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Boardman is continuing his ignorant tirade against the 2nd A. We could invite him to post here about his latest outburst and he could provide details, facts and reason to bolster his opinion piece published by the Union, but we know that's not going to happen. The whole gun-grabbing movement will go forward unabated, with its sails billowing full of hysteria, emotion and misinformation.
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J smith 6:29 - "God is not benevolent if his teachings incite the violence..." There is no Christian teaching that incites violence. There are hypocrites and phonies all the way up to the pope man and and all the way down to the local Bible-thumping loud mouth that beds half the women in the congregation. They are not Christian teaching. Please read the Bible and try to find where Christ told his followers to act violently towards others. I'm sorry you had to grow up around folks that didn't, couldn't or wouldn't follow the teachings of Christ. Please try to put the blame where it belongs. That may involve folks very close to you, but it doesn't lay any fault with Christ or his teachings.
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re Russ's post - The lefties might want to note that the states with largest disparity in wealth are run by the Dems. California is probably the worst. During the 30s while the nation was mired in depression there were more millionaires created than in the roaring twenties. Lucky Strike Extra - after what violent revolution were the people materially better off than before? France? Russia? Venezuela? Cuba? There's only one. I have pointed this out before, but it bears repeating - The average Joe (or Jodette) doesn't care how wealthy anyone else is as long as they feel they are doing all right and have a decent shot at bettering themselves. As the world wide economy continues to move wealth and jobs to the most efficient places and AI continues to displace old job skills, there will be more and more hopeless cases wondering what the heck just happened. The politicians will lie to them and point to anyone they don't like who has money. "They have your money - let's get em'!" As it happens always - the upper middle class, not the wealthy, will be destroyed. And the proles won't get a dime. That's called history, folks. Learn from it or repeat it.
I sorta', kinda' thought that folks that managed pensions had a fiduciary duty to safe guard the funds and obtain the best return for the fund with prudent investments. Not in California. CalPERS management has already cost the fund billions by not investing in legal, but politically naughty businesses. Anywhere else this would be an open and shut class action lawsuit slam dunk. Where is the vaunted union SEIU concerning this mess? Looking out for the employees? NOT! "Say - look here. We need to be virtue signalling with your pension. You don't mind, do you?"
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Sandbox - 15nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
New religion? Not ME, but ME+sumpin' I made. Have fun.
"The right wing has pushed their agenda so far off the scale that any socialist bullshit solution looks good in comparison." You mean like simply agreeing with most of what Obama promised when he ran for pres? Funny - I don't remember anyone claiming Obama was far right.
Steven Frisch at 7:49 -"Seriously you guys blame collective bargaining?" At this point I blame Frisch's inability to comprehend written English.
+1 Gregory at 10:29 - forced unionisation of the Cal state workers was nothing more than a legalized pipeline of tax dollars direct to the Democrats. As well as tax payer funded organizing and voter indoctrination of thousands of state workers to vote Dem. SEIU is nothing more than organised crime.
"...when California Republicans will be forced to defend Trumps rip off tax reforms for Californians" Dems raise taxes on the poorest to pay for union cronyism = a message that 'resonates' with the California voters. Reps raise taxes on higher wage earners to equalize the fed tax burden = a tax rip off. Since Paul gets his talking points straight from Dem party HQ, why doesn't he just join the party?
Emery, Ah-nold was a big part of the what's been going wrong in California. He flamed out? Really? Obviously recent political history has gone missing in your brain. He didn't just sign the AB32 - he hyped it and the left has glommed onto AB32 as a life saver and as a religion in California. He's still yapping about global warming. If he flamed out, it was because he decided he would rather be adored by the left than be honorable. The stupid fool hasn't learned what so many other Rs in California haven't learned either. They can say and do everything the Dems want, but the Dems will always hate them because they aren't Dems. I'm a 4th gen born Californian and that state is committing suicide. Even some Dems are waving warning flags about what the state is doing. Business as usual? Well - if you only count the last 20 years, that might be so. But looking back at California history over all, the state has gone off the left wing deep end big time. And there's no return.
Oh - we'll always have some kind of capitalism for sure. Even the ChiComs and Viet Nam realize that someone has to actually produce wealth for the dear leaders to 'redistribute'. But it won't be free market capitalism. And, as it is with all left wing govts - there will be plenty of wealthy and well connected, a much, much poorer middle class and lots of very poor to sweep the streets. The socialists of the 1930s in the US would be absolutely appalled at the attitudes of the American left today. We no longer have the army of workers willing to take on hard labor and harsh conditions that built dams and bridges and other infrastructure. The amount of Americans that believe they are owed stuff from society just because they exist is large and growing. It's probably past the tipping point as it is. It's only a matter of time before the voting masses that expect free stuff overwhelm what's left of the producers of value in this country. Remember - it always works great until you run out of other people's money.
The saddest thing is that a supposedly intelligent person such as S Frisch picks out one little factoid about one state's legislature in the 30s and claims this disproves volumes of poll data, political leanings and actual enacted laws nation-wide. Now we have the mayor of NYC coming out against private property rights. Trump is just a blip on the passing scene - our nation is going steadily left. Our govt so-called educators are seeing to that. Keep 'em ignorant and helpless and they'll beg for more govt control every time.
