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I'm always amused of the various proscriptions of our social betters. You know the type. They come to us armed with a newly obtained scrap of paper from some 'prestigious' university. They usually haven't had to earn a dime in their entire life and couldn't fix a flat tire on a bicycle. One of their on-going harangues is the insistence on stack and pack housing for the masses. A suburban home with a yard is so un-green and a waste of space! Further, they insist the proles really, really want to live in a concrete box 4 stories up. If you spend the time to see how these good self-appointed overseers live, you might be startled to see them owning as much - if not more - real estate than the average suburban American. As far as I'm concerned, a condo in the sky is just an elaborate jail cell. Any time some one starts talking about 'needed' housing - just ask if they are putting up their own money. And just their own money. That will answer the question.
It's getting pretty bad when Algore has to bitch about his personal transport. Gore's jet Gulf Stream seems to be causing him problems but that doesn't seem to stop him. We have an 'emergency'!!!! And we're running out of time!!!! Water is rushing up into Manhattan!!! Cities are under water!!!! Al might have to buy even more homes on the coast to prove his point. Genius. Scare prospective sellers into believing their shore front house will be flooded tomorrow and then buy it cheap and then flip it for millions. Quite a scientist that Algore.
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"...I would think that the simplest way to provide it in a hurry is simply to more easily allow trailer park zoning." scenes!!! Dude - don't you know that causes more tornadoes? OK - snark off - but really - trailer parks??? In Nevah-doh County? Oh my dear, really!!! We must do better.
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Todd at 6:32 - Wonder why Frisch can't show up here and call George names? What's he afraid of? Reason? Facts? Yep.
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To add to the 'low cost housing' ha ha, let's be honest and admit that most people don't really want that. If you've laid out a bundle for your home, do you want low cost housing within 10 miles of your house? If you're the city, county or state govt - do you want low cost (low tax rate) housing? If you're the bank or realtor, do you want low cost housing? Housing is the biggest driver of our economy and everyone involved professionally gets their cut as a percentage of the selling price. Why would they want to lower the cost of housing? Low cost housing means less taxes for the govt and more people who need govt assistance. California brags about their economy but it's mostly just the sky high cost of real estate and housing. The key word, of course, is 'affordable' housing. That is - high cost housing being subsidised so certain selected folks can simply pay a lot less than others for the same abode. And that subsidy drives up the costs of the other houses. Higher final cost, higher loan cost, higher taxes, higher insurance costs - what's not to like? I remember reading in the Chron back in the 80's about a new 'affordable' housing project just completed. Such and such a cost and so many units. A quick bit of math told me each unit weighed in at around 450K. In the 80's. For po' folk. And it's just getting worse and worse. If folks have the 'right' to housing they can afford in Nevada County, do I have the 'right' to a house in Brentwood, Beverley Hills or Pacific Palisades? I guess not. Funny how that 'rights' racket works.
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Darrell Berkheimer: ‘Whether we like it or not, we’ve got to do it’ The title for this miserable scribble says it all. Really, folks - is this this sort of country you want? Why should builders and developers be forced to build something they don't want to? Should chefs be forced to cook certain kinds of food? Should writers be forced to write certain kinds of books or articles? If the high priced homes Darrell decries sell, then it would appear they were needed and if they fail to sell or sell very slowly, then that type of home will no longer commonly be built. The market will take care of the issue. If a person can't afford to live in Nevada County then they will have to look elsewhere. You have a right to live where you choose, but you have no right to force others to provide you with housing. The best line was: "Appropriate tracts of land need to be identified..." Ah yes - 'appropriate'. I know all of my friends still living in Nevada County will tell you that sort of land isn't anywhere near where they live. And you can bet it isn't anywhere near where Darrell lives. Funny that.
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BT at 4:38 - "Carry a sign, becoming a screaming monkey, and you are a veteran." Ah, but it depends on the words on the sign and what the monkey is screaming. All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.
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"Mass importation..." And here I had thought they were sorta' gettin' here on there own. No doubt about it - the more 'vibrant' we get, the more need for resource use and wealth transfer. Apparently the left feels that to solve AGM we need millions more folks here from other countries to eat carne and drive gasoline vehicles. Ever see a wetback driving a Tesla?
And by the way, M - your post does not refute the facts I posted. Nice try.
M is probably looking at the strict Gini list from Wiki. That only goes by income. Cali is number 8. If you factor in the cost of living Cali goes right to the top of the list. Some pertinent reading: And it's getting worse every year. But just keep voting in more and more Dems - misery does love company.
California, New York - who's next? What's the Gini index in Venezuela? Who runs NY? Who runs California? Who runs Venezuela? So - A high Gini is bad. CA, NY and Venezuela have high ratios. They are run by leftists. Therefore we need to have the leftists run our country. This bit of logic is brought to you by your local leftist. Am I wrong to posit that leftist are mentally ill?
