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Joel "Cheaters Guide to Marketing" Gutierrez
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You know it's funny because I'm the same way as that guy who was like WT? I'll sit and watch and watch just see what I missed...good marketing strategy :0) Plus, I really like the commercials with humor...I remember those for a long time. It's kind of like what I do...offer a guide that helps people cheat the internet niche market honestly :0) Cheers! Joel
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This market thing is crazy...I like the part where you say So, which will you be in 2009? Will you do whatever it takes to succeed - and succeed big? Or will you fail? It's scary - but it's the truth. Honestly, it's enevitable that many will fail due to lack of understanding or will to keep at it...but that is where the balance comes :0) It will all work out one day. (Admin, I had posted something earlier but wasn't signed in, sorry if that comes through I'm not trying to spam or anything just didn't know if I had to sign in to post here.)
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