I still want to hear more about how we are going to be paid to use electricity. Can I just buy a truck load of nickel-chrome wire and make a 200 amp circuit and heat my back yard while getting a check from Idaho Power every month? Bueller? Anyone?
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 11nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
Russ at 1:06 - that prof wouldn't last one hour in a Calif Univ or College. Sad. The kiddies these days are glad to use modern electronic toys and gizmos as a matter of a kind of human right. Yet they utterly reject the basic truths and logic that have enabled such scientific wizardry.
Another green weenie bit of nonsense. The Tesla promoters are always happy to point out how fast the electric car is and how quickly it can accelerate. Proof that electric cars are better than IC cars. Well. Dodge is now sending cars to their dealers that are much cheaper than the Tesla and can out-accelerate the Tesla. So - is this then a good thing? No - in fact, some are calling for it to be banned because of the same attributes that make the Tesla 'great'. Double standards? Of course. Electric car fast=good IC car fast=bad.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2017 on Sandbox - 11nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
I asked Frisch twice why we need to financially prop up renewable 'green' energy if it's cheaper than the current alternatives. He won't answer. This is why the leftist green weenies have no credibility. The correct answer is that millionaires and billionaires need your tax money handed to them to help make them even richer. And Frisch - Trump has never 'pledged' to subsidize coal.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2017 on Sandbox - 11nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
"...and at certain times of the day we are actually paying people to take power because we have too much." And since the production of that electricity is not all solar or other renewable, it means some one is pissing money down the hole to produce electricity we don't need. Yeah - that sounds real economical. That's called waste. As in commie countries where food rots in the box cars. Let's look at the whole picture of needed electricity 24 hrs a day all year. C'mon, Frisch - why are we propping up something you claim is more economical? A free market rewards the best deal for everyone. Not just a handful of the wealthy and power-connected. That's crony capitalism or just plain fascism. Solar has come a long way - it will grow stronger with a free market. Electric cars will gain more acceptance once people see them as a free choice, not something rammed down their throats.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2017 on Sandbox - 11nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
Frisch at 4:14 - "Frankly our biggest problem is going to be that we have so much that we have to pay people to take it during the day." Yeah - I remember that line about nuke power plants. Question - If renewables are so cheap - why are we subsidizing them so heavily? First we got hooked on foreign oil and now the left wants us hooked on Chinese made panels. Ever check out the mining that goes on to support the current electric battery market? Ever check out the extraction, processing, manufacturing, handling in use and disposal of the various minerals and elements needed for electric cars? That stuff they're pulling out of the ground ain't renewable, pal. And remember - it will need to be ramped up a million times over to make the greenies dreams come true. Clean energy from renewables just means left wing greenies won't ever have to see the pollution in their own town. The poorest people in the world will. Oh well.
Toggle Commented Nov 12, 2017 on Sandbox - 11nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
"So Todd because I support gay rights..." Why is it that gays have special rights? Why not just support human rights?
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on Sandbox - 5nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
Gregory at 3:57 - I wouldn't bother. In the first place saving 'our democracy' won't do much good as we are a republic, but it gets way worse. How about banning private education? I'd love for a follow up on how that is accomplished. Basically, it shows that all the good progressives are nothing more than idiots begging for a fascist state to come and save them. All the more reason for the 2ndA. At least zombies are honest about what they're after. Leftists lie as a matter of principle.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on Sandbox - 5nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
fish at 1:47 - Triple shifts at ArmaLite and probably another assembly line opening up soon! I wonder what other attachments are being banned? Flashlights?
Toggle Commented Nov 9, 2017 on Sandbox - 5nov17 at Rebane's Ruminations
Chainsaw bayonet? Aren't chainsaws illegal? I'll bet he used that red dot sight quite a lot since he was shooting people at point blank range. And a flashlight!!! Gasp. Can't we ban them?
"Over on Mr Rebane’s page they are doing somersaults trying to paint the NRA as a pro gun safety lobby." Somersaults? Just stating the facts. The NRA has for decades trained millions of people in the safe use and handling of fire arms. And they have always been an effective lobbying force to help uphold our Constitutional rights. You'll notice the author provides no evidence to the contrary, but of course since it comes from a leftist it all boils down to how he 'feels'. And a big shout out to Loony Lieu for showing how he feels about whites being murdered in a church. During a moment of silence for the victims, he walks out. Can you imagine if a Rep did that during a moment of silence for black victims? Lieu thinks it should be all about him and his plan to ban 'assault rifles'. No details, of course. Just make sure the spotlight is on him.
The quote from R Tracinski is not a totally accurate picture of what adherents to socialism or communism believe. I do think most collectivists honestly believe that there is a governmental/social model somewhere out there that will allow a fair and just society for all. The main division point between those folks and promoters of free market capitalism is what they believe about human nature. That we are basically good and criminal activity only comes from good people deprived of their 'rights' to stuff. History and science show otherwise. Greed and lusting for power emerge from humans no matter what their station in life or type of economic system they operate under. Small, cohesive social groups can work in a cooperative manner so long as their goals in life and their values are tightly bound. But the binding must come from within and not from any sort of top down dictate. Longing for a communism that 'works' is an understandable goal for those who feel overwhelmed by the necessities of working and striving in this world. They long for the garden of Eden they feel they are owed. And of course there are the few that advocate a collectivist govt as they know perfectly well where it will lead and they desire that kind of power over others.