The problem with discussing a GNI is that there are several different versions floating around. Some replace the current welfare systems, some supplement them, some are for everyone, some are just for those who qualify by means testing and some are just "tests" that are totally worthless as any indicator of what would actually happen if a permanent system were to be deployed. As you have pointed out, we are going to have to do something to prevent those at the financial bottom from becoming a large enough blob to enable the rabble-rousers to use them to start serious trouble. And also as you pointed out - just handing money to those with no skills, volition or intelligence barely slows the slide into a sad life of indolence and misery. And misery loves company. (hint, hint) The newer socialists in today's political environment are touting the idea of a govt guaranteed job for everyone. It's an idiot idea as far as being self-supporting as they claim, but it does have the advantage of the image of usefulness for millions who would otherwise sit on their behind all day at home doing nothing. The reality is that we currently have a jobs program in place. It's called very low unemployment. If you're willing to actually work, someone wants to hire you. Of course there's the issue of how far the money will go in places like CA. And that's another topic.
Actually, George - the left is quite full of 1st A approval. They love being able to enjoy the Constitutional protection of free speech. The best line was from Don Lemon: "But that doesn’t mean that people don’t get to object. That’s your right as an American to object. It’s covered in the First Amendment. It’s like the first one!” He then amplifies his belief: "In the Constitution, you can protest whenever and wherever you want. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it in a restaurant, that you can’t do it on a football field. It doesn’t tell you that you can’t do it on a cable news — you can do it wherever you want.” Golly - I'll bet the good folks protesting at abortion clinics are scratching their heads at that bit of news. Somehow they missed Don's defence of their right to object 'wherever you want'. Maybe some one could try objecting on Don's show. You can be sure Don will calmly let them exercise their rights according to what Don just posited. Right. It's expected that the leftist mobs will be disruptive but it's quite another when we have mayors that order the police to do nothing in the face of violence. This is bad for the police, bad for democracy and bad for any hope of a peaceful settlement of differences. And it's certainly bad when politicians refuse to condemn the violence. Just try to get in Hillary's face and shout at her. You'd be on the ground with a knee in your neck and a 9mm against your head in a heartbeat. Funny how those left-wing 'rights' only work for the left.
Here I had always heard about our runnin' around in SUVs was gunna cause trouble. Now it seems mother nature has the upper hand. whoda' thunk? Gee - what the heck happened to that sheet of ice above our heads? Global warming? Durned Chinese walkin' across the Bering Straights. Jes you wait til we start a raisin' the sea level! Then see how you like it!
I'm OTR? Take yer pick. My 50th high school reunion IS coming up - zat what ya mean? My biggest concern right now is 'M's' brain will 'splode and take out a chunk of his neighbors.
"And for those of you who are going to chirp that you won the election (which you really did not), Hitler also won. If the Dems turn the tables and win the midterms can we expect the Capital building to mysteriously burn down?" Didn't win? Watsa matta Cross? Flunk Civics 1A? "...can we expect the Capital building to mysteriously burn down?" I can put down some money on that. How about you, Cross? Yeah - didn't think so, loser. Money talks - BS walks. Take a hike, Cross. You can slap losers like Cross across the face every 5 minutes and they just blink a lot and keep coming up with BS forever. They'll never actually challenge anything you might say straight up. For losers like Cross - you don't even need the 2nd A. A 12 year old girl can trash talk him into the ditch while she's watching re-runs of Disney movies.
Another strong woman's testimony - no one on the left will dare to stand up to her. Go ahead, you left wind wimps - view what an actual strong woman says. I dare ya'.
"You should utilize your math skills to answer a question people are actually asking." Uh - actually, the most common question people are asking themselves is: "Will he/she/it go for me?" If Bored-man wants George to figure out the odds on the points spread for his bar bets, he should make a straight forward financial deal with George. George is actually coming up with a very high probability money winner for our country (not to mention the side benefits for the world) and Bored-man just swats it aside with snark. As far as worrying about what 'most' people are asking... If we did that, we'd still be in caves eating raw meat. Jeez.
"...even though they can't play by the rules and are changing the rules and denying due process." Oh, the 'M' strikes again! No facts, no examples, no reason... We all can read what's on Daily Kos and Slate magazine, M. You don't need to parrot it here.
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"Do you deny there is an Alt-Right???" M is hilarious. I've seen so many different versions of what the 'alt-right' is I've lost track. Maybe if M can posit his definition of what the 'alt-right' is, we could provide an answer. Until then ...
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from M - "Trumpski is the most divisive leader we have ever had..." I keep reading this talking point from the left. I have yet to see offered any proof. None. I surmise we're not allowed to notice all the hate and death threats coming from the left as well as the anarchy on the streets openly abetted by the left leaning authorities? But I'm a 'bitter clinger' and a 'deplorable'. Yeah - that sort of talk really unites our country.
Oh dear - That's only the ones they 'found'. And what party did they register as? That would be telling.
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OK now - back to the Mueller investigations... Remember? Russia? Putin cuddlers?
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scenes 3:46 - The mob yelling "this is what democracy looks like". I'll take a Republic, thank you. And the morons wearing the 'Believe Women' tee shirts? You mean Juanita Broaddrick? Ann Coulter? Stacey Dash? What a complete bunch of hypocritical idiots. So - when does Dr. Ford file a police report? Right. She has her millions now and she's quite the hero to the left.
from Barry - "A vile minority that does not believe in due process, freedom of speech or religion, or freedom to bear arms. A minority that believes our rights come from government and not from our birth." Well. In many areas of the country, they are the clear majority. That's the main reason they want to get rid of the Electoral College. A handful of densely populated urban areas controlling the entire nation. This already exists in states such as WA, CA, OR and NY. Long term prospects for upholding the Constitution really are not that good. I do hope history proves me wrong.