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When was the last time uf came and took 2 of three players that both teams were going after in dade county? ILL wait for that answer.. Posted by: miamiboisince85 | April 30, 2009 at 08:46 PM We'll that's kind of a loaded question there pretty boi... Sanford is over 100 miles from G'ville so what do U say we include an area within say, 30-40 miles of Ur rent-a-stadium to be logistically fair... So, I'll try. Hmmmmmmm but lets see ... How 'bout these 4 so far this year with more to come. And this is just the beginning. pssssst.... remember Manny warned U... U have been breached. DE 22 Gerald Christian (William T. Dwyer HS) Palm Beach Gardens, FL 6-3/230/4.70 04/20/2009 Florida S 1 Matt Elam (William T. Dwyer HS) Palm Beach Gardens, FL 6-1/205/4.45 10/08/2008 Florida S 28 Demar Dorsey (Boyd H. Anderson HS) Lauderdale Lakes, FL 6-0/175/4.35 10/26/2008 Florida S NR Gideon Ajagbe (Ransom Everglades School) Coconut Grove, FL 6-1.5/192/4.72 04/07/2009 Florida Now Ur Home Town Ransom Boy never was "officially" offered because he told Duh U not to bother... But there's Ur 3 with certainly more on the way since next year Fla. will have up to 25 scholorships to offer... U get ready Posted by: We Win 'Ship W/O Dade County Talent... U Have Tons And Are 19-19 Over 3 Years. WHY ? | April 30, 2009 at 10:20 PM Tisk, Tisk, tisk, Kehoe you cant be that stupid. I named two kids dye, and ray ray who have signed the LOI and you name three kids who are commints.. Has greg Ried taught you anything.. lol kehoE wrong ansewr try again. Palm beach is gator and fsu ground so that leaves you with one COMMINT. NEXT!!!!!!!!!
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Kehoe wants to play the fact game. Ok I'll play. Fact: In the last 25 years Uf's record against miami is 1-7. ( which means that it took 25 years and 7 games for Uf to beat miami. You say that uf will win three out of the four and that is somthing that miami will never do. Again that hasn't happened so kehoe that is not a FACT. fact: miami has a 58 home game winning streak that florida will never sniff. fact: miami has a record of 6 players taking in the first round. Again somthing the gators won't sniff. Fact: florida had two h.s players give them the F -U treatment after winning an n.c. ( Greg Ried, nuke) Fact: it took florida 103 years to win three MNC's. Fact: miami still has won 2 more then florida no matter how kehoe tries to spin it the fact his that randy and company went to north florida and took 2 out of three players that miami AND florida were both going after. When was the last time uf came and took 2 of three players that both teams were going after in dade county? ILL wait for that answer.. Fact: head to head miami leads 28-26 facts, I love this game. NEXT!!!!!!!!
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