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Beautiful cover, Wil. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I also write about something completely off-topic, but which I believe might be of interest to you and, perhaps, your readers. I knew of no other way to make this pitch to you, so I thought I'd try here: The producers of Reading Rainbow have announced that they are canceling the show after 26 years. For those not aware, the nationally syndicated PBS children's show attempts to foster a love of books, and is hosted by LaVar Burton. There are few of a certain age bracket who will not have grown up watching the show or at least having been exposed to it. I wanted to let you and everybody know that there are a few places on the web where action can be taken: There is a campaign at ThePoint attempting to create a critical mass of support: There's a wiki with some basic info: A Facebook group: and a typically snarky but mostly sympathetic discussion on Reddit: I hope you'll forgive the thread hijacking. I wouldn't have if I hadn't thought it likely that you and many others would appreciate knowing. Regards, -steve
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RE: Nerf Herder -- Thanks for taking it full circle, Wil! I first learned of NH from none other than your pre-exiled blog in about 2002. I'm now a huge fan (of both you and the band). Cheers. -steve
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