered into the world of adulthood. Girls were married and became mothers. Boys went to work on the farm or factory or shop with long hours and hard toil. Out-thinking the fellow workers was the fast track to self employment or advancement. The person with good social skills and a clever mind would advance quickly for the most part. The pay off for smarts was far more obvious and clear than it often is now. And of course there is the onslaught of lowered expectations for certain 'groups' by the left who control the education system in this country. When you lower the bar - don't be surprised if more students than ever fail to clear it. Ignore Pea-brain. He has no information to bring to the table other than name-calling.
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Glad to see they've finally made some headway in their Trump/Russia investigation. A former Playboy 'model' and some guy named Pecker. Why do I even bother to worry about our national security lapses with the Obama admin? This obviously is far more important.
Toggle Commented 10 hours ago on Sandbox - 17jun18 at Rebane's Ruminations
"World to End Tomorrow; Women and Minorities Most Affected" A future NYTs headline per Mort Sahl. The AGW scam works too darn well for the collectivists to give it up now. There are AGW nabobs on record as openly admitting they don't even care about the science beyond it being useful for their real goal of getting rid of capitalism. There are thousands of teachers out there actively brain-washing students year after year that it is real and needs to be stopped by methods that always just happen to line up perfectly with the same sorts of nostrums advocated by the commies and lefties for decades. The ruling elites in their dachas are, per usual, immune to the laws and rules we proles must be made to follow. Anything calling itself science that can teach that CO2 is a 'pollutant' should have been laughed out of the real science community long ago. I notice that it hasn't happened.
jon smith at 5:36 - There's a lot more to that story about HD than lies from the union. HD has been trying to expand their brand into a bigger world market for some time now. The old basic air cooled V twin design that Harley owners love is struggling with the realities of ever more stringent air and noise regs. Also the bulk and cost of the bigger bikes just doesn't work in Asia where the growing market for consumer products is drawing in a lot of manufacturers. Sales are down in the US and HD has to face reality and shrink production. HD has been buying sub assemblies such as front suspensions from Japanese companies for decades. Their newest line of smaller water cooled bikes are sourced from India (number 2 in motorcycle production behind China). Right now HD doesn't have a very bright future. They are going to have to make a lot of changes in their product line and where they produce their products if they are to stay in business at all. The unions are hardly a reliable source of information about this topic.
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"Despite a fresh warning from the Internal Revenue Service, a key committee in the California Legislature on Friday unanimously advanced legislation designed to shield wealthy residents from the effects of the federal tax overhaul enacted by Congress in December." This is what happens when the Dems run the show. Who do they legislate for? The wealthy! Who do they try to destroy with high gasoline prices and taxes? The poor! Don't forget to add 20K to the price of your new home! That will surely help the poor working class. But we must pass new laws to aid the wealthy. Gee - I could have sworn the Dems claimed that the Trump tax law helped the wealthy. Now the Dems in Cali are trying to reduce the increase in fed taxes on the wealthy. I realize we shouldn't discuss this until Paul Emery gives us the go-ahead, but dang - I'm kinda confused by Trump giving tax breaks to the wealthy but the Dems in Cali want to help the wealthy by protecting them from the tax breaks that Trump gave them? Maybe one of them smarty pants lefties can chime in here.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2018 on Sandbox - 30may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
from Paul Emery - "Patti Davis story was just a jab Gregory. It stands as it is. the daughter of Ronald Reagan believes her dad would be disgusted with Donald Trump. that she believes that is a fact. Nothing to argue about or discuss." Folks - here's a class A asshat. He admits he's just being a troll. And then declares we are not to even to 'discuss' the issue. What do you think about some one with that sort of attitude allowed to be on the public airwaves of America? We'll discuss whatever we like, Paul - and just what are you going to do to back up your demand? Cry? Run to your safe space? Stomp your feet and hold your breath? We're waiting to hear from you, Paul.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2018 on Sandbox - 30may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul Emery at 9:14 - Rs are at rock bottom. That's your worst nightmare, bro. Your hommies are in charge. How's that workin' for ya bro? Biggest number of homeless - largest GINI index spread - largest amount of poverty in the nation. Yippee! You win, bro! Care to respond, Paul?
