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Tammy would be so proud.
What the hell is a brodie? What I am finding makes much less sense than we are not accustomed to.
I have an emotional support cobra. Please advise.
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2017 on THE SMELLY SKIES at Dave Barry's Blog
Boffins: do not lick that pole.
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2017 on IMAGINE THE SHRINKAGE at Dave Barry's Blog
Could we possibly get a few loads of mongeese shipped to Australia? Couldn't hurt.
Toggle Commented Nov 10, 2017 on GOLF REPORT at Dave Barry's Blog
"I'm 305 all the way."?
They are talking about lentils! Is there another storm coming?
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2017 on WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG? at Dave Barry's Blog
Could be a mushroom.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2017 on APOCALYPSE UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Fashion inspired by empty-headed pols. Is this a great country or what?
Won't the cappuccino foam tickle their noses?
There should be snake catchers posted in every neighborhood, throughout the country.
My kingdom for a comma.
Hey, it coulda been palm fronds.
dems good eatin
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2017 on COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN at Dave Barry's Blog
It's with goats that couldn't make it in the rodeo.
Toggle Commented Oct 30, 2017 on WHAT'S THAT SMELL? at Dave Barry's Blog
All in good fear.
Toggle Commented Oct 27, 2017 on HALLOWEEN IN MIAMI at Dave Barry's Blog
Maybe there was the cloak of asymmetry covering either matter or anti-matter when the bang happened and it was blown away into the quickly expanding universe and eventually formed what is now Florida?
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2017 on WE AGREE WITH SCIENCE at Dave Barry's Blog
a hotel room or toilet without a snake...
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2017 on THE OWNER 'FORGOT ABOUT HIM' at Dave Barry's Blog
fractalist: sure hope that guy doesn't inhale.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2017 on NOBEL PRIZE ALERT at Dave Barry's Blog
So well deserved. Way to go Jennifer!
So did he lose the erection after he was dead? This could be Guinness-worthy.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2017 on HARD TIME at Dave Barry's Blog
Don't Huntsman spiders love Mexican food? Maybe they just love them some Mexicans? They could also feed on the drones.
...from my cold, bright orange, fingers...
Toggle Commented Oct 17, 2017 on NAME THAT STATE! at Dave Barry's Blog
She looks too young to do nails, let alone perform surgery. Truly one born every second.
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2017 on CANADIAN MEDICAL CARE UPDATE at Dave Barry's Blog
Attention Dubai thought-leaders: Do NOT connect it to the internet.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2017 on MEET OFFICER JETSON at Dave Barry's Blog