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Mesa, AZ
Interests: I'm interested in playing video games and staying inside. Sometimes, I dance naked in front of my pets
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Sorry to hear about the shit-tastic pretzel. I'm looking at your latest Tweets and...Wil Wheaton confirmed for Phoenix Comicon 2011? That shit wouldn't be the same without you, man.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2010 on the frozen pretzel conundrum at WWdN: In Exile
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Did my comment disappear? Anyro, I was talking about how I gave Wil my autograph earlier and how that might've helped his performance. I went on to say that I was scared shitless of him because he is an idol of mine and that I'm not even 25% as cool as I thought I was on the way to the convention. Thanks for being cool as all hell, Mr. Wheaton. You're a class act for sure. I am now a devotee. Hope to see you at PAX.
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Mr. Wheaton was jazzed that I gave him my autograph earlier. That, coupled with calling down the power of the Norse Gods, proved to be the best possible thing to assist him in his rocking. You should've seen me give it to him, though. I almost pee'd my pants with delight at having shook his hand that I could barely explain why I was giving him a picture of myself with my signature on it. I wasn't nearly as cool as I thought I was on the way over to the convention center
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