Toggle Commented Jun 1, 2018 on Sandbox - 30may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
M - Whitewater was real. innocent people lost money on that scam. Hillary lied through her teeth about her involvement and the records she claimed she threw away were found in the trunk of a car towed for an unpaid repair bill, in Vince Foster's attic and some just magically showed up lying on a table in a secure area inside the White House. Of course you won't read the story since it's from a right wing 'unreliable ' source. By some kind of strange machinations, we were never allowed to see any of the transcripts of her testimony in front of a grand jury. There was no Birther witch hunt. Maybe M can name the special prosecutor assigned to investigate Obama's birth certificate? He is good at making things up.
"When wages in Cali and elsewhere are 4X what the rent is people won't be '''poor'''. Got to hand it to the lefties. It's so freaking obvious. When some one flipping burgers makes 50 bucks an hour, the sun will shine on us all. Of course, the price of a Happy Meal might have to be adjusted upwards just a smidge. And when M says 'people' won't be poor - that means the few that still have jobs. The other 60 or 70 per cent will be very poor. Not sure why it has to be Cali and elsewhere. Why not just Cali? $50 an hour min wage would bring in the smartest dang burger flippers you ever seen. And since it's such a great idea and would work so well the whole rest of the nation would soon fall in line. Right?
Gregory at 3:05 - yes it was in regards to the folks George named. I suppose I should have said 'no one here'. But the lefty loons got set off and they will swear on their honor that they personally know quite a few war mongers that they can't seem to remember the name of that try to make us afraid of wonderful lovable cuddly folks like Putin who just offed the latest reporter who couldn't follow the rules. But The Lil Fat Guy and Putin, etal aren't the problem. Trump is LITERALLY Hitler and he says bad things about reporters that lie and that's obviously way worse than actually murdering a reporter. Actually the only folks I fear are the Americans that can't handle the responsibility of living in a free nation and want to just throw away hard fought and hard gained freedoms just so it will piss off people they don't like.
Toggle Commented May 31, 2018 on Sandbox - 30may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Boardman - 1:03 "...who are itching to go to war with Iran or North Korea..." No one is itching to go to war. The best way to avoid that is to let the enemy think we are itching for a war. If Truman had told Russia and China we would make parking lots out of their countries if they sent one soldier into Korea, we could have saved thousands of lives and probably avoided a lot of bloodshed later in Vietnam. Instead, he fretted what his 'image' would be if he did that and doomed so many American soldiers to death and torture at the hands of the commies. If Russia and China thought that Truman was 'itching' for all out war, they would have never continued their involvement in Korea. Threatening war and wanting war are two different things. Didn't you ever threaten to discipline your kids with corporal punishment? Did that mean you wanted to hurt them?
Toggle Commented May 30, 2018 on Sandbox - 30may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
from jonnie smith - "Fuck that." Whatever turns you on, jonnie boy. Your analogy is completely wrong. Fire arms are designed to do one thing perfectly. Fire the cartridge or shell and send the projectile off accurately. Vehicles are designed to carry passengers safely to their destination. Modern technology has enhanced both of those differing mechanical contraptions with a great deal of success. If a fire arm is designed to project lethal fire power and that design is improved on, it would stand to reason that it would become even more lethal for it's intended means. A motorized vehicle would become potentially safer due to enhanced safety features. I do believe jonnie boy's sexual attraction to fire arms has rendered his brain to be some what impaired. Modern fire arms are vastly more safe than modern vehicles no matter how you cook the numbers. If you want safety ubber alles, then I would suggest getting rid of motor vehicles. Or ladders. Or knives. Something like that.
"It’s an abomination.” Turns out it's an Obama-nation. The left has no guilt nor shame nor embarrassment. They are wrong all day long but will always just change the subject. Trump is 'literally Hitler' for the same things Obama was elected for. And the lefties just run away.
