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first you squee then you gigglesnort imagining you squeeing is amusing imagining you gigglesnorting is just hy-lar-ious to me *grin*
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2009 on Penny Arcade D&D 4E Podcast News at WWdN: In Exile
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I started to follow you for 2 reasons. 1 once I got to meet you at the phx comic con and see just how much fun of a person you are, i really wanted to continue the silliness in my everyday. I love silly people. I love to laugh. Have you met my boyfriend? Hes insane and I love every second of my time w/ him... and 2 even way back when my boss at the arizona ren faire (jessica) has been following you for oh eons i think and shes always busting up at what you say. if people are stupid enough to think that bitching at you via twitter to change who are....well personally i'd be blocking them....they are dumber than they think. bah! stupid people irritate me. kay ill shut up about that now I enjoy every post i get from you and if i log into the web twitter and see that i missed posts i get pissy that they were not delivered to my phone. and lastly...god invented unlimited texting packages for cell phones for a reason. so we could follow people on twitter w/ out costing us an arm and a leg *grin* ^_^
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