"Trump has a huge rally in Nashville tonight." This is what the lefties see - They are un-hinged. Logic and reason is not possible with hate filled humans. See!!!?? Trump is just exactly like Hitler!!!! Remember the Juden in the '30s forcing themselves on Germany? Sure - you remember. And the German cities spending tax payer money to shelter the Juden and suing Hitler? Sure - you remember! And during the war, the Juden sneaking into Germany and waving the Star of David flag during the protests? Sure - you remember! I'm not sure there can be any sort of 'conversation' with people that fabricate history to suit their personal hatreds. I'm waiting for the lefties to defend this outrageous cartoon. How can history regret itself if history becomes a chimera that evolves to be anything sick people make it?
Gregory - "Sorry, Steven, but were Trump wanting to turn the US into a 4th Reich, he wouldn't be courting voters who want to keep their guns... that isn't Hitlerian. Or Maoist. Or Stalinist. They all went the other way." The Trump haters are comparing Trump to Hitler simply because Hitler is the biggest boogey-man the left can conjure up. There is actually no similarity between the two. Well - they probably did (and do) both use flush toilets. So - there's that. Oh! And they don't like either one of them. Of course I didn't like Obama or Hitler but I don't remember likening the two of them. Hitler would have run circles around Obama. Obama would have been bowing before Hitler and Hitler would have been dreaming of the countries he can now take over without firing a shot. "Peace In Our Time!" Wave the piece of paper for the cameras Obama, as you get off the airplane. Big smile!
The burning hatred against Trump is getting completely out of hand. There is no 'new' rule about standing for the anthem in the NFL. It's been on the books for quite a while. There is no 1st A issue. A player is free to protest peacefully any way he wishes. The govt will not and has not taken any action against a single player that has protested. That is a fact. But the players are paid entertainers and they work for the team owners. And the owners have every right to demand the players that are present on the field in view of the paying fans and the TV audience stand for the anthem. That has nothing to do with 'forced' patriotism. It has to do with fans exercising their right to not buy any more tickets and the TV audience turning the set off. If you don't like the power that money has over the players then I suggest you go suck eggs. Trump didn't invent or start that and the players can go work at Micky Ds or whatever if they are tired of the very generous salaries they are paid. Most of what the players are protesting is bogus anyway. Wah! Such a racist country that pays me millions to run around on a field on Sunday and I have to live in a house bigger than that of almost anyone else on the entire planet. A bunch of ungrateful over-paid babies if you ask me. I'm far more impressed with the pro athletes that spend their own time and money (instead of their boss's) aiding the folks that need help in this country and elsewhere. So listen up, lefties: You have the right to free speech. But we don't have to listen or care and you have no right to make anyone else pay for your speech. Got it?
jonnie boy at 8;32 - Who are you talking to? You asserted certain facts at 4:12 that I asked you to provide evidence or proof thereof. You don't seem to be able to back up your statements. Moreover you continue your tirade: "Get over it and move if you hate us libs and California so much." First of all - you're not 'liberal' in any sense of the word. And we don't hate you, we feel sorry for you. None of us hate California, we are just sad to see it sink down into a dystopian mess. What happened to that belief system of yours? It seemed so important a while ago, now you don't have it handy.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2018 on Sandbox - 26may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Gregory - hush! Bobby is going to let us in on his 'belief system'. I'm getting the popcorn out. This will be better than that new Star Wars movie.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2018 on Sandbox - 26may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
scenes at 6:52 - A left wing belief system is like a sub-atomic particle. If you identify it, it then changes and you can't tell where it's going.
Toggle Commented May 29, 2018 on Sandbox - 26may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
scenes at 6:29 - "It's basically a slow motion movement to a larger version of Brazil." Which one? or Or maybe both?
Toggle Commented May 29, 2018 on Sandbox - 26may18 at Rebane's Ruminations
jonnie boy at 4:12 - where did that 'quote' come from? It's become obvious that you don't even understand what GR was talking about at 11:04. Then jonnie really runs off the rails - "You obviously hate the vast majority of Californians and our belief system." Really? Proof? And please, please, please jonnie boy - let us in on that 'belief system' you're talking about.
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